What structural elements of a stair rail are there? Installation of the fence + Video

What structural elements of a stair rail are there? Installation of the fence + Video Since the height of the porches is different and the number of steps is different, the porch is equipped with a special fence. After all, the railings usually protect a person from falling, will be a support, and an element of the porch design. Railings so that they serve you for a long time and are as safe as possible.

For fencing porches in walk-through areas, materials that are more reliable and resistant to loads are used, and more pleasant, comfortable materials are used for fencing a porch in a private house.

Materials such as concrete, plastic, glass, metal and wood are used to make a porch fence.

Accordingly, the price of porch fences depends on the complexity of manufacture and material.

General information

Wood is a simple and affordable material for fencing equipment. Wooden fences consist of support posts and a padded handrail. At all times, wooden railings have adorned the entrance to the house and in our time they remain just as popular due to their ease of installation and environmentally friendly material.

Nowadays you can see the railings, which are made and decorated by the hands of craftsmen.

For example, oak handrails can be decorated with a metal insert or beautiful patterns cut on them.

If the master has a good imagination and sufficient skills, then the products from his hands will come out beautiful and practical, such railings can be called masterpieces. But such masterpieces have a drawback, they have a short lifespan, because over time the tree collapses from weather conditions (cold, rain, heat).

At high temperatures, wood dries up and swells with moisture. Various coatings are used to protect wood.

But even covered railings fail over time and require replacement.

There are also PVC railings, they look like wooden ones. By heating them with a building hairdryer, they can be bent at the desired angle. These railings have a long service life and are easy to install. According to external data, the weight of a PVC fence is not inferior to a wooden fence.

Fencing device


In order to make a porch fence with your own hands, you need to know what parts it consists of.

And so the porch fence consists of:

  1. What structural elements of a stair rail are there? Installation of the fence + Video Balusters and racks;
  2. Balussed strips are installed above the bowstrings and are designed to fix parts of the balusters;
  3. Different types of pillars (entry, corner, support and intermediate);
  4. Handrails ;
  5. Handrails are strips made of wood or metal and are used to fasten handrails and balusters;
  6. Brackets that secure handrails to the wall of the building.

According to SNiP:

The porch fence in height should be about 900 mm, this allows a person of average height to move freely along the stairs using the railing!

  • If the width of the stairs reaches 1.2 meters, then the handrails are installed on one side, and if the width of the stairs is greater, then the handrails are installed on both sides.
  • What structural elements of a stair rail are there? Installation of the fence + Video The distance between the balusters was 90 to 110 mm to ensure that small children can move safely on stairs;
  • The railings must be free of sharp corners, burrs and all edges must be protected;
  • The uprights must be firmly installed.

If you want, you can build a staircase according to your individual calculations, according to your height.

In order to make it comfortable for children to climb the stairs on the railing posts, you can equip additional handrails on the brackets.

Railing shapes

Porch railings collection is constantly updated and updated. Nowadays, there are a large number of options for handrails for stairs. And the following railings for the steps of the porch can be attributed to the unusual options:

Spiral (they are made of metal, which is twisted in the direction of travel).

Such railings are durable, strong, they can be made of any style.

Railings that are made in the form of DNA. These railings are very similar to spiral railings and can be made of wood, glass, carbon fiber and wood.

Railing railings. They have a modern style and are very high quality.

In railings, balusters are located at a distance of 75 to 85 cm from each other and the rail (stainless steel rods with a diameter of 8 to 12 mm). Due to the varied shape of balusters, railings are able to fit into any interior of the porch and building.

Railing data is collected very quickly. Their assembly fits in three words: drill, connect and screw.


The staircase personifies the desire of people to move upward, when there is not enough space below and it appeared many centuries ago.

Along with the appearance of the stairs, stair railings appeared and they were created in order to make it safe and convenient to use the stairs.

If you doubt your abilities, it is better to seek help from professionals.

We hope this article was helpful to you. We wish you good luck in your endeavors.