What can you make a septic tank for a summer residence with your own hands? Selection Criteria - Instruction + Photo and Video

What can you make a septic tank for a summer residence with your own hands? Selection Criteria - Instruction + Photo and Video Many people like to not only come to the country for a day in the summer, but also live there, if there is such an opportunity. There you can perfectly relax from the hustle and bustle of the city, breathe clean air, enjoy nature. In order not to overshadow this pastime and relax in a civilized way, you need to think about the arrangement of the sewage system, which septic tank is better for giving.

What is a septic tank, what are the criteria for its selection. A septic tank is a self-contained cleaning structure, which can be of different sizes and operating principles.

What are the criteria for choosing a septic tank for a summer residence?

Criteria for choosing a septic tank

  • - if the summer cottage is small in size, where people come during the season only on weekends, then there will be the use of cheap models of a compact type is quite enough;
  • - the capacity of the septic tank will depend on how many people will permanently live in the house. For 1-2 people, a volume of 1-2 cubic meters is enough, and for 5 people, spacious septic tanks with a capacity of more than 4 cubic meters are needed;
  • - if the house has a bathtub, then it should be noted that when it is drained, all water will drain into the cleaning system. To do this, you need such models of septic tanks, which have a large-volume receiving chamber (200-500 liters);
  • - you need to pay attention to the cleaning system in the septic tank so that you do not have to often call the sludge pump. More modern species use aerobic bacteria to process organics quickly and efficiently. This will improve the cleaning performance.

    There are models of septic tanks in which it is possible to ultimately obtain clean water.

What are the types of septic tanks, their description

For a more comfortable stay in the country, there are two types of septic tanks: storage and purification.

Accumulative - simple containers that are designed to store waste. This container is made of different materials and sizes.

IMPORTANT! An accumulative septic tank with sewage waste can be located both underground and above the ground.

What can you make a septic tank for a summer residence with your own hands? Selection Criteria - Instruction + Photo and Video This septic tank looks like a cesspool, as soon as the container is filled, it must be cleaned out. What are sewage suction machines for? A storage septic tank is great for a minimum number of people who are rarely in the country. Since calling a waste disposal truck costs money, and if the family is large in a permanent dacha residence, then it will be completely unprofitable. And here you can't do without pumping. The price of such a septic tank is low, it is possible to do the work on its installation with your own hands.

Purification - such septic tanks ultimately purify the drain. The cost of choosing such a septic tank will vary, since there is a different level of purification, capacity of the tank, the principle of operation, as well as the presence of additional functions.

In order to clean the drains well (by 98%) and carry out disinfection, a biological treatment station will be required.

IMPORTANT! Compact biological treatment station, lightweight and easy to install and maintain. There are several chambers in the station, into which the effluents are supplied alternately.

In each of the chambers, a certain process is performed, which ultimately allows you to achieve a clean liquid.

IMPORTANT! The smell of the resulting liquid, when processed by a biological treatment station, is similar to the smell of a clean river. Such water will be absolutely safe for watering a summer cottage.

It is more profitable to make a septic tank for a summer residence with your own hands, but you will spend a lot of effort and time, therefore, summer residents often choose factory models of septic tanks with turnkey installation.

Purchased septic tanks can either depend on electricity or not.

Therefore, when choosing, you need to be careful and take this factor into account, especially if you have no electricity in your country house or there are frequent failures.

Making a septic tank for summer cottages with our own hands

There are many forums where you can find information on how to make a country septic tank yourself. But also here we will now analyze this issue.

A country septic tank can be made from completely different materials at hand, such as old tires, concrete structures and rings, brickwork, eurocube and more.

IMPORTANT! With their own hands, they usually make storage-type septic tanks, but with a strong desire there is the possibility of creating an anaerobic one.

The most reliable septic tank will be the construction of Eurocubes, but this is a rather long and difficult process. Before installing the eurocubes, it is necessary to fill the monolithic slab in order to securely put the entire structure into it. It is also necessary to make thermal insulation in the form of expanded polystyrene or min. cotton wool.

As for brickwork, this is a good option, which takes a long time to build, but is the most cost-effective option.

It is imperative to make waterproofing here.

IMPORTANT! Make all the necessary calculations for the construction of a brick septic tank, do everything efficiently so as not to pollute the environment or water from nearby drinking wells.

Septic tanks made of concrete rings are quite practical, but their installation will require a call of special equipment to lift them. As in brick, there is a need to make waterproofing, especially in places where there are seams.

Metal is a cheap septic tank from barrels, but at the same time, it should be borne in mind that the metal corrodes and over time the barrel will become unusable, holes will appear through which human waste will enter the groundwater.

The soil will become infected and a strong unpleasant odor will appear, which will spread over time to neighboring areas.

IMPORTANT! In order to prevent metal corrosion, barrels treated with anti-corrosion agents are on sale.

In the vastness of the Internet, you can find a lot of videos to help you make different types of septic tanks with your own hands for the country sewage system.

In what way is a purchased septic tank better than a homemade one?

The price of septic tanks in the store makes summer residents think about a homemade product. But here it is worth considering your decision well.

Think about how much time and effort the construction of this structure will take. Yes, of course, the cost for it will be lower, but it happens that there is not enough time at all, and here you also have to deal with construction.

If you are going to spend quite a bit of time in the country, then it is inappropriate to make a capital construction of a septic tank. To do this, you can buy the cheapest option and periodically call a sewage suction machine.

If you plan to spend a lot of time at your summer cottage with the whole big family.

And you have a bath, a sink, a toilet bowl and a shower in your house, then you should think about a septic tank with a large capacity. It will take a lot of time to build such a structure and sometimes it is easier to buy. But if you have a lot of free time. then, of course, it will be more profitable to build the structure yourself.


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