What is better to bed, carpet or linoleum

What is better to bed, carpet or linoleum What is better to bed, carpet or linoleum

Completely determine and confidently assert that it is better to bed on the floor, linoleum or carpet, it is difficult enough. The choice should be made taking into account special features, as well as its functional purpose.

In order not to make a mistake, you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of these types of coatings and based on this make a personal choice.

General information

Advantages and disadvantages of carpet

The advantages of carpet include comfort - it can give comfort to everyone residential buildings. In addition, the carpet has the following qualities:

  • Much more pleasant for walking barefoot.

  • A perfectly flat floor is not required.
  • Differs in high thermal insulation performance.
  • Excellent sound absorption.

Speaking about the disadvantages of carpet, it is worth highlighting the following:

An excellent option for a bedroom - carpet.

Advantages and disadvantages of linoleum

When considering linoleum as one of the options for flooring, you need to take into account its advantages:

  • Easy to wash and clean.

  • After cleaning, even when wet, you can walk on the floor after 1/2 hour.
  • Linoleum is much better in terms of the overall cost of service - it will come out much cheaper.
  • Favorably distinguished by excellent resistance to mechanical damage that are inevitable on the floor surface - traces of heels, sand, legs of furniture, garbage that gets into the room with shoes.
  • Perfectly lends itself to restoration and repair work (the top layer can be removed with a grinder, and then a special composition is applied - such a procedure can give an updated look to linoleum).
  • Regardless of the type and quality of the coating, there is resistance to moisture.

The disadvantages of the material will be:

  • What is better to bed, carpet or linoleum It is necessary to align before bedding the surface of the floor, otherwise, after a couple of days, all the bumps and depressions will be very noticeable, and after that the linoleum itself in such places will look worn out and worn out.
  • Poor thermal insulation and sound absorption.

Linoleum is more appropriate in rooms that require regular wet cleaning.

Which is more expensive, carpet or linoleum?

Such material as carpet is more expensive than linoleum. Since carpet can be made from synthetic or natural fabric, the price difference can start to vary.

In addition, it is important to consider the density of the coverage, which can affect the cost.


How to make the right choice

It will be possible to make a choice, which is better - carpet or linoleum in an apartment, without any some problems if you know about the functional purpose of a particular room. For example, if ideas are about rooms where it is supposed to carry out frequent wet cleaning, where the flooring is regularly exposed to the possibility of being damaged and repair work is needed, then the choice is obvious - only linoleum.

For a children's room, bedroom and living room, carpet gives much more comfort. In the bedroom, it will absorb unnecessary noise, the room for children will keep warm well, and it will be much more pleasant to just sit or walk on it.

For this reason, choosing whether carpet or linoleum is required in the bedroom is not worth it for a long time - the carpet has a clear advantage here.

If we talk about the selection of coverage for public places, then you still need to understand their orientation of the functional type. Premises that will be visited at the same time by a huge number of people, where it is often necessary to carry out wet cleaning for disinfection, it is definitely worth covering linoleum.

Please note that rooms that are intended to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere where you plan to spend a lot of time will benefit if they are lined with carpet.

Recommendations of professionals

It is impossible to make a competent choice only by one of the criteria.

When deciding whether to lay carpet or roll linoleum, you need to remember that they both can be of different thicknesses and differ in quality. The denser and thicker the carpet, the longer it will serve. The same recommendations can be given when selecting material such as linoleum.

Good advice! When choosing a carpet, you need to remember that, like any carpet, with long-term mechanical influence, it can form bald patches, which negatively affects its overall appearance.

Carpet in the bedroom helps to make the room more comfortable and warm.

When choosing a carpet, for example, in an office space, you should give preference to not the most fleecy and thick specimens.

Reviews (which is better, linoleum or carpet)

Pavlyuk Elena, 52 years old, Saratov: "I chose the flooring in the hall, and for a start I need to think about linoleum, because I was afraid that I would not be able to cope with constant cleaning and everything would turn out very badly. But the seller in the construction room persuaded to change to buy carpet, which I did not regret at all. I took material with an average thickness, due to the gray color. As a result, I clean it with a simple vacuum cleaner.

If necessary, I use a soap solution - it is always clean in my room. In addition, the carpet has become much more comfortable. "

Aroshina Svetlana, 33 years old, g.Kostroma: "That summer, I started repairing my apartment, and when it came time to select the covering for the dining room, I persuaded my husband to buy linoleum. Soon it was confirmed that the choice was correct - we have 2 small children, because after each appointment food requires cleaning the floors.

In addition, something is constantly spilled. With linoleum there are no problems in this regard - 5 minutes for wet cleaning, and everything will be clean. I chose the colors to match the wallpaper, because everything looks very beautiful. "


When choosing materials such as carpet or linoleum, it is necessary to take into account how such a room will be used and take into account the advantages and disadvantages each type of flooring. It is in this case that the choice will be really correct.


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