What to focus on when choosing? Customer Reviews + Photos & Videos

What to focus on when choosing? Customer Reviews + Photos & Videos What is Eurobion and consumer reviews. The technology called "Eurobion" was produced based on the analysis of the functioning of modern local treatment systems. The developer was able to eliminate a number of flaws that were invariably present in this type of system and released a new product to the market.

Products developed using this technology are of high quality, they are very reliable, but the most pleasant thing is their democratic price.

This technology functions according to a rather complex algorithm, but technically it is very simple to implement it.

In order to carry out control in case of an emergency, a level sensor is installed in the sump and it makes contact only with purified water. The reliability and long service life of such a sensor are guaranteed.

What is the uniqueness of this technology?

When a large amount of waste water comes in, it enters the receiving aeration tank. After that, the water goes down and enters the activation tank, and then through the gap provided at the bottom into the sump. The water level in the receiving tank rises on the basis of the law of communicating vessels.

Attention. With an increase in the water level in the sump, an increase in the speed and power of the flow when it leaves the installation is not allowed.

Further, the system separates heavy and light fractions. The first ones settle and enter the settling tank, where they decompose; the latter remain in the receiver.

Due to the constant forced operation, circulation and purification of waste water is carried out due to the contact of water with sludge, which is located in the upper part of the receiving tank.

Do not overlook the importance of discharging previously treated effluents. Due to the work of the law of communicating vessels, the effluents go through the necessary processing cycle while in the sump.

What are the main advantages of this setup?

  • What to focus on when choosing? Customer Reviews + Photos & Videos High cleaning quality reaching almost 98%.
  • The most reliable membrane system is used - polyatron.
  • The used technological solutions allow to withstand long, from one to three months, interruptions in the supply of effluents.

  • The excess sludge that is removed from this system does not harm the environment.
  • The latest polymer materials are used to extend the service life of the system up to 50 years. The strength of these materials is similar to that of concrete and metal. It has high thermal insulation properties, so that water does not freeze at negative temperatures.

Deep biological treatment is carried out for all existing types of wastewater pollution - through the use of a wide range of biochemical reactions.

  • This system does not need a stabilizer.
  • Eurobion is odorless.
  • Large volume of one-time waste water intake.
  • No need for a waste disposal machine.
  • Very easy maintenance.

Which model of installation with the Eurobion system to choose?

As for any purchase of this kind, it is necessary to focus on a number of technical characteristics and performance indicators.

  1. What to focus on when choosing? Customer Reviews + Photos & Videos The volume of wastewater per day - this operational indicator depends on the number of people.
  2. The presence of a jacuzzi in your home. Bath and shower does not matter.
  3. Whether you want to use forced retraction.

  4. Do you need a process that degreases.

To choose the model you need, you need to pay attention to the marking. The first digit always means the estimated number of users.

This system has another pleasant advantage. Compared to competitors, the price is almost ten thousand lower.

The price range ranges from 60 thousand rubles. up to 90 thousand rubles. - the cost directly depends on the number of users of the system. This pricing policy is very pleasant compared to similar products.

User reviews about the Eurobion system

  • "For a long time we could not decide what type of sewer system to install in the country, but on the advice of relatives they decided to buy, something that is the most modern, reliable and does not require much maintenance.

    After looking through the options, we settled on Eurobion. It has been pleasing us with its work for more than a year! There are no unpleasant smells and problems with service. " Vladimir, Ryazan

  • "Previously, in my mother's private house, the role of the sewer system was played by the drain pit, but regularly calling in the sewers is troublesome and very costly. We decided that we must act radically and live in the 21st century in a modern way. I searched the Internet and found Eurobion.

    I ordered delivery and installation. We have been using it for 6 months! No interruptions in work and, most importantly, there is no unpleasant smell "Ildar, Kazan


This system will be the best solution for your summer cottage or private house - if you do not have access to a common sewage system. This type of septic tank is used even on board sea and river vessels, which once again confirms their efficiency and environmental safety.


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