What curtains to choose for the kitchen - expert advice

What curtains to choose for the kitchen - expert advice How to choose the right curtains for the kitchen : colors, material, ideas

The kitchen interior, as in any other room, begins with the external surface finish, and continues with the choice of the method of planning equipment and pieces of furniture, and ends with the most pleasant one - the choice of accessories that help to complete the atmosphere.

Curtains, curtains on the windows are the final touch that any hostess thinks over even before the repairs in the kitchen begin. Indeed, the question of how to choose the right curtains for the kitchen is very important for the feeling of completion of such a long and complex process as a major overhaul and renovation of kitchen furnishings.

General information

At the same time, a good choice of curtains will help transform even an unsightly design, but hastily hung curtains that do not match in color and style can ruin the whole idea. We propose to consider the basic principles of choosing such an accessory for the kitchen from the point of view of interior design, style and color, as fundamental and making it possible to avoid annoying mistakes.


What curtains to choose for the kitchen - expert advice You can choose the curtains to match the walls, and thus you will be able to visually enlarge the room. And it will be possible to choose a fabric of such colors, which will not be combined with anything, but will fit into the overall interior design in texture or material. In small kitchens, try to give preference to light curtains that are the same color as the wallpaper, you can use plain fabrics or with a large pattern.

According to German studies, the color of curtains can have a tangible effect on appetite. So, those who want to lose weight, it is best to decorate the room in shades of gray, which muffle appetite.

But if you add pink to gray, appetite will decrease by 72%. Moreover, gray and pink colors can have a calming effect on a person, as well as a feeling of anxiety and anxiety.

To enhance your appetite, choose orange or turquoise curtains. Orange will add optimism, and turquoise will release tension. By the way, it is considered very aggressive for kitchen curtains, so it should be diluted with pink, beige or even coffee shade.

If you have a plain wallpaper of a neutral shade, then the curtains can be bright with patterns of different configurations. If the wallpaper is printed, then be sure to use plain curtains, better even without folds.

Practicality and convenience

The first principle of choosing curtains for the kitchen is, first of all, convenience. The kitchen is the place where there is a constant intensive process of converting raw products into food, and this is accompanied by high temperatures, steam, many aromas, splashes of fat and water, and other related phenomena.

They, in turn, can lead to rapid contamination of everything located in the immediate vicinity of the working area.

Curtains, curtains and curtains for the kitchen tend to quickly smear, as well as imperceptibly covered with soot. New curtains begin to darken already a couple of months after the renovation has been updated, and zealous housewives begin to regularly remove and wash them.

What curtains to choose for the kitchen - expert advice In order to avoid inconvenience and problems, it is advisable to purchase those materials that are easy to remove and wash, dry and hang out. Usually, natural, lightweight and even synthetic fabrics are chosen for such curtains in the kitchen - they are easy to clean and do not require much effort. Whether the size and place for the curtains is another matter, based on the requirements of practicality.

Ideally, they should not be near the stove, because this is not only impractical, but even dangerous from the point of view of possible fires. Agree that the length should be such as to avoid contamination. Even very beautiful white curtains that hang down to the windowsill will be constantly streaked and stained if there is a sink nearby. Don't buy very long curtains if the work area is near the window, but if the window is located in the dining area, then you have more freedom in choosing the length and drapery.

Interior design and style

What curtains to choose for the kitchen in terms of interior style and design? It is important for curtains that they blend harmoniously with the rest of the decoration in the room.

In this case, the principle of harmony and the correct choice of style must be observed. At the moment, there are many ways to combine different shades, colors, materials, textures and even patterns, and at the same time everything will be kept in the same style. The easiest way is to buy suitable curtains according to the stylistic direction of the product.


First of all, special attention should be paid to the resistance of the material to frequent washing, as well as all kinds of dirt. The fabric must be beautifully dyed so that it does not fade from the rays of the sun, and also does not fade.

You can choose textiles that have a dirt-repellent impregnation and have not yet attracted dust. In small kitchens, where the stove is located right next to the window opening, it would be great to choose a material that is resistant to fading in the sun and also to fire.

Curtains made of natural linen with a small addition of synthetics could recommend themselves the best. Such curtains will not wrinkle, they can be easily washed, and they are also perfectly breathable and look beautiful. They are comfortable and practical to clean, and viscose and polyester curtains are also an excellent option.


It is better not to buy heavy wooden cornices for kitchens, because they can swell or even crack from temperature changes and dampness.It is best for the kitchen to make a choice in favor of a metal or plastic curtain rod, which will be easy to attach and serve for a long time. If you use curtains on eyelets to decorate windows, then a chrome-plated round cornice will be an excellent decoration for a room that is decorated in a modern style or in a fashionable high-tech design.

Length of curtains

This is not to say that curtains for the kitchen cannot be long, but as practice has shown, this is impractical. It is best if the length is slightly lower or higher than the windowsill (somewhere + -15 cm).

It so happens that the window will be decorated, and the window sill area will be used as a working area.

If there are pieces of furniture (a sofa or table) near the window, then short curtains suggest themselves. Long draped curtains with other decorations will look great if the room has an exit to the loggia or the space near the window is completely free. And you can combine the length, choose one short for the window and long for the door to the balcony.

If the area of ​​the room is from 14 m 2 and above, then short curtains will be inappropriate.

It would be better to choose long, beautifully decorated options with an unusual pattern here. These can be options with lambrequins, and classic floor-length curtains with draperies.

If the area of ​​the kitchen is less than 9 squares, then it is better to leave the choice on a translucent curtain or short curtains, which will be picked up by ribbons on both sides. They will not only help to make the room brighter, warmer, but also visually increase the area. By experimenting with shades, you can achieve both warmth (through warm shades) and coolness.

It is worth remembering that the use of vertical stripes makes the kitchen taller, and horizontal stripes help expand the space.

Optional accessories

Now that you know what curtains are best for the kitchen, let's talk about decorations. The fact is that plain fabrics should be supplemented with accessories, and for silk fabrics or organza, grips are required that will prevent them from being blown away by the wind. If the length is slightly longer than we would like, then the bottom of the edge can be tied with a beautiful knot, and, by the way, you can decorate not only curtains, but also the cornice, and change accessories according to the season.

For a festive look, use a tablecloth that matches the curtains.

It is best to sew it from the same fabric as the curtains, or lay it on a white classic tablecloth. For a finished look, use sewn chair covers and lay out cushions on the sofa, which will be made from the same fabric as the curtains.