what should be and how to measure + Video and Photo

what should be and how to measure + Video and Photo When building a house, we think not only about its walls, roof, etc., but also communications that will be in it.

Plumbing is considered mandatory.

And the water pressure in the water supply system is an indicator that must be monitored and regulated.

At both high and low pressure, home owners experience a lot of inconveniences, as well as difficulties in the operation of washing machines, dishwashers, etc.

Today we will tell you how to deal with all the inconveniences and failures in such an indicator as water pressure in the water supply system.

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Water pressure options in the system


One atmosphere is the most low rate at which water can be used. In this case, she moves by "gravity". It is best in this case to place the water tank in the attic.

what should be and how to measure + Video and Photo

It is important to remember the increased requirements for strength, waterproofing and other indicators.

At a pressure of 1 atmosphere, only one tap can be used at a time without any strong branching.


The uppermost limit is considered to be 15 atmospheres.

In practice, this level usually does not exceed 7-10 in multi-storey buildings, and inside apartments it is usually 6-7 atmospheres.

It is important to remember that high pressures can interfere with modern equipment.


Let's figure out what water pressure in the water supply system can be considered normal.

what should be and how to measure + Video and Photo One of the criteria by which the water pressure is determined is the amount of liquid that is consumed. According to statistics, one person accounts for at least 4.5 cubic meters per month. However, we are spending much more.

Considering all the wiring in the house, the optimal indicator is 3.

5-4 atmospheres. This level will provide water to all points, without any jumps. When choosing and installing a structure, remember that the water supply must withstand a water hammer up to 6-10 atmospheres.

Water pressure in various water pipelines

How to choose the right plumbing

What should be considered when choosing plumbing and at what values ​​they work Appliances? These questions are very important. Let's figure it out.

In cases of an increase in pressure indicators of more than 7 atmospheres, devices are destroyed, work is disrupted at the joints, as well as all ceramic elements.

When choosing equipment, look at the maximum safety factor. All taps, mixers and other elements must withstand 6-7 atmospheres. However, remember that during the seasonal inspection, this figure often reaches 10.

Now let's talk about the devices.

  • All washing machines perform well at two atmospheres.
  • But if you have a jacuzzi bathroom, then the pressure must be doubled.
  • An indicator of four atmospheres is also perfect for watering a garden plot.
  • Remember organizing firefighting . It requires a pressure of at least one and a half atmospheres.

Features of the water supply system

Water supply in the city house

In the city water supply system it is not necessary to take into account the peculiarities of water delivery from the well, since it all comes from the central network.

Plumbing in a private house

But the owners of private houses need to think about the resistance and pressure of water.

Autonomous water supply

Let's consider several features:

  1. The rise of fluid from a well or well.
  2. The pressure should be good at any point in the system.

what should be and how to measure + Video and Photo

When using the system, there are two options for the system:

  1. Shaft wells and artesian wells
    Have a weak head.

    At the same time, he is not able to satisfy the needs of a family in which there are more than 2-3 people. The well quickly empties and the pressure drops.

  2. Pressure well
    Allows to use up to 500 liters. per day. The pump raises the pressure to 6 atmospheres.

    However, it is important to remember about leaks at the joints.

Manipulation with water pressure


A special device called a pressure gauge is used for measurement ...

what should be and how to measure + Video and Photo We shut off cold and hot water, install manometer .

To mount the device, choose a place where it can be easily viewed and, if necessary, replaced.

We install the system using threaded metal pipes or using a welding machine. The pressure gauge itself is screwed with a wrench to the prepared structure. In order to check the readings, we open cold or hot water.


what should be and how to measure + Video and Photo When the pressure is too high, it can be reduced by using gearbox .

This device will also protect your system and all devices from water hammer. The water pressure regulator contains a pair of threaded ports.

The regulator equalizes the forces of the diaphragm and the spring. When the valve is opened, the pressure at the outlet of the device decreases, and it also decreases on the diaphragm. The spring opens pressure until it evens out to the desired value.


The problem of lack of water is the most frequent.

Faced by:

  • People who live on the upper floors.
  • People who live in the summer at the dacha or country house.

what should be and how to measure + Video and Photo If you live in an apartment, remember that before choosing equipment, find out the reason for the lack of water.

This may be due to blockages and you just need to remove the blockage, clean or replace the pipes.

If this is not a blockage, then we can increase the pressure in the following ways:

  1. Install a circulation pump.
  2. We purchase a pumping station .
  3. We make an autonomous water supply system.

To understand what exactly you need, let's start from the problem:

  1. there is water, however, the pressure is very small.
  2. water is present only on the lower floors.

In the first option, a pump can be used.

According to the methods of cooling the case, the pumps are divided into:

  1. Dry rotor - it has blades that cool the apparatus itself. It makes a little noise during operation.
  2. Wet motor - liquid cooling. Refers to silent pumps.

what should be and how to measure + Video and Photo

Pumps are:

  1. what should be and how to measure + Video and Photo Manual . It works constantly. Monitor its work and do not forget to turn it off in time.
  2. Automatic . It has a flow sensor, which also starts working when water moves through the pipes.

    This pump is more economical and will last you much longer.

Pumps are also available:

  1. Universal - used for cold and hot water.
  2. For cold water only or
  3. for hot water only.

Booster pumps are usually very compact and inexpensive.

Remember that the pump can only increase the water pressure by 30%.

If there is always no pressure or water, then it is necessary to completely modernize the system and install a pumping station.

It contains:

  1. Centrifugal pump.
  2. Hydraulic accumulator.
  3. Water pressure switch.

what should be and how to measure + Video and Photo

The system does not turn on, if the pressure is normal, if not, it starts automatically.

The tank fills up at night. The volume of the tank depends on how often the pump will work. Remember that the station needs to be monitored and cared for more than a regular pump.

The station needs a lot of space, remember to clean the tank. The battery can be installed both on the roof and in the basement.

Useful tips for installing an autonomous water supply

If you need to make an autonomous water supply, be sure to consider the following aspects.

  1. Ascent from well or by pump from well .
  2. There should be water even in the most remote places of the house.

Considering the productivity of the well, there are two directions:

  1. Non-pressure wells, where the pressure is weak, but the daily rate is satisfied.
  2. Wells / wells that do not meet the daily requirement.

what should be and how to measure + Video and Photo

How to adjust the pressure by means of a hydraulic accumulator?

  1. Turn off the station pump, open all the taps in the house. This is necessary in order for all the water to leave the system.
  2. We connect the pump from the bike to hydroaccumulator .
  3. After we have pumped up the air, we install the pressure gauge, bleed the air down to 1.5-2 atmospheres.

It's not that difficult and even beginners can do it.

We have covered all the problems and how to solve them.


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