What can be the interior decoration of a foam block house? How to carry out interior decoration?

What can be the interior decoration of a foam block house? How to carry out interior decoration? Interior decoration of a house from foam blocks is not only the design of the interior decoration of the house, but a forced necessity given the properties of this material ... This building material appeared and began to be used relatively recently, but the use of foam blocks in the construction of objects for various purposes is gaining more and more popularity, due to its operational properties.

Initially, the building material foam concrete was used only for thermal insulation of buildings, but from time on, builders began to use it for more constructive purposes.

Foam blocks have a porous structure, so the walls of the house, which are made of foam blocks, "breathe". Due to its porous structure, this material has high thermal insulation properties.

General information

Attention. Foam concrete material actively absorbs moisture compared to ordinary concrete. When choosing this material for construction, this feature must be taken into account.

Taking into account this feature, foam concrete needs two-sided steam and moisture protection. In other words, regardless of the external decoration of the walls, the foam blocks must be processed during the interior decoration of the house.

Foam blocks are large in size - in most cases this is an advantage when building a house. But there is also a downside to the coin - because of its size, foam blocks strongly exhibit defects that are in the masonry.

In order for the interior decoration to be of high quality, it is necessary to avoid mistakes in the masonry.

The most common mistake when building this type of house is using the wrong masonry mortar.

Attention. There is a special solution for laying foam blocks. This solution is an adhesive mixture.

Features of work

Another mistake that can nullify all efforts of builders is the absence of belts for reinforcement in the block masonry.

These belts must be done along the entire wall every 3-4 rows, and not just by the window sill area. Remember that a block house is a home and it will shrink. If reinforcement is present in the masonry, then it fixes the walls and prevents cracks from appearing in them.

When working with foam blocks, technological features must be taken into account. If wet finishing works are carried out, then this promotes the penetration of moisture into the foam blocks, which will remain inside the block.

Therefore, it is important to minimize the ingress of water into the unit. All finishing works are recommended to be carried out in dry and warm weather. This is necessary so that the walls can dry well. In winter, moisture inside the unit will freeze and conserve.

What is the interior decoration of a house from foam blocks?

Interior decoration of a room from foam blocks always includes such work as leveling the walls with plaster.

When carrying out this work, it is necessary to take into account a number of features.

When plastering a house from foam blocks, it is recommended to observe the following sequence:

  1. What can be the interior decoration of a foam block house? How to carry out interior decoration? Apply a primer. For this purpose, I use a special primer, which will create a waterproofing layer and close the composition between the seams. The main task at this stage is to eliminate masonry defects.
  2. Installation of the mounting grid.

    It is applied after the primer is completely dry and fixed with dowels. You need to understand that if the plaster is applied without a grid, then it will not firmly adhere to the surface of the foam blocks and eventually begin to flake off.

  3. Plastering of walls. At this stage, it is necessary to understand how the subsequent finishing will look like, since the technology of this process depends on it. If there is a tile on top of the plaster, then it will be enough to apply one layer without resorting to finishing.

    If wallpaper will be glued on top of the plaster, then you need to apply plaster in two or three layers and carry out a thorough final leveling of the wall.

After leveling the walls made of foam blocks, the room can be decorated by painting the walls. By and large, this process is not much different from similar finishing works using other building materials. But when using paint, it is worth remembering that foam blocks do not tolerate moisture well, so you should not use acrylic-based paints. For painting foam concrete structures, it is recommended to use paints based on silicone and silicate.

The interior decoration of a house built from foam blocks has many options. You can create a unique interior.


Foam blocks are increasingly popular in the construction of houses. This is due to the fact that they have a huge number of positive properties. But do not forget that this material needs protection from moisture.

This protection is ensured by proper wall decoration outside and inside the house. If the work is done correctly, the foam blocks will serve you for many years.


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