What equipment is needed for motor blocks, types and characteristics: Tips + Video

What equipment is needed for motor blocks, types and characteristics: Tips + Video Equipment for a walk-behind tractor of any type and configuration is mandatory. Modern models are blocks of impressive size, equipped with power take-off systems, therefore, every year, equipment manufacturers release new functional attachments and attachments for them. The design of the walk-behind tractor is arranged in such a way that additional tools should be used exclusively in the mounted position.

What is additional equipment for motoblocks and what is it used for?

Often these are units for soil cultivation, cultivation of grain and vegetables on small land plots.

General information

With this in mind, the equipment is divided into 3 categories:

  • Aggregates for plowing the soil, milling, cultivation, furrowing and more.

    To carry out the entire range of work with the soil, a huge number of various attachments for the walk-behind tractor are used, which are made by firms specializing in the production of walk-behind tractors.

  • Additional equipment that is used for work requiring precision - sowing, harvesting. These are mowers, motor-cultivators, units for garden work.
  • Ancillary equipment and attachments. Additional work, for example, snow removal, takes approximately time from the entire operation of the motor unit.

Note. A high degree of unification of the walk-behind tractor design allows owners of different models of devices to adapt attachments and attachments for their tools to some extent, especially those that were produced in the USSR.

The nomenclature of motoblocks with a set of equipment for convenience is divided by manufacturers into 2 groups:

  • Complex units gaining strength from a power motor in order to bring tools into working condition. A distinctive feature of the equipment is its high cost, but at the same time its sales do not fall, due to the fact that there is demand. These tools include the one that is designed for sowing seed and harvesting.

  • Simple tools and spare parts for the attachments of the walk-behind tractor. It is implemented in most cases in a complete set with motor units or additionally purchased. These are trailers, tools for working with soil, extension cords, etc. Their cost is quite affordable, and the efficiency of work increases several times.

Equipment for walk-behind tractor and attachments of simple configuration.

  • What equipment is needed for motor blocks, types and characteristics: Tips + Video Plows ;
  • Mills;
  • Universal hillers.


Most of the tool is made in one row. For motor units of a more massive design, there are multi-row models (cultivators and cutters).

For each individual model of the motor unit, a range of attachments and extensions is produced, which increase the wheelbase, and also increase the stability of the joints for mounting the knife and plow hiller. There are times when, using various attachments for the walk-behind tractor, you can attach small-sized rakes and harrows.

Their functional task is to increase the productivity of mowing.

Soil lugs are units that are attached to motor blocks in order to perform particularly laborious work on milling the soil and plowing the earth. To perform work in difficult areas, lugs are used with reinforcement with an attached load.

Tillers for cultivating work with soil are in second place in terms of frequency of use, after plows. Often, double models are used in the work, but if necessary, they put a tool with a large number of knives.

Equipment for the Salyut engine block

What equipment is needed for motor blocks, types and characteristics: Tips + Video Nowadays, the most Devices for snow removal, grain seeders, devices for planting potatoes, harvesting are popular tools and additional equipment for motor units. This equipment was created in order to facilitate the work of the farmer, reduce the time of tillage and harvesting. The design of the units for planting grain plants in the ground resembles that which is used as full-fledged seeders, clinging to a tractor.

Units for planting potatoes KS-1 have a mass of about 40 kg, which makes it possible to plant about 100 - 120 kg of seed in already prepared soil in 1-1.5 hours.

The tubers are immersed in the tank and by the driven unit drive, the seeds are planted in the soil at a certain set interval. It goes without saying that before this it is necessary to make furrows in the soil. For harvesting potatoes, there is also equipment for motoblocks, which is allowed to dig tubers in a short time. Of course, he will not do all the work for you, but at least partially he will help.

There is another type of attachment that helps mow greenery.

The rotary lawnmower for the "Saluta" motor unit with a chain drive of the cutter makes it possible to mow the grass several times faster than using a conventional lawn mower moving on its own. The GPM-1 rake attachment removes the cut grass.

Note. For the purpose of hilling and cultivating the space between the rows, a motoblock disc hiller is suitable.

In addition to the land-working tool for the "Salute" walk-behind tractor, there are units for spraying and watering, trees, bushes.

They are a water pump that creates a water pressure of about 5 atmospheres.

Snow removal equipment for walk-behind tractor

In practice, motor units equipped with high-quality and functional equipment are miraculously capable of working as a snow removal unit.The most successful option for such a toolkit is considered to be the SMB-1 hinged kit.

A motor-block with attachments in the set of a snow cleaner has a rotary knife and an ejector, which removes a dense snow cover from the road, the thickness of which is up to 20 cm. During the cleaning process, snow is thrown onto the roadside with a distance of 5 meters.

As an alternative replacement for this device is a tractor or manual work with a shovel.

To remove wet snow, use a shovel blade, which is also attached to the motor unit. The tool is equipped with a meter wide blade that can lift and remove ice blocks and heavy wet snow 30 cm thick. The unit is equipped with a handle that allows you to change the cutting line. In addition to the snow-clearing function, this equipment can be used to cut the upper part of the sod of sandy soil.

Considering all the capabilities of the unit, it can easily turn into a mini bulldozer.

In order to additionally clear the road from snow, a rotary brush can be attached to the walk-behind tractor, which will act as a kind of broom. Such a tool easily sweeps stones and swamps off the road, removes ice, sold frozen snow up to 1 cm thick.

Attachments for a walk-behind tractor for transport

An engine block with excellent power can be converted into a vehicle with a load capacity of 100 - 400 kg. For this purpose, it is required to have a special type of attachments and a trailer on the same axle.

This unit can reach a speed of about 10 km / h on rough terrain, and 15-18 km / h on a regular roadway. The inconveniences that may arise in the process of using such equipment are directly related to the poor combination of gear ratios with optimized rpm and stroke speed of the motor unit. Taking into account that the walk-behind tractor is not equipped with a brake system and optimal control under the condition of a heavily loaded trailer, you need to have good driving skills for similar motor units.

If you set out to convert the walk-behind tractor to a mini tractor, then it is worth noting that this task is quite possible when using an additional mounted-type adapter. This way you get a very manoeuvrable small tractor with a lot of potential.

You can attach devices for cutting grass to it, and get a powerful lawn mower at the exit.

Especially gifted enthusiasts and the so-called "crazy hands" create functional equipment for different purposes. For example, caterpillar-type transporters, spraying systems and chemical protection of plants. Such models of devices are successfully taken as the basis for the production of equipment for motoblocks by the tycoons of the industrial industry, creating full-fledged massive copies of the tool.


Auxiliary units and attachments for motor units can be easily turned into real machines for agriculture.

The high cost easily pays for itself over time, because such equipment helps to significantly reduce labor costs, reduce the time for harvesting, clearing the road from snow, etc. Often, attachments for a snow blower walk-behind tractor with snow cleaning equipment have no analogues on the modern market. This industry is only gaining momentum in the development of technology and its implementation.

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