What is better Do-it-yourself gas or stove heating of a country house? What to choose for a private house

What is better Do-it-yourself gas or stove heating of a country house? What to choose for a private house Owning a country house is not only convenient and comfortable, but also quite troublesome.

To provide housing with all the necessary autonomous communications, you will have to work hard.

The question to which a lot of comparisons and reflections are given is the choice of the type of heating for your home.

Fortunately, the choice of possible devices allows us to treat this matter with the utmost seriousness and criticality.

Installation and autonomous heating in the house

What is better Do-it-yourself gas or stove heating of a country house? What to choose for a private house There are several convenient and modern methods, each of which is actively used.

The choice of a specific one depends on many things - on climatic conditions, on the location of the cottage, on the presence or absence of supplied communications.

For example, autonomous gas heating is the most convenient and cheapest option, but if blue fuel is not supplied to your settlement, then this is not your choice.

What types of heating are most popular among private property owners?

  • Gas;
  • Electric;
  • Diesel;
  • Solid fuel ;
  • Furnace.

Recently, the growing interest of the owners to the rather exotic sources of heat has become more noticeable. This primarily applies to the use of solar collectors and water pumps.

Heating using gas

What is better Do-it-yourself gas or stove heating of a country house? What to choose for a private house
Gas heating process

As noted above, this method is definitely one of the most convenient to use, and budgetary in cost, for heating a country house. The use of a factory gas boiler is assumed. The method is extremely beneficial in cases where the main gas has already been supplied to the house. But even if you are unlucky, and there is no gasification of your area in the near future, there is a way out.

It is possible to install a gas tank included in the gas circuit on the estate.

This is a special device for the safe storage of liquefied fuels. The installation of such a system is rather complicated. This is clearly not a cheap pleasure, although the costs will pay off over time. In very small buildings, especially if they are not used year-round, it is quite acceptable to use gas cylinders. To some it may seem troublesome, sometimes not very convenient, but sometimes it is the best way out.

If you are lucky, and your home is connected to gas, installing gas heating will be an excellent solution for you. This equipment has many advantages over others: high environmental friendliness, budget, efficiency, ease of use.

Perhaps the only drawback of using gas is that it is fire and explosive. In the event of a leak and accumulation of a sufficient amount, it can be ignited by the slightest spark.

Therefore, it is only specialists who have the authority to install and establish gas heating at home.

The system must undergo mandatory regular maintenance. You should not treat this event as a way to cheat you on money: not only the safety of property depends on the safety of the equipment, but also the safety of yours and your loved ones. Do not forget about this when considering various options for gas heating a country house.

Solid fuel boiler

What is better Do-it-yourself gas or stove heating of a country house? What to choose for a private house
Solid fuel-boiler

Modern boilers for home heating on solid fuels also make it possible to perfectly save on heating your home. A well-adjusted fuel system has excellent efficiency, durability, environmental friendliness and safety.

It has an affordable price and fits well into a budget option that suits many.

It is permissible to use firewood, peat, woodworking waste, eurowood, peat briquettes, etc. as fuel. Depending on the preferred type of fuel, boilers are divided into separate subspecies: pellet, coal-fired, wood-fired and multi-fuel.

For most of solid fuel boilers, manual filling is provided, but this does not diminish their obvious advantages:

  • renewable, ecologically clean resources;
  • easy maintenance, infrequent maintenance and repair;
  • minimum costs.

Someone may find it too troublesome to take care of the heating system several times a day and add fuel as needed. If this is not a problem for you, then feel free to install it in the house.

Pellet boilers

What is better Do-it-yourself gas or stove heating of a country house? What to choose for a private house
Pellet boiler in section

This is a relatively new type of boilers for a country house. Their main advantage over other types is maximum automation. The workflow can be programmed to maintain a certain indoor temperature, regardless of the weather outside.

These units are equipped with special pellet burners, which guarantee them a higher efficiency than their "brothers". In terms of efficiency, they can be compared with gas devices. In addition, fuel is supplied automatically from a special operational bunker. Until it runs out of pellets, such a boiler can operate independently for up to two weeks, even in the absence of a person.

Moreover, such an autonomous heating of a house is guaranteed to be fire and explosion safe, and does not need a special prof.

service. In all respects, this is a wonderful choice.

A solid fuel universal boiler can be successfully converted into pellets. But its efficiency will be lower than that of the factory one.

Heating with diesel fuel

What is better Do-it-yourself gas or stove heating of a country house? What to choose for a private house
The device of a diesel boiler for heating

The use of diesel fuel for heating a home is quite common in many countries, including highly developed ones.

It is a great alternative to natural gas.Unfortunately not as economical for the home.

The diesel boiler itself has a rather significant price, and in addition to this, you need to arrange a boiler room, take care of the fuel storage, and good ventilation of the house. Well, the very installation of the heating system of a country house.

As a result, the amount is quite sensitive for the pocket.

But if gasification of your habitat is not foreseen in the near future, and your home needs constant heating, then the diesel heating option is quite suitable for consideration.

Moreover, heating with liquid fuel is quite safe and highly efficient.

A house with a diesel heating system can be left unattended for a long time.

The boiler house itself does not need a constant presence: it is enough to visit it only once a quarter.

But the quality of the fuel itself affects the nature of the system's operation.

Therefore, it is better to use the services of trusted suppliers. In practice, there are no problems with the delivery of diesel fuel, it will be brought to any remote point. Reservoirs are preferable as large as possible, so that you rarely need to worry about filling them.

Electricity for heating

What is better Do-it-yourself gas or stove heating of a country house? What to choose for a private house
Warm floors are the most profitable

Heating with electricity does not require a significant initial investment. It is quiet, environmentally friendly and does not require professional maintenance.

But this type of energy for heating, even at a stretch, cannot be called economical.

There are several types of heating using this type of fuel:

  • warm floors;
  • convectors;
  • infrared heaters.

The simplest device among them is the electric convector (there are also gas heating convectors). Cold air enters it through the openings at the bottom of the device, heats up inside it to a predetermined temperature, and exits through the openings in the upper part of the device.

The advantage of this system is quick and easy installation: it is equipped with fasteners, with which it can be placed anywhere.

During operation, the case does not heat up above 50 degrees, which excludes the possibility of accidental burns. The operating device does not absorb or consume oxygen in the room, does not dry the air. If the device gets very hot, then it automatically turns off.

What is better Do-it-yourself gas or stove heating of a country house? What to choose for a private house
Infrared ceiling heating

No less convenient to use infrared heaters, which are also placed in any convenient place - on the ceiling or wall.

But their principle of operation is somewhat different: they do not heat the surrounding air, but the objects in the room.

The system is capable of functioning in an automatic autonomous mode, maintaining the set temperature in the room.

Underfloor heating using infrared radiation is a great option for private ownership.

When installing the heating of the house, a special 3 mm infrared film is used. It fits on walls, ceilings or under flooring. Ceiling mount is convenient in a dwelling with an attic.

Thanks to this method, the room heats up extremely quickly, an additional bonus is energy savings of up to 40%.

However, heating homes with electricity is the most expensive heating method. Therefore, it is better to use it as an addition to another, or for occasional use, when the owners are at home on short visits.

With permanent residence, heating the house with electricity is impractical and unprofitable. The attractive minimum size of the installation costs of the heating system hardly justifies the subsequent huge operating costs.

Stove heating

What is better Do-it-yourself gas or stove heating of a country house? What to choose for a private house Someone thinks that stove heating is almost an anachronism, a relic of the past. And it is completely in vain: sometimes it becomes the most affordable, or generally the only possible option for heating a home. This method attracts with its simplicity, as well as the absence of problems with fuel. It is quite possible to order it, but it is permissible to get it yourself.

Most homeowners have a brick or stone oven.

It is good for its absolute autonomy: it does not depend on accidents or interruptions in the supply of electricity or gas, firewood can be purchased at any time. The stove looks amazing in the interior of any home, giving it the cozy flavor of a village hut.

Are there any drawbacks to stove heating? Structures for the firebox are quite bulky and have considerable dimensions, absorbing a noticeable part of the living space. But it is the impressive size and thick walls that accumulate the heat necessary for the house, gradually giving it away and heating the room.

During the heating of the furnace, its walls heat up for a long time, therefore, in a frozen, unheated hut, you will have to wait until the room temperature rises.

But the heated stones do not cool for a long time, maintaining the desired temperature in the room for a long time.

If it is possible to install a more efficient heating system, for example, according to a gas heating scheme, stove heating is often abandoned. Many do not want to part with it at all, and combine the existing heating system with the additional use of a small stove or fireplace.

Alternative heating options

What is better Do-it-yourself gas or stove heating of a country house? What to choose for a private house Nowadays, natural sources of energy, such as air, sun, water and earth, no longer seem to be something extraordinary to anyone. The usual types of any fuel are constantly becoming more expensive, the amount of resources on the planet is not increasing, therefore, the search for alternative ways of obtaining energy is very active.

Heat pumps and gas collectors have found the most successful applications.

At their cost, such developments for a large house are often available only to really wealthy people.

A heating system for a cottage with an area of ​​150 square meters based on alternative energy will cost more than half a million rubles.

And this will be an additional source. Our realities and rather harsh climate do not always allow using solar collectors and water heat pumps as the only source of energy (and the main one).

You can try to use advanced technologies, but only if you spend money, among other things, on boilers for heating a country house as the main, traditional source of energy. It is the combination of traditional and alternative sources that can become especially beneficial in the future. But you need to be prepared for impressive start-up costs.

Necessary calculations
What is better Do-it-yourself gas or stove heating of a country house? What to choose for a private house
Heating prices in the house

Regardless of which heating system you have chosen for your home, it will be effective only if the calculations are done correctly.

There is a standard formula that can be guided by - for 10 square meters.

m of housing requires 1 kW of energy. The house should have ceilings no higher than 2.7 meters and be well insulated by modern standards.

Also, the presence of an attic, basement, arrangement and type of windows, material of the house should be taken into account. Each indicator makes its own adjustment to the calculation formula.

It is advisable to add about a third to a quarter of the obtained value to the result obtained as a margin. As you know, the stock is never superfluous, and the pocket does not pull. But the equipment will not work for wear and tear, and will serve the owners for a long time and successfully.