What colors are needed to get green

What colors are needed to get green How to get green when mixing paints - the rules for color matching. According to psychologists, children adore the color green most of all.

The fact is that green is associated with harmony, growth in nature, development, and is also recognized as a motivating shade. It is usually performed in a basic six-tone gouache set, but professionals prefer to do it on their own.

The thing is that such a paint is not one of the main ones, which means that it can be made by mixing colors.

Many people know how to get green when mixing colors, but there are many ways to create a hue.

General information

Basic color properties

Color studies different shades, their probable combinations and based on knowledge of the color wheel. Even novice master artists know that there are well-connected tones (chromatic) and those that, when connected, give a gray ugly mass (achromatic).

Note that getting green is easy - you need to have a base color palette (blue, red and yellow). Also, to get dark green and light green shades, you should buy black and white paint.

Changing from proportion also makes it possible to play with color, get new halftones and effects.

Getting color by mixing paints

What colors do you need to mix to get green? To answer the question, you need to see exactly how the color wheel looks. The color of greens and its shades are located between blue and yellow, and it turns out that these colors help to get the desired shade. The classic green color can be obtained by combining equal proportions of blue and yellow paint. All shades of green are obtained by changing the ratio or introducing the remaining pigments.

Varieties of green and production

The main shades of green are described below, and there are only 15 of them - from pale (light) to saturated turquoise (blue-green). But there are more than 110 tones that are very similar to the main one, but have certain nuances. For example, adding a drop of blue to the base gives a cooling effect, and this color can be found in painting, for example, in a winter landscape. For example, you can add bright yellow base colors to make the base tone warmer, it becomes light green, spring and bright.

Pale green

Pastel soft tones of green look very unusual, help to calm, and therefore are often used in interior design, and also for painting walls in medical institutions, schools, kindergartens.

Psychologists strongly recommend using a pale green shade in a nursery, a bedroom, because it adjusts for harmony, useful for hyper active children, and also relieves stress. To achieve this color, white should be added to the classic paint.You can also mix blue and yellow equally, and then whiten the tone to the desired level of lightening.


What colors are needed to get green Such the color is considered very noble, it is respected by interior designers for its juiciness, softness and luxury. Olive can be called a dark yellow-blue color - this is the shade of the fruit of the tree (olive).

It is difficult to get it with your own hands, but really. To do this, yellow should be added dropwise to the greens, and then just a little brown paint is introduced to darken.

Bottled Coniferous

How to get green color, which will have a bottle tint? The color of bottle glass can be confidently classified as dark, and this is a third-order shade. All the same mixing of blue and yellow should be taken as a basis, however, the latter in a slightly larger volume. After preparing the paint, black should be added to it, but no one knows for sure how much it will be required - this can only be found out empirically.

If you overdo it, then the shade will turn out to be grayish-dirty, and whitewash will only lighten the resulting shade, but it will definitely not save the situation. Some artists usually introduce blue instead, and then the resulting bottle tint will have a slight bluish tone.


Coniferous is made in this way - a little yellow color should be added to the classic green color, and then a drop of black paint. As a result, it is possible to get the New Year's shade adored by everyone, which is often used for festive landscapes and drawings. If you introduce white paint to the tone, you will get "needles in the fog", and this is also useful.

Fern greens

What colors are needed to get green Not all the names of green tones are familiar to ordinary people, but artists know everything very well. For example, to get the tone "fern green", you should combine the classic green color and a drop of black, and then dilute everything with white. This shade is transitional from light to dark tones. The color is very popular for creating billboards, banners, and it is also used for painting the facades of houses, or for interior wall covering.

Forest greens

As a rule, to reflect leaves, greens, natural shades of nature, a classic green color or such a color is used with the addition of a very small amount yellow paints.

If you want to give the forest a little gloom, then you should add a little black paint to the color. This shade can even be used to combat depression, the tone is perfect for wallpaper, as well as paints for interior decoration.

Light green

Green, which will be mixed with white and yellow, will give a very beautiful shade, which is known to many - light green. It is so optimistic that it is used most often for summer children's clothing, and when decorating the interior, only individual details are painted.The original tandem will be light green and pink - usually these colors are the best suited for children's toys.

Fashion designers in the modern world, when sewing clothes for adults, by adding light green color, help to give catchiness, expressiveness and even a certain exoticism to the style. By the way, if you put a lot of yellow in green, you get a rich lemon shade.


Such a color as swamp, or khaki, is obtained by combining brown, green and very little red paint. This tone is very practical for clothing, and therefore it was chosen as the main one for military uniforms. Also, the swamp color is used to obtain military-style clothing, and for the interior, this color will bring peace and tranquility.

Dark green

What colors are needed to get a dark green tint? To darken greens, brown or black is usually used - it all depends on what effect is required. The amount of dark colors should also be selected individually, by eye. This color can seem depressing, as it is quite gloomy, and therefore it is used in limited quantities for interior decoration. The variety of shades sometimes boggles the imagination, and you should not be afraid to experiment - in this case, the resulting repair will become a real masterpiece.