What glue is better to choose- Features of laying on a concrete floor + Video

What glue is better to choose- Features of laying on a concrete floor + Video Carpet is considered the most widespread and comfortable floor covering. It has excellent sound insulation and perfectly retains heat, creating a cozy atmosphere in the room. Laying carpet should not be a big deal, which, knowing all the nuances, you can handle yourself. This article will help you understand this and answer the questions of how to spread the carpet - can it be glued to concrete.

After all, the cement base is quite whimsical to use.

Expert advice

There are a number of rules to keep in mind when installing carpets:

For a concrete base is considered the most suitable carpet made of synthetic materials; It is not necessary to use jute-based coatings on concrete because jute is a strong absorbent. It is better to take a fiber that is resistant to moisture absorption. Ideal for this is considered to be a lint-free carpet or with olefin fibers;

  • In the room, before laying the covering, it is necessary to withstand a temperature of + 18- + 35 g. and humidity 20-65% for acclimatization. Leave the carpet here for 24 hours;
  • First, the concrete floors are washed and treated with chlorine solution to prevent the formation of mold and mildew, and then left to dry for two days;
  • After which all cracks on the floor are repaired .

    .. Large defects are sealed with mastic, and small ones are removed with sealants;

  • It would be ideal to use a special underlay, thanks to which you will extend the life of your floor covering and make your floors soft and warm;
  • It is important to watch how it rolls coating. Do not leave bubbles and wrinkled places on the surface, since it will be difficult to fix later;
  • Cut material from the center to avoid distortion;
  • Place the joints in a perpendicular position relative to the window for a smaller visibility;
  • As the carpet is laid on it, you cannot move for a couple of days.

Carpet laying

Installation methods

Carpets can be laid on a concrete floor in several ways.

Which method to choose will depend on the need for additional insulation, on whether you do it yourself or with the help of specialists.

There are the following options for laying carpet on concrete:

  • Using a backing;
  • without gluing;
  • gluing without connections;
  • using double-sided tape;
  • with simultaneous connections;
  • stretching styling.

Free laying consists in spreading the backing material over the entire space and securing it with a construction stapler. It is better to use special tape at the joints. The carpet is rolled over the surface, leaving 15 cm on all sides.

It is leveled with a heavy roller, stretched and secured with a plinth.

The method using double-sided tape is very lightweight, and, if necessary, easily dismantled, done with a backing. The whole process consists in mounting the substrate, then adhesive tape and lining tapes are glued in a circle. Squares of 50 * 50 cm are made of scotch tape over the entire surface of the floor. The top tape is removed gradually as the web is rolled out.

Along the edges of the carpet, the skirting boards are cut and attached.

What glue is better to choose- Features of laying on a concrete floor + Video Adhesive method often used for rooms subject to increased stress. Here the carpet will be glued tightly and it will no longer be possible to reuse it. A folded carpet is laid on the floor in half. One part of the floor is treated with glue.

The fabric is rolled onto the glued side, aligned from the central part to the edges using a heavy roller. The second side is also glued.

Laying Stretching involves the use of rails with nails around the perimeter of the room. This method is considered professional, thanks to which the coating does not deteriorate and can be reused. The nails on the rivers are located at a slight slope towards the wall.

The carpet is spread on the floor and fixed to the slats. Excess material is removed under the rail or cut off. Further, as in all methods, skirting boards and thresholds are mounted.

Note : This method can be handled independently on a small area, for more you will need the help of the master.

Which glue to glue the carpet

Which glue to choose.

When gluing carpet to a concrete surface, you can use polyurethane, reactive or universal adhesives. Forbo adhesives are very popular. They are made on the basis of acrylic, have low consumption, are versatile and have good adhesive ability.

DIY Carpet Tips

Start by measuring the room. During the purchase, be sure to check with the consultant on what basis the carpet will be laid.

You can take a sample wallpaper with you. When choosing, in addition to the reason, such facts will matter as how often movement will take place in this room, whether there are pets, whether the room goes directly to the street, its size.

The main thing is to choose a product with maximum resistance to the characteristics of the concrete surface to absorb moisture. And here it is better to choose completely synthetic materials.

Note: Olefin fiber is considered chemically resistant to cleaning agents such as chlorine.

It is very strong and durable, although not soft enough.

Light shades of carpet can visually expand the space of a small room, and darker shades will add comfort to a large room.

It will be necessary to decide in advance whether this room will need drainage or not.This is a very important nuance, ignoring which in the future can lead to unpleasant consequences, and even expensive repairs.

The concrete surface must be thoroughly washed before the flooring, including with a solution from bacteria and mold formations.

All defects must be repaired.

Do not forget about room temperature control. Before and after installation, within two days, it is necessary to withstand temperatures from plus eighteen to thirty-five degrees and humidity not exceeding 65%.

When choosing a primer, pay attention to how your product will work with the adhesive you are using. Check with your retailer for product compatibility.

Important: There must be good ventilation when working with oil products.

When fixing the covering on the rail, it is first marked and cut along the length of the wall. It also uses a backing tape that is placed around the entire perimeter and coated with glue. Electrical tape is glued to the seam. The carpet is cut with a margin of fifteen centimeters around the perimeter.

A steam iron activates the glue when gluing the individual pieces.

Pay attention to the pattern when laying. Always trim the material from the wrong side with a sharp utility knife using a ruler. This makes the lines the most even.


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