What is the size of a one-and-a-half blanket

What is the size of a one-and-a-half blanket Standard size one-and-a-half duvet

Sound sleep requires a comfortable atmosphere , and high quality linen, as well as the ideal dimensions of the blanket will play an important role.

The article will talk about how to choose the right size for a one-and-a-half blanket, as well as what to look for during the buying process.

General information


Blankets can be classified according to certain criteria.

Type of filler

Most popular:

  1. Natural - bird down (duck, goose or loon), wool (cashmere, camel and sheep). Such products are very warm, breathable and do not retain moisture, which made natural blankets ideal for winter.

    There is another variety, or rather, cotton products, for filling which they take material of plant origin. Bamboo is made from the fibers of the bamboo tree, while silk is made from the threads of the silkworm.

  2. Artificial fillers - nanofiber, synthetic winterizer, fiber, swan's down and silicone.

Now about the sizes.

Blanket dimensions

One-and-a-half blankets have the following dimensions - 1.

5 * 2. 2 meters and 1.45 * 2. 05 meters. By the way, the first ones are in incredible demand, and for doubles the size is 1.

75 * 2. 05 meters. Euro standard is 2 * 2. 2 meters.

Degree of heat

In order to mark the product packaging, put a certain number of dots (this is a kind of marking):

  • 1 - light summer, and the filling for such a blanket is usually synthetic material, breathable and light.

  • 2 - light, and for it the manufacturing companies use down or wool, but only in a lightweight form.
  • 3 - all-season, and here the type of filler plays a key role, usually this is a synthetic winterizer product. In no case should it be hot, and in the cool season, the product perfectly retains heat.
  • 4 - warm, great for the winter season, cool autumn and the first months of spring.
  • 5 is the maximum, and blankets with this mark are very warm.

    It is preferable to use them in winter.

Now about the style.

Sewing and Style

In order for the filling inside the blanket not to get knotted into a single lump, it is necessary to sew the garments. There are 3 style directions at once:

  • Cassette - a blanket of this type is usually stitched with small symmetrical sectors that will reliably hold the insulation. These can be diamonds, squares and other types of shapes.

  • Karosten - the product is sewn in the form of a pattern, and the pattern must be even, symmetrical, otherwise the product may lose its proper appearance during the operational process.
  • Quilts - the seams are made parallel to each other in width or length.Thanks to this, the service life is greatly reduced, because the filler begins to stray within one strip.

Such signs are basic, and according to them, the blankets differ from each other. But in order to choose a comfortable stay, you should remember about their differences.

Everyone has different preferences and sleep, which means that the requirements for accessories will be very different. It is an individual approach that can help you make the right choice.

What exactly should be a "lorry"

The standard in Russia for the size of a one-and-a-half blanket is somewhat different from the rest. One-and-a-half size products are in incredible demand among buyers. This is a great option for people who prefer solitary sleep.

Below we present a list of the most popular sizes:

  1. What is the size of a one-and-a-half blanket 4 * 2. 05 meters - a similar blanket has been known since Soviet times, and is perfect for small beds.
  2. 55 * 2. 15 meters - this size came into our life from the West and has already begun to closely compete with other parameters. Another popular name is the Euro-lorry.

  3. 6 * 2. 05 meters is a less common size among buyers and is mainly bought for children.
  4. 6 * 2. 2 meters - rarely bought products, but such dimensions are quite suitable for children.

A one and a half bed blanket is quite often bought for children who are a little older.

This is due to the fact that a child will sleep freely and comfortably under such a blanket. It should be remembered that there are no specific manufacturing rules and product selection. Everything will depend on personal preferences, the quality of the materials used. standards that are extremely popular may simply not work for you. This requires an individual approach.

Ideal parameters of bed linen

When a blanket is purchased, it is time to take care of high-quality and comfortable bed linen. You can easily get confused in the assortment, since modern textile stores offer a variety of sets, sizes, which ways differ in the set of accessories, as well as in the dimensions of individual items. Before you go shopping for bedding, you should determine what exactly you need. Nowadays, bed linen is more common, which is sold as a set. It includes a sheet, a duvet cover, and a pair of pillowcases.

You need to know exactly about the size of not only the bed, but also the blankets. This will make it possible to choose bedding that will create a comfortable feeling during sleep.

One-and-a-half sets are ideal for one person or a couple. The duvet cover is often 2.15 * 1.

43 meters, and the sheet 2.14 * 1. 45 meters. Pillowcases can be very different, but as a rule, their dimensions are 0.7 * 0.

7 meters, which corresponds to a regular pillow. The dimensions of the kits may vary.

The main indicator here is the country of manufacture, and you should understand in more detail each of the items in the set in order to figure out which bedding will be ideal for you:

  1. Pillowcase - the size of such an item from the bedding set can be 0. 6 * 0. 6, 0.

    7 * 0. 7 and 0.5 * 0. 7 meters. You should choose it strictly according to the size of your pillow.

    The pillowcase should not be very tight or loose. This can lead to poor sleep.

  2. Bed sheet - here the size is determined by the size of the bed, and the sheet should be 0.2 meters larger than the mattress. The most popular dimensions are 1.

    6 * 2. 1 meter, and another 1.5 * 2. 15 meters.

  3. Duvet cover - it should be remembered when choosing that duvet covers should be longer than a lorry.

    Ideally, the length of the duvet cover will be 0. 1 meter longer, and the usual size one and a half duvet cover will have dimensions of 1.5 * 2. 1 meter, but there is also 1.5 * 2.

    15 as well as 1.6 * 2. 2 meters.

The choice of a bedding set of one-and-a-half size depends not only on the parameters and type of bed, but also on the size of the product itself. The duvet cover should be slightly looser, and if it is smaller, the blanket will be placed in bumps, which will deprive you of a healthy and sound sleep.

How to measure everything correctly

The size of a one-and-a-half blanket for adults "standard" in Russia is 1. 4 * 2. 05 meters (this is the most popular). This size will correspond to the classic large bedding, which is produced by Russian manufacturers. This has been preserved since Soviet times.

The most important thing in choosing bed linen is not to make a mistake with the size of the duvet cover, and for this it is important to measure the duvet. Length and width are important, but don't forget the thickness of the blanket. The usual size for one-and-a-half blankets is 1.4 * 2. 05, 1.

55 * 2. 15, 1.6 * 2. 05 and very rare - 1.6 * 2.

2 meters.

Overview of manufacturers

Below is a list of the most popular blanket manufacturers that guarantee customers the highest quality products:

  1. LLC "Yuzhny Put" specializes in the manufacture of silk blankets, and it is a representative of a textile factory from China. The products will meet all safety requirements and are of high quality.
  2. LLC "Shchigrovskaya feather-down factory" specializes not only in the production of blankets, but also in other textile items. Such products are based on materials with extremely high quality materials that will meet all standards, and also have certificates of conformity and quality.

  3. "S Textile" is a domestic manufacturer of bedding, and the products will meet all modern requirements, which has a beneficial effect on both cost and quality.
  4. Le Vele is a French manufacturing company. Makes blankets from environmentally friendly materials such as down, nanofiber and wool. The products have excellent aesthetic qualities.
  5. The Turkish brand Issimo Nome attracts customers with the incredible quality of the materials used.

    The textile products manufactured by the company are popular all over the world and also meet international standards.

  6. "Adele". Products of the brand, which is based in Ivanovo. The company appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to gain popularity among buyers. The manufacturer's assortment is regularly updated.

    The company is engaged not only in the production of products, but also supply blankets to the Russian market, as well as other types of European brands.

But what to buy among such a variety?

How to choose the right one

What is the size of a one-and-a-half blanket When you have a quilt size guide, you should choose the right one. The decisive factors here can be the seasons, the filler when you plan to use it, and the material of the cover. Blankets can be classified according to the time of use - summer, winter and demi-season. For cooler seasons, a woolen or duvet is suitable.

In summer, lightweight bamboo, wool, silk and silicone products can be used. Demi-season duvets are perfect for any season.

If you decide to choose a duvet, you should check how soft and light it is. The feathers inside should be evenly distributed, and should not in any case protrude outward. The cover should be tight, but not heavy.

Do not hesitate, try to smell the product, as the presence of an incomprehensible aroma will indicate the low quality of the materials used. Another extremely important feature of a great duvet is its shape retention. To check, you need to press on the product, and if it has not returned to normal after 1/3 of a minute, then the blanket is of poor quality. It is perfect for the cooler seasons.

The silk blanket should be soft, lightweight, and the silkworm filler should be evenly laid.

A mandatory requirement for this type of product is the presence of a zipper on the cover. This way you can check the content. It must be uniform and not have an unpleasant odor. If these rules are not followed, then the manufacturer used materials of poor quality. This can deprive you of a comfortable sleep, but also cause great harm to your health.

Among the main rules for choosing a blanket for sleeping, the most important thing is the neat tailoring of the product. If there are threads that stick out, and the filler is visible through the stitches, then this indicates that the manufacturer has performed the work in bad faith. This blanket will last much less than stated in terms of service life. Asymmetrical and uneven seams will indicate that when using blankets, it will quickly lose its original appearance.

The duvet cover must be made from natural fabrics.

It can be teak, linen, coarse calico, satin, which perfectly allow air to pass through and also absorb moisture. Sleep under this blanket will be strong and comfortable.For people who are prone to allergies, a blanket made from synthetics, but most often from silicone, is ideal. You should also pay attention to cotton, bamboo and silk. Choosing a blanket is not an easy task, but if you approach the solution responsibly, you will find exactly what you need.

Remember that your sleep depends on the quality of the blanket, and such simple rules are not common truth, but you should not neglect them. You will learn how to choose the size of a one-and-a-half duvet in the video.


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