What is Red lead natural paint made of iron and lead for: For what purposes it is used and where it is used - The process of obtaining a mineral pigment and how to use it correctly

What is Red lead natural paint made of iron and lead for: For what purposes it is used and where it is used - The process of obtaining a mineral pigment and how to use it correctly The mineral obtained naturally by transforming the metal through the oxidation process to the state of salts is called red lead. In nature, this process is clearly represented in places of active volcanic activity. The result is clearly visible on the surface; this substance is bright red or brown in color.

There are two types of ore containing metal involved in this process: Iron ore. The red lead obtained from it has a more intense brown color.

Limonite ore is used in the production of the final iron product. Lead ore, the mineral is colored in red tones and has a subtle orange tint.

Powder obtained from minerals and mixed in drying oil, creates a natural paint based on red lead.

Red lead - natural paint

For what purposes is red lead

  • What is Red lead natural paint made of iron and lead for: For what purposes it is used and where it is used - The process of obtaining a mineral pigment and how to use it correctly The main field of application of red lead is the protection of steel parts and products from corrosion.
  • In addition, wood surfaces can be primed with them before the main painting, or this layer can be left unchanged.

    Such a coating will protect the tree from rotting, drying out, darkening under the influence of sunlight, waterlogging when precipitation hits.

  • For covering the surface of the walls of buildings built of ceramic bricks to improve water repellency, restore the natural natural color.
  • Painting concrete surfaces with red lead improves its decorative properties, protects against the harmful effects of the external environment, and prolongs the service life of the material.

The process of obtaining a mineral pigment

Red lead powder is produced artificially on an industrial scale.

Production of red lead

The transformation process of natural fossil material takes place in a special installation.

A certain amount of raw materials is fed into it. Under the influence of high temperature up to 1000 0 ะก and saturation of the chamber with oxygen, a dry substance of red-brown color of different dispersion is obtained. Then, to obtain the main pigment, the material is processed in a grinder. The powder is packed in paper bags or metal drums.

Red lead powder does not dissolve in water and other liquids.

It can be mixed with natural drying oil. The required consistency of the mixture is regulated by the amount of oil base and the addition of a solvent for oil paints, but not more than 5% of the total mass. On average, a ratio of 60 parts of dry red lead to 40 parts of drying oil is applied.

To improve technical characteristics, zinc or mica powders are added to the paint. This provides an increased degree of protection against UV radiation of the painted surfaces.

To slow down the process of precipitation of solid pigment, additives are used in the form of driers.

Getting red lead from lead

The production of red lead is a process unhealthy.

Attention! It is important to strictly observe safety measures and use personal protective equipment.

Get the product in two ways:

  1. Spraying molten metal through oxygen. The output is a finely dispersed powder red pigment.

    This process is energy-intensive and the resulting material does not fully cover the costs.

  2. Lead ore is calcined for a certain time in a chamber with air access. The resulting lead oxide is ground to a powder.

This method of obtaining red lead is the most common.

Where red lead is used

Red lead paint is widely used in industries;

  • steel structures as a primer mixture,
  • automobile production, for corrosion protection of machine parts most vulnerable to the external environment,
  • in the production of utilities from steel pipes.

in shipbuilding, for processing hulls in special compositions, with an increased function of protection against the effects of aggressive environments. In this area, only red lead is used. Therefore, the paint received the second name ship red. It provides better protection for metal, does not allow the formation of shell rock accumulation on the body, its harmful effect on humans is reduced by a protective coating of a special varnish.

How to use red lead paint correctly

Before using the coloring material, the surface must be carefully prepared.

It is cleaned of dirt and dust, places with old paint and rust are cleaned with an abrasive tool, oil stains are removed with solvents, followed by washing with soapy water.

Daytime is considered the best for applying red lead paint. Dew does not form on the surface, the parts are warmed up by the sun

Important! The quality of surface preparation directly influences the protection functions and the service life of the red lead coating.

Red lead is applied mainly in two ways:

  • by air spray. The layer turns out to be even, the paint, under the influence of pressure, penetrates into all pores and hard-to-reach places, its consumption is reduced with this application to a minimum, it is convenient to cover large areas in a short time.

  • Brush application with natural bristles allows for small parts or areas that are difficult to access for the spray gun. The layers are less uniform and the paint saving effect is reduced.

The surfaces of the workpieces are covered in several layers with red lead. Drying time is given for each layer. The coating will be completely finished in a day.


Red lead oil paint based on natural drying oil increases the service life of parts, protecting them from oxidation, decay, fungus formation, protection from fire , weathering.

In this row is the ability of red lead to improve the appearance of processed parts due to its bright color and glossy surface.

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