What projects of frame houses - drawings: Overview with dimensions + Video

What projects of frame houses - drawings: Overview with dimensions + Video Currently, everyone can build a frame house with their own hands, for seasonal or permanent residence. All frame houses are a complex technical constructor for adults, and they are assembled only if the instructions are followed.

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This document for to What projects of frame houses - drawings: Overview with dimensions + Video arch houses is their drawing. And this is not only an official document, but also a guarantee that the frame house you have chosen fully complies with all technical norms and quality standards, and is also adapted to your regional climatic conditions.

These documents, which describe in detail the assembly and installation of the house, must be drawn up at the stage of the beginning of construction.

Also, the cost of a frame house is listed in the estimate, which clearly takes into account all the building materials that are needed to assemble the house.

Completion of documentation and drawings of houses

Drawings of frame houses are a large and voluminous document that contains about 100 pages, where a detailed plan, diagrams are written and detailed instructions for assembly and installation.

What projects of frame houses - drawings: Overview with dimensions + Video Conventionally, all documents can be divided into three main parts that will make the instruction simpler and more convenient to use.

Instructions for installing a frame house

This instruction is read by both professionals and novice builders who do not have any education and experience in assembling houses. But for a better installation, you need at least a little understanding of the documentation.

The attached documents contain a specification, a clear sequence of construction work, exact production times, and other important information.

Also in the documentation it is written in detail how to carry out vapor barrier and wind protection, GOSTs and SNiPs are indicated in force in various situations, the principle of choosing window and door openings is indicated. There are also general recommendations for the installation of a one-story frame house with an attic.

Detailed guidelines for the construction of different types of foundations

What projects of frame houses - drawings: Overview with dimensions + Video B In this guide, you will find a working drawing of a frame house, which will be necessary for the construction of the foundation.

Detailed instructions for the installation and pouring of the foundation contains not only the dimensions and depth of the foundation, but also important information on the correct setting of the foundation formwork with minimal time and cost.

Also, the documentation for the installation of the foundation will include the calculation of reinforcement, its type and method of tying, an assembly diagram. Data will be indicated on the fastening of the lower trim to the foundation.

DIY frame house: projects and drawings

The largest part of the documents is this instruction. It includes information on assembling the main body of the house.

All drawings of a frame country house are schemes for fastening and assembling rafters, installing support boards, and fitting the upper harness of the house.

If this is a one-story frame house with an attic, then detailed instructions for arranging the attic room are attached. And also there is documentation on the correct setting of frame walls, assembly of corner structures, on the installation of internal load-bearing and decorative partitions.

A detailed plan for the placement of walls is also attached, and it indicates the typical design of the entire space of the house, or a design project of the interior of the house and its layout, previously agreed with the customer.

The arrangement of the porch is also included in the design documentation. The general structure of the house is provided, a special version of the roof, fences and lifts has been developed.

During the construction and installation of one-story country houses 6x6 or 6x9, all working documentation must be completed with all the necessary parts and elements, and window structures.

For buildings of a seasonal nature, double-glazed windows with single glass are most often used to reduce the cost of the entire structure, and for year-round houses there are two-chamber plastic windows.

What projects of frame houses - drawings: Overview with dimensions + Video According to this scheme, it is possible to build a panel house . A standard frame house is assembled on site, its base is a frame made of timber, supplied separately, and which is sewn up after the assembly of the main frame is completed. The technological process for assembling a panel house will be slightly different.

The main beacons are put on the foundation and fasteners and parts are mounted. And the shields themselves are wall elements, they are assembled on a horizontal surface, and after that they are installed on the foundation.

Depending on the complexity of the project, the wall thickness is also chosen, usually up to 270 mm. This will provide the required thermal insulation level and prevent waste of material overrun. Mineral wool is usually used as insulation, and for interior decoration it is drywall.

The roof is covered with metal tiles. But it is also worth noting that any standard projects of frame houses with 6x8 drawings can be changed at the request of the customer.

Detailed guidance on the laying and installation of all utilities

What projects of frame houses - drawings: Overview with dimensions + Video Gas pipeline, electrical network, sewerage, water supply - these are the main parts of a modern frame house. Not only the comfortable use of this object, but also the reliability and quality of the entire structure will depend on the correctness of the work on their installation and installation.

In this section of the instructions, you can find out how many switches and sockets you need, where it is better to place them for safer functioning of the frame house.

In addition to general wishes and recommendations, the instructions must contain detailed plans and drawings for the installation of electrics and its direct connection.

These principles will also apply to plumbing, water supply, ventilation and sewerage.Well-designed projects of frame houses include all communication junctions and routes. The procedure for laying engineering networks and their connection are present in the documents for the installation and installation of engineering networks.

Estimated construction of a frame house

The biggest danger when starting the construction of a one-story frame house is the incorrect calculation of the entire construction budget and not taking into account all the necessary building materials.

In the most ideal case, the process may drag on indefinitely, and in the worst case scenario, the project may be frozen and work will be suspended.

To avoid this situation when building a frame house yourself, you need to order design documentation from specialists.

What projects of frame houses - drawings: Overview with dimensions + Video Free drawings of one-story frame houses and their schemes also include a special detailed estimate. It indicates how much building material is needed at each stage of construction in rolls, meters, kilograms, and also indicates a specific range of market prices.

If you build a house in stages, then you will not need to spend money immediately on the purchase of all building materials.

You will be able to buy them gradually, as you build the house in stages.

It is quite convenient from the point of view of storage, delivery and unloading. This question is especially relevant for home builders in garden plots. It will be almost impossible to install a house in a small space, arrange all building materials, and protect them from external precipitation.

A good free project

A good project is working drawings, detailed plans and diagrams that are necessary for each of the stages of building a frame house.

After viewing this type of document, you will not have any questions about building a house. High-quality and understandable project documentation is a wide opportunity to plan all work on a construction site and minimize all errors.

In addition, a good and high-quality design optimizes the work of builders, minimizes sawing work and material adjustments, and this leads to significant savings in construction time.

What projects of frame houses - drawings: Overview with dimensions + Video And it is also possible to avoid unplanned waste left after sawing the building material, and this will lead to tangible savings. This can be done by selecting special materials for a specific project, or when developing a project for a frame house, taking into account the materials currently on the market.

Sheet material that is a multiple of the wall area makes it possible to make cladding very quickly and without any unnecessary waste.

A good and high-quality project can reduce costs in another way. For example, the project provides for the use of lumber for formwork in future construction, and this leads to significant cost savings and great savings.

One-story frame house: free projects and drawings

Free projects are a certain myth that is widespread among builders.

What projects of frame houses - drawings: Overview with dimensions + Video Downloading or finding a finished project that would completely satisfy you is simply not realistic.

There are hundreds of free drawings of some parts of the house, different layouts and models of one-story frame houses, and options for decorating the facade. But there are no high-quality and reliable projects on the network.

This is due not only to copyright infringement, but also to the fact that all finished projects of frame houses and drawings are complex documentation that is developed for certain building conditions. This document takes into account the type of soil and the level of groundwater, their heaving, and these indicators help to choose the right foundation and calculate the bearing load.

What projects of frame houses - drawings: Overview with dimensions + Video Even one-story frame houses of the same type, which are identical at first glance, have differences that are specifically reflected in the design documentation.

In each specific case, different building materials are used, a different amount of an insulation layer, different locks and a roofing device. Even utilities in the same frame houses located in different regions can be arranged in different ways.

Free projects on the Internet can be found for small country houses still built in the old years. Although, with the advent of the latest technologies and building materials, as well as simpler technical solutions, they will not be a true document.

Without documents and drawings, the construction of a frame house will be 25% more expensive than with documents.

As a rule, the cost of a turnkey package of documents for an average frame house will cost about 10 thousand rubles. On average, the cost of a finished project does not exceed 5% of the cost of all work, and much more often it is 2%. Moreover, the availability of quality documentation will allow you to save a large part of your budget.


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