What furniture to choose for a small hallway? Stylistic solutions, Tips and tricks for choosing + Video

What furniture to choose for a small hallway? Stylistic solutions, Tips and tricks for choosing + Video Modern housing construction provides for the observance of the interests of people who will acquire new housing. Therefore, the apartments have an improved layout, with a large corridor, hallway, bathroom, kitchen and living rooms. But what should the owners of apartments in the old housing stock, for example, in Khrushchevkas or studio apartments, in which there is not enough space even to accommodate a more or less roomy wardrobe system, to do? You can always find a way out and pick up compact furniture for a small hallway, so that you can store outerwear and shoes in it.

Features of placing furniture in a small space

It is even more difficult to find furniture in a small narrow hallway. Ready-made options, most likely, will not work, you will have to call furniture makers for help and make a project to order.

Your main task is to rationally assess the dimensions of the hallway or corridor, and choose the furniture of the optimal size.

The main difficulties that you will have to face with a small hallway

  • narrow passage;
  • there is no way to arrange furniture at your discretion according to the needs;
  • low level lighting ;
  • you can forget about the decor (usually there is nowhere to hang or put it);
  • limited selection of compact furniture.

Very often 3-5 people cannot fit in a small area of ​​the hallway. It is common practice to wait at the entrance while someone takes off their shoes and outerwear.

Recommendations of designers

For such cases, it is worth using the recommendations of designers for arranging furniture in a small hallway in Khrushchev:

  • What furniture to choose for a small hallway? Stylistic solutions, Tips and tricks for choosing + Video Forget about dark colors for wall decoration, as well as in the choice of cabinet furniture.

    Stop your choice on shades of walnut, light oak and pine, beech. The dark color of wenge makes the room even smaller and darker more than it actually is.

  • Use furniture with mirrors to increase the space.
  • Adhere to the principle of proportionality of pieces of furniture. High cabinets to the ceiling or clearance cabinets for storing shoes are not your option.

    For a small hallway - small furniture.

  • Explore and befriend minimalism. Its essence is to save space by arranging a small number of pieces of furniture, and a minimum of decor. Do not force the hallway with horizontal planes, give preference to wall cabinets with translucent or blind facades.
  • Wall luminaires are best suited to illuminate the hallway, as the rays will scatter along the walls, creating the illusion of spaciousness.

  • Buy or order only the most necessary furniture.
  • The modern market can offer exclusive options - transformer furniture. For example, an ordinary at first glance dresser can turn into a small table; a pull-out bar can be attached to the wall for clothes.Compactness and functionality are what you need.

Planning the hallway

Includes the presence of such pieces of furniture as:

  • wardrobe system;
  • bedside table for storing shoes;
  • chest of drawers or compartment in the closet for various accessories: gloves, scarves, hats, umbrellas.

  • modules with a mirror;
  • ottoman or chair for shoes.


The compact size of the hallway, most likely, will not allow you to put all of the above. In this regard, decide in advance what exactly will fit into your apartment, and what you need first of all, and what you can do without.

If you customize your hallway furniture in a modern style, you can combine all the components and compartments you need in one system.

And these are shelves for cutting, and a bar for hanging outerwear, and a place for handbags, hats and other accessories, and a shoe cabinet.

Using modular furniture systems

Often furniture manufacturers offer customers modular systems that have their own advantages:

  • When choosing modules, you can decide for yourself what exactly you and your family members need.
  • If there are niches and recesses in the hallway, they can be filled with modules, shelves or cabinets.
  • Modules can be swapped and interchanged over time.
  • The systems can be positioned so that everything you need is within easy reach.


Cabinet cabinets are most suitable for small hallways with a niche. This is where the cabinet can be placed, otherwise it will take up the entire space.

Making a small hallway

Choosing a style

Let's walk a little through the stylistic design of small hallways and corridors. When choosing furniture for a small space, it is important to observe stylistic unity and harmony.

For compact hallways, the best solution would be to choose a design in style: classic, modern, Scandinavia, loft and Provence. They have common features - harmony, minimalism and accuracy.

Furniture for a small hallway in a modern style

Functionality and elegance are the distinctive features of this trend in the interior. Sharpness of lines, contrast of shades, mirrored and smooth surfaces, use of high-tech materials - this is all about modern style. This style does not provide for an abundance of decorative elements, drawings.

It is flawless in its simplicity.

Hallway in a classic style

Classic hallway furniture allows you to create an elegant and noble interior in a small room. Snow-white furniture with gilding, symmetrical edges, rich texture and wonderful decoration of walls and furniture will help create a mood of luxury, brilliance and elite.

Small entrance hall in Provence style

What furniture to choose for a small hallway? Stylistic solutions, Tips and tricks for choosing + Video The romance of French Provence will leave few people indifferent. Pastel shades, light vintage furniture, openwork and flowers help to create a feeling of airy and uncluttered space.

Also add as many lamps and fixtures as possible.

Small entrance hall in the loft style

Rough texture of bare brick walls, metal and rough wood, beams on the ceiling (if the height allows), bare communications - it's all about this stylistic direction in interior design. When choosing furniture in the loft style, forget about the pretentiousness and richness of the decor. If possible, a board with hooks for outerwear can be nailed to the wall, and an old chest of drawers will do for shoes.

Scandinavian style in a small hallway

The coldness of the north and freshness, snow-white snow and dark shades of rocky terrain - that's what inspires designers to create furniture in this style .

.. For small hallways, furniture made of bleached wood or MDF of similar shades, patchwork tiles, bright rugs on the floor will create the necessary mood in the room.

Choosing the color of the furniture design for a small hallway

What furniture to choose for a small hallway? Stylistic solutions, Tips and tricks for choosing + Video It is very important to remember that in a small room no more than 2 - 3 primary colors are used at the same time. Everything else is for adding contrast and creating accents.

White shades are ideal for small rooms, allowing you to expand the space.

Beige color is quite neutral, easily fits into any interior. Combine it with brown, creamy, muted greenish tones.

The shade of gray will help create a clean design in combination with mirrors, steel and sufficient lighting.

Pastel shades such as lavender, blue, pink, sky blue, lemon will help to reproduce the atmosphere of ease.

Together, they are often used in Provence style, or separately in other directions.

Arrangement of furniture in a small hallway

Bulky, old and uncomfortable furniture is the main problem of small hallways and corridors. Neither turn around, nor sit down, nor put on an extra piece of clothing, a sheer headache. The way out of the situation is small-sized compact furniture.

What furniture to choose for a small hallway? Stylistic solutions, Tips and tricks for choosing + Video Furniture that can be placed along the walls is suitable for a small square hallway, since the layout allows.

At the entrance to the apartment, put a hanger with hooks, at the bottom, place a shelf for shoes. Place a chest of drawers and a mirror near the hanger.

If possible, a shallow-type wardrobe may be placed on another wall. You can also arrange corner furniture for a small radial hallway and low shelves for shoes.

Furniture in a small narrow hallway is placed near the entrance to the apartment and above the front door.

Place narrow cabinets on the sides, and a spacious mezzanine on top. The mirror can be hung on the wall, or you can buy a wardrobe with a mirrored door.

Note. If your corridor is of a non-standard shape, custom-made furniture for a small hallway is just your option.

How to equip a place for storing shoes?

It is clear that exposed shoes will not add attractiveness to your already small hallway.

Therefore, you need to take care of hiding it in a cabinet or taking a place in the closet for it.

Built-in furniture in a small hallway will help save space, and to equip the room at your discretion, such systems are made to order, you can discuss with the furniture maker the number of shelves and compartments for clothes and other things.

Sliding wardrobes also take up little space in the room, they are compact and reliable, which cannot be said about the old Soviet bulky versions. Modern furniture for the hallway and the entire apartment, a photo of which you can find on manufacturers' websites and various forums, will help create coziness in your home, and properly organize the space.