what is his principle of work and use with his own hands + Video

what is his principle of work and use with his own hands + Video Compressor for spray gun, selection and use in construction and repair. Surface painting with liquid dyes is the final process before putting the object into operation after renovation or new building.

There are several ways of applying paints and primers.

General information before buying a spray gun

How to apply paint to the surface? Methods

  • With paint brushes . It has a positive effect when used in hard-to-reach places, for precise coating on narrow parts without staining the mating parts.

    In the main part, the method is devoid of efficiency. High labor costs, increased task execution time, no savings, layers have an uneven surface.

  • Roller application with handle . The work is done with good quality, but it is necessary to apply several layers to cover the blemishes. High labor costs.

    There is almost no material savings. The terms of the work are not violated. Ink material splashes heavily when using the roller. It is necessary to cover other surfaces.

  • Painting with spray guns .

    Material saving reaches 35%. With the correct setting and selection of related equipment, the material for painting is not sprayed onto other areas. The layers are uniform in thickness. Saving time for work is observed.

The necessary equipment for work is an air compressor for the spray gun.

Spray gun composition

  • Sprayer of liquid materials.
  • High pressure air supply hose.
  • Air compressor.

Sprayer design

The spray gun is a mechanical device that mixes small portions of paint with an air stream. As a result, a cloud comes out with micron-sized drops of paint, moving along the air flow to the treated surface.

what is his principle of work and use with his own hands + Video It consists of special parts:

  • The body of the device ... The main mechanisms are concentrated in it. Dosing systems, air channels, mixing chamber.

  • Plastic bottle for paint supply. Placed on top of the case or at the bottom of it.
  • Working head. The atomizer plate is installed in it.
  • The handle of the machine is located at the bottom of the spray gun.

    Performs a function for conveniently holding the sprayer during operation. Air hoses are connected to it.

The main function of the spray gun

The operation of the sprayer is to apply liquid mixtures, sprayed, various accessories on vertical surfaces and horizontally located objects. They are used in many areas of economic activity.

In construction, the spray is used to apply primers and paint surfaces with oil paints and water-based compositions.

Its application is due to:

  • High quality of material application.
  • Completion of the task on time.
  • Material saving.
  • Attracting the minimum number of performers.

With the correct adjustment of the spray gun and the work of an experienced technician, the paint layer will be thin, without smudges, the areas that cannot be painted will remain clean surfaces.

The main composition of the air compressor

This equipment is used to compress air in a special container and supply it to the working equipment. The compressor consists of the aggregate parts:

  • Cable supplying electric current.
  • Electric asynchronous motor.
  • Control system.
  • Compressed air accumulator, receiver.

  • High pressure outlet hose.

Principle of operation

When the motor is supplied with electric power, it starts to work and transmits torque to the air pump mechanism. The pump generates a pressurized air stream. It goes through the control system to the receiver.

what is his principle of work and use with his own hands + Video There the incoming air flow builds up pressure until the pressure limit is set.

The control system issues commands to turn off the electric motor. The air supply to the accumulator is stopped and stored there until the air is consumed by the equipment. A drop in the pressure level inside the receiver brings the electric motor with a pump into working position.

Such a complete set allows performing the task in a continuous mode. Thus, the time for fulfilling obligations is reduced.

Compressor performance depends on engine power, pump type, receiver volume.

Types of air compressor pumps

Dynamic pumps

Increase the pressure of the air flow by increasing the speed of its passage in the mechanism. These units are compact in size and can operate independently from a battery. They have high efficiency.

There is no receiver in the design, air is taken from the atmosphere and, having passed through the mechanism, is supplied to the point of analysis.

Positive Displacement Air Pumps

Produce air pressure with several basic devices:

  • what is his principle of work and use with his own hands + Video Piston pump. Its work is carried out using piston groups. The principle of operation is based on the rotation of the crank mechanism and the connecting rod with a piston in the cylinder. By creating a vacuum, the piston draws in air through the intake valve and squeezes out, when compressed, through the exhaust valve.
  • Diaphragm pump.

    The principle of operation is similar to that of the piston version. The difference is in the presence of a special membrane attached in the center to the piston, the outer edge is attached to the walls of the chamber. When the piston moves, it forces the membrane to draw in air, and in the opposite direction, the air is removed from the chamber.

  • Rotary pump .The shaft, rotating with spiral grooves, captures air from the medium, brings it through the cylinder to the outlet chamber.

In terms of the power supply of the medium, air pumps differ in terms of indicators:

  • Low-power devices, deliver pressure up to 10 m 3 per minute,
  • of average power are able to create a pressure of 100 m 3 per minute,
  • powerful pumps, press up to 200 m 3 per minute.

Types of receivers

The air mass accumulator is a container in the form of an oblong balloon. An air mass from the pump enters it through a system of control valves. Store air in a container until the spray gun is started. The pressure comes out of the cylinder and is directed through a hose to the sprayer.

The shutter is triggered when the pressure in the hose rises at the end of the spray action.

The volume of the receiver is one of the integral characteristics of the spray gun performance. The volume of the receiver has a minimum of 40 liters to 2000 liters for use in small industries.

The position of the cylinder distinguishes between vertical and horizontal settings. The position of the receiver assumes space saving in its location and for ease of transportation.

What to look for when choosing a compressor

what is his principle of work and use with his own hands + Video
Choose a spray gun with a compressor

Most of the painting work in construction requires a compressor with a receiver from 40 liters to 80 liters. The electric motor power is the same for all models. Working pressure has the same value for all brands and is equal to 10 bar. In the process of selecting an air device, it is important to combine the parameters of the working values ​​of the sprayer and the value of the air volume output at the unit.

In the event of an error in the selection, the compressor can quickly fail.

The volume of air and pressure used by the gun to produce the paint mixture must be less than the capacity of the air apparatus.


  • the pressure in the receiver will drop rapidly,
  • the engine will overheat during constant operation at the limit,
  • frequent stops will be necessary,
  • eventually the engine will fail.