What is Development? 5 factors and types by type of objects on land plots + Photo

What is Development? 5 factors and types by type of objects on land plots + Photo The type of business based on obtaining increased monetary benefits in the construction field is called Development.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, with the restoration of the sphere of construction of residential and non-residential objects on a new path of development, this new direction began to develop.

In essence, this process involves a set of measures for new construction or improvement of old objects with their subsequent profitable sale or lease.

The article tells about the developing direction of business in the construction industry. The main types and types of activities in this area are described.

The areas of the direction of development of the organizations involved in this process are shown.

Development, 18 years of development

Along with the process itself, the main participant or organizer was called a developer. It can be a legal entity within a whole company or an individual.

5 factors at the heart of Development

  1. Searching a piece of land or an existing property to be converted. All possible positive and negative aspects of a business project are evaluated in the context of the real estate market.

    Create a financing scheme based on investments with the subsequent receipt of benefits.

  2. With a positive result of the first stage, the developer proceeds to solving the problems of the second. Legal issues are resolved on obtaining permission to start construction or concluding a lease transaction. Contracts are concluded for the development of design and estimate documentation.
  3. Then there is the process of attracting investors to finance the project or a loan is made from a bank.

    The object is acquired. The terms for the implementation of all stages of the process are discussed. What is Development? 5 factors and types by type of objects on land plots + Photo

  4. Next, the developer organizes the main work on the project. We are engaging our own forces or attracting specialized contractors. All stages of work are constantly monitored in close contact with specialists of all levels and the involvement of independent experts to reduce risks.

    The developer bears full responsibility for the quality of production and the receipt of future planned benefits, both to the consumer and to investors.

  5. Upon completion of all construction, installation and engineering work with the completion of the improvement, the object goes through the process of acceptance by an official commission. Receives a passport of the facility when it is ready for operation. The last stage of Development begins. It includes the process of selling or renting a given structure for subsequent direct benefits.

    At this stage, the developer engages specialized organizations or carries out further facility management independently.

Types of Development by type of property

Basically there are four main types:

Housing type

Construction of housing for commercial implementation.

Attention is directed to the selection of the most respectable building plots in areas with a high commercial benefit analysis score.

Availability of ready infrastructure, transport interchanges. Here we are counting on profitable implementation for certain segments of the population with good financial wealth.

A lot of management work is being done to promote and implement the project objectives.

Commercial type

Construction of commercial objects. It includes the search and selection of areas with the most advantageous location for future trade and entertainment facilities.

Mandatory availability of free territory for the organization of parking lots, sites for loading and unloading operations.

Orientation is mainly aimed at commercial organizations.

Type of organization of suburban housing construction

The main condition is the choice of an area with the best environmental conditions. The presence of access roads, the approximate location of railway stations. Tasks are being solved to reduce environmental risks when forming a strategy for building a territory. Application of innovative solutions in the use of materials.

Land Development

Includes the processes of carrying out the necessary operations with land plots for their qualitative change and increase in value.

Basically buyout, registration of large plots of land, and then dividing them into smaller ones for the purpose of profitable sale.

The process is long and complicated, the main work is carried out by lawyers.

Special organizations for cadastral registration are involved. The task of the reconstruction of such objects is to accurately define the boundaries and the possibility of dividing plots to prepare them for commercial development.


Development today is an organically developing process in the business world.

In this area, no project has been repeated. Each object is created anew and with its own unique subtleties.

With the development of this type of business, the construction industry is developing in parallel in the field of innovation of materials, improving their quality and technical characteristics.

In the context of increasing the speed of construction, continuous improvement of construction processes is required, the introduction of new technologies that improve the quality of housing.