what is it and how to build it

what is it and how to build it Quad house projects: what it is and how to build it

Most people get tired of noise over time cities and begin to dream of buying a country house. In this case, the ideal option would be to purchase a project and a house (quad house), or as it is also called, a quadrox.

This is a building that consists of four sections, which means that up to four families can be located in it at once. Each of the sections has its own separate entrance, land plot, park area, garage and, naturally, an autonomous heating system.

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the purchase of such a house, as well as landscaping or cosmetic repairs, as well as the protection of the site will be much cheaper, since the costs will be distributed among the four owners.

General information

The quad house is a new format of housing, which is just beginning to gain popularity. Popular Russian architects participated in its development, who designed the vertical house layout. At the same time, the walls of the bearing type are thicker than the rest. They are criss-cross and begin to intersect in the center. This will increase the noise isolation level in the house.

The advantages of a quad house

Not all people can enjoy being close to others, unfamiliar people. But the presence of a separate entrance will ensure complete independence, and the presence of strangers in a large house will not be felt. Moreover, the residents who buy such a building belong to the same social class. Because of this, you can not worry about very loud music or scandals based on everyday life, as well as about other inconveniences experienced by residents in houses with a large number of floors. The quad house is best suited for such cases:

  • what is it and how to build it For friends.

  • If there are many relatives in the family.
  • For those who prefer privacy.

As for the first case, then indeed this type of housing will provide for no more than 3 families in a neighbor, and the maximum degree of isolation will be observed. It turns out that if the owner of one of the sections has no desire to see one of the neighbors, then this is quite feasible with an exclusive house layout. Massive walls provide perfect silence, and such that you can completely forget about the people who live behind the wall.

In case you have a large family

… a quad house is also a very convenient option. Parents, as well as their relatives, children and grandchildren can fit in such a house. Such housing will become a real family nest for several generations at once. Some people are of the opinion that the house looks a lot like communal apartments, but due to the fact that the sections are massive, each of the owners will be able to feel independent and isolated from their neighbors. This is a great option for purchasing a shared home for 4 families at once.

These may be your close people, good friends, meeting with whom is a pleasure, especially in order to see you, you will not need to overcome tens of kilometers, and even idle for hours in traffic jams. To the indicated number of advantages, one can also add the fact that all the owners of the quad house receive land plots in their possession. If possible, you can arrange it as you like - make a flower bed, organize a sports or playground, or equip a place for a barbecue. In addition, adorable pets can walk on such a plot of land.

Despite the fact that economy-class quad-houses are usually built in villages outside the city limits, living in such houses will be fully comfortable, since there are all the benefits of civilization.

And the main advantage is that the housing and adjacent soil areas are under reliable protection around the clock. Thus, the purchase of a quad house is an ideal solution for those who want to live in a comfortable and cozy house in nature, while at an affordable cost, which is equal to the price of a city apartment.

Disadvantages of the structure

With the term "quad house" everything is clear, but there are also certain disadvantages. These are certain points that are associated with the purchase and sale of a separate block, which is on a common basis and is in the main feature of the site.

Finishing work for the quad house

Siding is used as a material for interior and exterior decoration of a house at the European level.

This material is non-toxic and also very economical. It is made from a polymer that has a high degree of viscosity. Siding has the following advantages:

  • Durability.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Possesses the properties of thermal insulation - this makes it possible to save on heating, and also exclude the purchase of units for heating.

  • Resistant to combustion and mechanical damage.
  • Does not lend itself to the putrefactive process.

Due to its reliability and strength, such material as siding can withstand all natural troubles. Reviews of quad houses that are finished with this method indicate how popular it is. The dwelling has a beautiful, aesthetic and modern appearance.

How to design and make a layout

As a rule, a quad house is made of two and three-storey cottages of a separate type. Rooms with technical purpose and an entrance hall occupy the first floor of the building. There are also sanitary facilities, a spacious hall and a boiler room. The kitchen area, bedrooms and living room are also on the ground floor. In some cases, the living room and kitchen occupy the first floor of the building, while the second floor is provided for a recreation room, hall and sleeping area with personal sanitary facilities and bathrooms.

And now the third floor, which has a completely free layout - the attic.Unusual outlines of facades, as well as features of decoration, make it possible to fit such a house into different natural environments, and a clearly created and designed layout add originality to the residence, as well as the rest of the owners.

Two-story quad house project

what is it and how to build it There is a living room on the ground floor with a fireplace, which has natural light to the maximum, which is provided from different sides at the same time. The hall on the second floor, despite its central location, enjoys natural light through the windows of the large living room, which is located on the first floor. This quadrox project was made with the wishes of even the most demanding customers.

Features of the building plot

The quad house has several consumer advantages that take a special place in the project promotion of the European type:

  1. The only full-fledged plot land - each section owner has a personal plot.
  2. End sectional form - a place for rest or outbuildings can be placed away from the household space.
  3. You can get to the site both from the street and from the house - this helps to protect the floor covering from footprints of people or dirt from garden equipment.
  4. A large distance between the quadroxes - already at the entrance to the house a person gets an extremely positive impression from the adjacent areas, in the center of which the building is located.

It turns out that a country house, or rather a quad house, is a convenient place for several families to live at once.

The uniqueness of the land plot, the pricing policy, as well as the isolation of each sectional part will form positive impressions among buyers, which push them to choose this house. at the same time, the classic townhouse will go to second place.