What paint and what is the best way to paint wooden windows? Review and colors + Video

What paint and what is the best way to paint wooden windows? Review and colors + Video Today, many people prefer to install PVC windows, but in wooden houses and in old apartments, wooden windows are still left.

Wooden window frames require periodic painting. In order not to repeat this process every year, you should take it responsibly, prepare all building materials and special tools in advance.

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Repair of wooden frames is the most laborious process. From the street they are affected by sunlight and precipitation, and from the side of the rooms - an increased temperature compared to the street, dry air or water condensation.

In addition, insects are often found in wooden windows, fungus and mold can develop. To avoid these troubles, strictly observe the order of wood processing.

Tools required for painting wooden windows

What paint and what is the best way to paint wooden windows? Review and colors + Video Repair of wooden frames starts with their detailed inspection and preparation of building materials and tools. To paint old wooden windows, you will need the following materials and tools: scraper, trowel, sandpaper, sander, roller, brushes, tape, window film, primer, putty, white spirit, thinner, and paint. Do not forget about the mandatory methods of protection against harmful volatile substances: mask, glasses, gloves and a hat.

For painting wooden windows from the inside, they usually use oil-based alkyd paint, and from the street side - acrylic paint for outdoor use. The choice of domestic or imported paint will depend on the cost of your repair and your preferences.

Preparing wooden windows for painting

In order to keep wooden frames longer, you need to choose a suitable time for painting. A warm day without a bright hot sun, when the humidity is low, and ultraviolet light does not destroy the structure of the paint, is considered an ideal condition for repairs. Wooden frames dry well at temperatures above 5C heat and relative humidity below 80%.

Do not apply paint on a damp surface, as later bubbles may appear on the surface and the frame will have to be repainted. Flaking also occurs due to dampness or poor pre-cleaning.

What paint and what is the best way to paint wooden windows? Review and colors + Video
Preparing the window for painting

Let's consider in more detail how to paint windows and wooden frames in a frame house. The first thing to do is to remove the old paint coat. For this work, use a scraper and coarse sandpaper.

If there are problems closing the frame, use a sander to sand the surface. Use the machine carefully so as not to damage the wooden base of the frame.

What paint and what is the best way to paint wooden windows? Review and colors + Video
Remover to remove old paint

Currently special liquids for removing the old paint layer, such as Tikkurila, Shostka, Svema, and others, appeared on the construction markets.This significantly speeds up the process of preparing wooden frames for repair. This mixture is applied to the frames, and when the paint wrinkles and turns into a curdled substance, it is scraped off with a spatula, and the surface is treated with coarse-grained sandpaper.

The sashes of wooden windows and all fittings should be removed before painting so that after painting the window looks more neat . If it is not possible to remove the handles or locks, just cover them with masking tape.

We also carefully and accurately prepare all glass windows. It is necessary to seal all the glasses with newspapers, fastening them with tape on the sides, retreating from each edge by 2 mm so that the paint gets into narrow cracks and in the future does not allow moisture and water to accumulate. Throw away the old glazing beads, and paint the new ones separately from the wooden frames and nail the finished ones with carnations.

The process of filling and priming wooden windows

Look closely at the wooden frame. All parts and elements that can rust over time and spoil your repair, pre-treat with a primer specifically for iron (nail heads, metal hinges, etc.). What paint and what is the best way to paint wooden windows? Review and colors + Video

Antiseptic is an important part of the preparatory work before painting frames. This treatment will prevent wood from rotting, the development and formation of fungus, and will not allow insects to settle in your wooden house.

Impregnation will enable your frame to last longer.

After processing the frame with an antiseptic, inspect the surface of the window. All crevices, waviness or potholes must be filled. But do it gradually, because too thick a layer of putty can fall off along with a layer of paint, and you will have to start the repair again.

What paint and what is the best way to paint wooden windows? Review and colors + Video It is necessary to choose a special putty for wood, based on acrylic, usually it comes in cans from 200 gr.

If we paint wooden frames, then apply the putty in a regular layer to the surface. If we cover wooden frames with a stain, all the putty spots will be visible through it, therefore the putty must be tinted with a color scheme to match the color of the wood.

You can make this material for finishing and make yourself from wood flour, glue or epoxy resin.

After applying the first layer of putty, sand the surface with sandpaper. After a few hours, when the second layer dries well, we once again level the entire surface of the frame with sandpaper.

The process must be repeated until the surface of the wooden frame is perfectly flat.

The next step is priming. This process will provide a reliable and high quality paint finish on the wood. Modern primers are also an antiseptic. When applied, it forms a protective transparent film, which is necessary to preserve the natural grain of the wood.

In addition, primer mixtures protect well from mold, dampness and fungi, do not allow rotting processes to develop on the outer side of the frame, even with increased humidity.

What paint and what is the best way to paint wooden windows? Review and colors + Video
Window primer

The primer consists of the following elements: oil, resin , glue, and various pigments. The formulation of each primer is significantly different, but one common thing among all wood primers is their ability to preserve the natural structure of wood. Therefore, a primer for metal is not used for wooden parts.

Before priming the surface, thoroughly degrease it with white spirit.

Prime with a brush rather than a roller. If the putty has not dried very well, or if you missed a spot when priming the surface, a dark spot may form on the spot after painting.

Painting a wooden window in several layers

After the above treatment, the window is smooth and even. Before painting, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the room, to clean the space near the wooden window from dust so that it cannot get onto the freshly painted frame.

When renovating, many are faced with the question of what color to paint the windows? As a rule, water-acrylate or alkyd enamels are chosen for painting wooden frames.

Their main advantages are high moisture resistance, elasticity and resistance to fading from sunlight. In our country, with sharp temperature changes, changeable weather, precipitation, Dulux, Remmers, Caparol will stick well on window frames. This option is quite expensive. Domestic paints for windows are comparatively cheaper.

On average, repair and painting of a window will cost from 500 to 10,000 rubles.

What paint and what is the best way to paint wooden windows? Review and colors + Video
Examples of alkyd enamels of Russian manufacturers
  • The paint must be thoroughly mixed in a jar, filtered on a special metal sieve into a bath.
  • The first layer of paint is more watery than the next, because its purpose is to impregnate all the unevenness of the wood.
  • To thin the paint, use thinner or white spirit, see paint composition.
  • The paint must dry after the first application. And only after that you can start painting on the second layer.

As a rule, windows are painted in three layers, although sometimes two layers will be enough.

It should be noted that the second and third layers of paint should be thicker to avoid subsequent stains. If they do appear, it is urgent to remove them with a rag and solvent. If this is not done in time, later you will have to re-clean and paint the entire surface of the frame.

What paint and what is the best way to paint wooden windows? Review and colors + Video When painting, do not dip the entire brush into the paint, only half, leave the excess paint in the bath, brushing gently around the edge .

.. Start painting from the outside of the window. It is important to have several types of brushes: small for more hard-to-reach areas, large for smoother surfaces. The width of the brush varies from 3cm to 5cm.

A flat brush is suitable for painting frames.

The paint will adhere perfectly along the grain of the wood. Paint the corners with light, short brush strokes.

Another important note - remove scotch tape and newsprint from glass before the paint is completely dry. If this is not done in time, the paint layer may be damaged.

The previously removed fittings are installed after the wooden frame is completely dry.

If you were thinking about how to paint a window correctly - with your own hands or with the help of professional craftsmen - after our article, all questions and doubts will disappear. Have a nice repair!

Where to buy paint? What's the price?

What paint and what is the best way to paint wooden windows? Review and colors + Video

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