what paint is better to use? Tips + Photos & Videos

what paint is better to use? Tips + Photos & Videos Which paint to choose for the garage? Today, almost every car owner has his own garage, as this is the best protection against thieves, bad weather, and besides, it is free. Of course, some people prefer to use parking lots, some prefer a polycarbonate canopy, and some even leave the car in the open air. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the garage is still better than all the listed options.

If you have a garage that you constantly use, it is time to deal with the question - how and what to paint the walls in the garage. Someone thinks that everything is clear here anyway - the garage on the interior should not be any unusual, so even the simplest paint can be used.

In fact, things are a little different, which we will talk about in the article.


Please note that the covering for the walls and ceiling of the garage (this also applies to workshops) should not be too expensive, but at the same time it must be durable.

And yes, there is one more condition - resistance to mold, mildew and antistatic surface in general. But what paints and varnishes will meet all the necessary conditions?

Operating conditions in the garage

Before deciding what paint to paint the walls in the garage, first, consider the conditions in which the coloring compositions will be used:

  • what paint is better to use? Tips + Photos & Videos According to statistics, only 5% of garages are constantly heated. The rest of the premises are heated only during the cold and snowy season, or they are not heated at all.

    But what kind of garage paint can be used? We'll talk about this a little later.

  • If there is no regular heating, mold can form, and the likelihood of its occurrence is quite high.
  • Because of this, it is very important that the coating materials contain special additives (namely, a bactericidal component).
  • If a special compound with an antiseptic effect is applied to the surface of the walls and ceiling in the garage before paint is applied, this guarantees durability.

What other points should you pay attention to before painting the walls in the garage?

The garage is a special purpose room, where they are not particularly monitored cleanliness.

This means that there is often dust, dirt and even soot from exhaust gases that appear due to heating.

Interesting, that because of this, when choosing which color to choose for painting the walls of the garage, it is better to opt for non-marking, but also not very dark shades. Simply put, it should be clear to you when to clean the surface.

In addition:

  • what paint is better to use? Tips + Photos & Videos If you clean your garage often, choose a coating that will perfectly withstand abrasion - both wet and dry cleaning.
  • When choosing a compound for future garage repairs, remember that you are choosing a concrete wall covering.

  • This should be taken into account when buying paints and varnishes, as well as when you are going to prepare the garage for painting.

We paint the walls in the garage

What paints are chosen to make repairs in the garage?

Pentaphthalic enamel

This is perhaps the simplest option. On a pre-primed concrete surface we apply paint of the PF 115 type. Even taking into account the fact that it is better not to use such enamels on a concrete surface, since it is impractical, it is impossible not to note - they are often used, since the material has shown itself only from the best side. But why?

  1. When closed, the sun's rays practically do not enter the garage.

    Consequently, the coating formed by the enamel will not fade for a very long time. This is an excellent choice for a garage, as repairs are rarely done in such a room.

  2. In addition, enamel creates a hydrophobic film of high density, so fungi and mold are not afraid of it - this environment is not suitable for their life.

Do not forget that the effectiveness of using pentaphthalic enamel depends on how well the preparation of the garage for painting was made.

Water-based coating

This is another option for painting walls in a garage - facade water-based paint.

If you are thinking about what composition to paint the walls with in order to have a really durable result, you should pay attention to the facade variety of such compositions - this is appropriate for garages.

And the fact is that water emulsion has a lot of advantages:

  1. what paint is better to use? Tips + Photos & Videos The paint is sufficiently abrasion resistant.
  2. Excellent response to sudden changes in temperature.
  3. Resistance to excess moisture (which is important for rooms that are not heated).
  4. You can perform both dry and wet cleaning without any problems without affecting the finish and appearance.

  5. An impressive range of color options.
  6. The exit cover is antistatic (and due to this, dust will hardly stick to the walls, which is a great advantage).

Please note, that there is also a minus, however, the only one is the high cost, if this paint is designed for outdoor work.

We select the tool for work

After you have decided on the paint and varnish composition, it is time to move on to the next step - the selection of the ideal tool for the upcoming painting works. Indeed, in order to get a high-quality result at the output, you should not only choose the right paint, but also the tools for the job.

Remember the following points:

  • If you are thinking about what kind of tool you need, if you want to paint the walls after construction / finishing work, then you can use a spray bottle.
  • It is better to make a choice in favor of those new technology products that are designed to work with high-density dye compositions.
  • These can be devices with a large diameter nozzle.
  • If a garage for painting is actively used, then it makes sense to think about paint brushes, rollers.
  • In addition to the tools we mentioned above, be sure to find and do not hide an electric drill.

    The tool must be in good working order to adjust the speed. There should also be a special stirrer attachment.

Now the time has come to decide - how to paint the walls in the garage and what if you have concrete walls.

Important! Regarding materials - here the paints that were discussed above will be used, but in addition to them, it is imperative to use impregnation for deep penetration.

Why is impregnation needed?

  1. The secret is that the concrete is porous, which means that the composition for painting will not lie flat.

  2. To do this, you will need to paint the walls in several layers to get a good result.
  3. Concrete primer can be used to keep the consumption not too high. While this is an additional cost, the cost of using a primer and painting in one coat will still be cheaper than multiple coats of paint on bare concrete.

Please note, that to carry out repair work in an unheated room, you should choose a warm season, you can even in spring, but at the same time the air temperature outside should not be lower +10 degrees.

If the walls of the garage were painted at a low temperature, then the coating will dry for a long time and will not give the desired strength.

In no case should this be allowed, so that you do not have to make new repairs literally in a year.


So, in what order is the staining carried out? We will walk through everything step by step so that you can do everything yourself:

  1. First, put things in order and remove dust from the walls. This can be done with a simple broom.
  2. When the surface is cleaned, use a roller to coat the walls with a primer. Even the simplest mixture will do.

    After that, wait until the composition is completely dry.

  3. Now it's time to paint. Stir thoroughly before applying, and add pigments or solvent as described in the instructions for the composition. Better to avoid deviations.
  4. Now take a small paint bath and pour some of the paint into it, and dip the roller into it.

    When the roller is saturated, we take it out, remove the influx on the side and you can start.

  5. It's actually simple. You just need to apply vertical stripes.When painting the ceiling, for thorough painting, it is better to arrange everything along, and only then across.
  6. When the painting work is over, do not close the gate immediately, as everything will dry out much faster when open.

    And if you still need to close the gate, connect the heater.

Interestingly, a heater is required to create the ideal temperature and the air remains dry within the desired range.


Now we figured out what to paint the walls in the garage, and learned in what order all the work is performed. You can start making repairs at home and soon your garage will be in the form you want. There is nothing difficult, the main thing is the desire and purchase of good materials and tools.

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