What equipment is needed for wood concrete blocks

What equipment is needed for wood concrete blocks Equipment for making wood concrete blocks + photo

Making wood concrete is the main technology for creating building material, which in its qualities is close to natural wood. Wood concrete will have a low level of thermal conductivity and a very affordable cost.

Arbolite blocks have many positive qualities, and the best of them is the suitability for building walls for any building.

Manufacturing features were extremely popular under the Soviet Union, and therefore the design scheme was replaced by other technologies.

General information

The popularity of such boards has returned to the modern construction market.

Equipment for the production of wood concrete blocks makes it possible to make a practical and affordable material that will meet the requirements of GOST 54854-2011. Lightweight concrete based on fillers of organic type of plant origin have a lot of advantages:

  • Resistance to biological influences.
  • The material is vapor permeable.
  • Excellent sound insulation.
  • Arbolite blocks are fire resistant.

  • Easy installation and easy surface treatment.

Let's first consider what should be included in the mixture for the manufacture of material.



The component composition of wood concrete is the most important stage of production technology that will need in a competent ratio of all components. When creating timber blocks, it is required that the quality of the purchased materials is high. All concretes include binders, fillers (light or heavy) and sand.

Please note that when mixing chips, it must be moistened in such a way that excess moisture does not emerge, and the layer of the needle structure was covered with a cement composition. During the compaction process, cement will serve as a connecting link, and the outer pores of the blocks will close, which means that the product will not be blown out.

The size of the chips will affect the amount of cement that will be applied to create one cubic meter of wood concrete. When the chips are made from dry wood, they will be fine. The bonding structure (acicular) requires an enormous amount of cement.

The required volume of materials to create one cubic meter of wood concrete:

  • From 8 to 10 kg of preparations (chemical).
  • 1/4 ton of cement.
  • Approximately 1/4 kg of wood chips.

The following materials must be added to the chips:

Consider the production technology for the creation of wood concrete.

Technological process

The creation of blocks from wood concrete is also done at home, and they also establish industrial production for profitability.

For this, it is important to take into account all stages of manufacture and aspects, and are also guided by regulatory documentation. The production technology of wood concrete in accordance with GOST is required to start with the preparatory stage of the required components, of which 85% are wooden elements.

Sawdust, wood chips, shavings are used here. The most suitable tree species are fir, pine, poplar, spruce, birch and pine. The presence of bark, needles and leaves is allowed - no more than 5% of the total volume.

The workpieces need to be passed through a chip machine and shredded and the recommended particle size is 0.5 * 2. 5 cm. Compositions of different fractions, ways to provide the required density of wood concrete.

Please note that in addition to equipment for the manufacture of wood concrete blocks, additional reinforcement of the product is also important.

In a form that is already 50% filled, it is required to place a reinforcing cage and then fill it with a wood-concrete composition.

Preparation of wood raw materials at home is carried out by different methods - building a wood chip cutter with your own hands or concluding an agreement with a sawmill on the supply of waste after wood processing. In industrial production, it is required to add chemical reagents - aluminum sulfate, calcium chloride and liquid glass.

For home making, it is recommended to keep the chips outside for 3 months, and it is important to mix the sawdust regularly. To speed up the process, it is important to add calcium oxide to the embankment - 1.

5% solution, 200 liters will go per cubic meter. Portland cement M400-M600 is excellent as a binder. The mixture is made of 15% cement and no more than 1% demineralizers and plasticizers. Before mixing the constituent parts, the wood components must be poured with a 10% lime solution, and must be kept for 3 hours.

In an industrial plant, this method of soaking in a technical container will take up to 3 days.

All components must be mixed in a concrete mixer. As a result, you get a homogeneous mass in which there are no lumps. The composition has a ratio of water, wood chips and cement 4: 3: 3. The mixture should be slightly crumbly in consistency and keep its shape (when compressed).

How to obtain wood blocks

At the stage of formation, trays are used that will give the products standard dimensions.

If you need to make blocks with unusual sizes, plates must be inserted into the molds, which will increase the size and weight of the products. The slab can be trapezoidal or triangular. To accelerate hardening, a dry calcium chloride mixture is added to the solution. The solution is poured in layers in 3 stages into molds that are pre-processed with lime. After the mixture must be tamped.

It is recommended to level the upper surface of the blocks with a rule or a spatula. After that, fill everything with a plaster mixture, about 2 cm. When the building material has a shape, it is important to seal it with a wooden device, which is upholstered with a metal frame.The most reliable and durable is the building material that has stood and hardened for 10 days at a temperature of +155 degrees. To prevent the blocks from drying out, they are regularly watered.


The required units for the creation of wood concrete are sold in the assembly, and it includes all the processing and preparation cycles. The latest technologies make it possible to make different volumes of building material with all sizes. To build the machine with your own hands, you will need the following devices:

  • What equipment is needed for wood concrete blocks Vibrating machine.
  • Molds.
  • Concrete mixer or mixer.

  • A wood chip cutter that can also be crafted with your own hands.

Arbolite can be made if you organize the release of blocks with your own hands, and at the same time reduce the spending on the necessary equipment to the maximum. The machine for crushing the probes is still done by hand using improvised means. To save money, the vibrating sieve is changed to a manual sieving method. Forms of the correct size are made from simple wood boxes.

It is recommended to cover the sides and bottom with linoleum or plastic wrap, this prevents the composition from sticking to the walls. When the molds are filled using technology, it is important to compact the mixture. This will require a hammer to tap the walls in the container and an electric drill, which is used to make a vibrating press. They also use a vibrating table made by themselves. Such an apparatus reduces the production time and increases the productivity.

If the conditions for drying the material are not suitable, it is advised to use a drying chamber. This drying method increases production costs and increases block strength.

Hand-made production

Industrial equipment for the production of wood concrete blocks is not available to everyone, so you can start making blocks without special expensive equipment. The technology of self-creation of wood concrete is not difficult if you have a minimum set of tools and a device. If you follow all the rules and manufacturing criteria, correctly calculate the components, then the product will have a high quality and degree of strength.

  1. Special container for mixing components.
  2. Vibrating table.
  3. A surface that has shock shaking functions.
  4. Metal pallets.
  5. An automatic concrete mixer is required to obtain a high quality mortar.

    If you mix everything with your own hands, then it will take a lot of time and effort to obtain a composition with the required consistency.

  6. Special plastic molds of the required size, and arbolite blocks have a rectangular shape, standard sizes are 0.5 * 0. 19 * 0. 3 meters and 0.

    5 * 0. 188 * 0. 2 meters.

  7. A specialized machine will professionally grind chips.
  8. By means of a press, a high degree of material density is obtained, and during compaction, air will be removed from the material to the maximum.

  9. The wood concrete block drying chamber will transform the structure into a one-component solid material.
  10. Shovels for loading the mixture into shapes.
  11. Reinforcement mesh is used to hold wood blocks together.

In the presence of such devices, on average, 400-500 cubic meters of building mixture are produced per month. The recommended minimum size for a production space is 500 square meters.

Electricity consumption ranges from 15 to 45 kW / h. When working on preparation, organic-type components are poured with liquid cement until a homogeneous mass appears. Subject to calculations and proportions, the resulting mixture should be free-flowing. Molds and hoppers have standard sizes of 0.2 * 0.

4 * 0. 6 meters, and they can be welded or made from sheets of metal that are cut. It is recommended to place blocks vertically during manufacture, which simplifies compaction with a small press area.

Recommendations and feedback from specialists in the independent production of blocks

Amateur builders and experts who practice the manufacture of wood concrete blocks leave reviews in which they recommend following the rules that help to get high quality products.

  • When using the production technology, we advise you to use not just large chips, but also sawdust and wood shavings.

  • The consistency of the tree is processed so as to remove sugar from it. The method makes it possible to prevent further swelling of the finished material, which is categorically unacceptable in the construction of a house.
  • During the manufacture of the mortar, it is required to mix extremely thoroughly and make sure that all parts are in the cement mortar. Such a moment is important for a durable and high-quality bonding of wood, as well as other materials in blocks.
  • Crafting requires the addition of aluminum, hydrated lime and other components.

    For example, liquid glass, which is added to the composition, will not allow the finished building material to absorb moisture, and slaked lime has antiseptic properties.

  • Potassium chloride prevents microscopic organisms and other substances from forming in the structure that affect the material in a negative way.
  • When mixing components, it is recommended to monitor the proportionality so that the prepared mixture necessarily meets the production requirements of blocks made of wood concrete.

In addition, the equipment for wood concrete blocks must be of high quality.