what tool for giving and garden to choose? Tips + Photos & Videos

what tool for giving and garden to choose? Tips + Photos & Videos In this article we will analyze the required minimum of country inventory. Have you checked it for a long time? It's time to do it.

Large summer cottage tools include: shovel, pitchfork, hoe, rake.


How can you do without a shovel in the country? That's right, no way. She will help you in everything! Dig up a bed? No problem! Prepare a planting hole for a tree or bush? Sure! A rectangular bayonet shovel is perfect for all this.

The tool is quite versatile and can be used to accomplish many tasks. For example: unload sand, dig a hole, dig up the ground. Of course, it would be better to have several different shovels, but you can easily get by with one.

what tool for giving and garden to choose? Tips + Photos & Videos Check the sharpness of the shovel blade before use. After the end, you need to clean the shovel well and dry it, if a slight corrosion appears, you can not worry, it will come off by itself.

If a large section of the tool is damaged, then you can say goodbye to your shovel and go to the store for a new one.

There are several types of shovels: bayonet shovel, shovel, garden, rock, snow and special shovels. Bayonet is characterized by a straight blade, the so-called "bayonet", most often this blade is pointed. A shovel is a scoop-like canvas, located at an angle to the handle. A garden shovel is a cross between a shovel and a bayonet.

A pedigree shovel is also called a half-burrowing shovel. The snow shovel differs from the others in that it has a fairly large blade, most often plastic.


what tool for giving and garden to choose? Tips + Photos & Videos Another helper. With a pitchfork, you can dig up beds, dig vegetables, collect hay. A pitchfork with a metal handle is much more durable than a wooden one.

Forks should be prepared in the same way as a shovel. The pitchfork is a rather dangerous item, which is why it should be stored properly. If they are located horizontally, then the teeth should be turned towards the wall, horizontally towards the floor. Forks are different. There are classic pitchfork, harvest pitchfork, hay pitchfork and ball pitchfork.

Each of them has its own purpose.

Classic forks are conventional forks with 4 sharp teeth. Serve for loosening and digging up hard soil areas. Harvesting forks, the teeth of such forks are flat. They do not differ much from the classic ones and are needed for carrying.

Forks for hay, the teeth of these forks in the structure are fundamentally different from the previous ones. There can be from three to five. The main task of these forks is the removal of manure and hay. Ball pitchforks differ in that there is a ball at the end of each tooth, they are convenient to use when harvesting small crops.


It is very convenient to use a rake to break up clods of earth after digging or planting potatoes.

But since the rake is a rather heavy tool, it doesn't work for a long time, you get very tired. You also need to store the rake in a separate place, not leaving it anywhere.If corrosion appears on the rake, then you need to walk with an anti-corrosion compound.

Serrated rake

It is only a pleasure to work with such a rake, the tool is quite young.
Rust is a very rare guest for fan rakes, more often they encounter bent teeth.

If you are faced with this problem face to face, then do not try to straighten the teeth, you can immediately send this rake to a landfill and go to the store for new ones.


A chopper in the possession of an experienced gardener is a very versatile item. With the help of a hoe, you can flesh, loosen, huddle, break lumps of earth, make small holes.
Before removing the hoes for the winter, they must be thoroughly washed and wiped dry. Metal parts, like all tools, must be lubricated with special oil, and wooden parts with vegetable oil, linseed oil is the best option.

There are many hoes, for example: a hoe, a hoe, a ripper, an electric hoe, Fokin's flat cutter. The hoe is a rounded blade with pointed ends. A hoe is a mini hoe. The ripper is a hoe with a short handle and a small trident is located instead of the paddle. An electric hoe can be powered from an outlet and rechargeable.

It's the turn of small garden tools

Miniature hoe, tiny rake, scoop. All these are tools for jewelry work in the garden.
As with all accessories, these instruments must be thoroughly washed and dried. Such small appliances are often missed when checking inventory.

Tools for planting and bulbous

These are devices for gardeners involved in planting on a larger scale.

This set includes a landing cone and a mini rake. Cleanliness, dryness, protection against rust are the three main factors when storing these tools.


what tool for giving and garden to choose? Tips + Photos & Videos There are several types of secateurs :

  • For flowers
  • Straight cut
  • Anvil
  • Ratchet
  • For bonsai and topiary
  • Vaccination

With the preparation, everything is the same as with the rest of the instruments. Dryness and cleanliness are the key to durability.

Bush cutter

The main requirements for this tool are reliability, lightness, sharpness and convenience.

Before using the brush cutter, check the sharpness of the blade. The tool must be free of corrosion, plant residues (sap, leaves, etc.), and also, which is very important, the blade must be free of damage.


Saw is necessary for any summer resident, even if you do not have trees on the site. Saw a whimsical tool to watch out for.

To wash out the remains of plants from the teeth, they need to be sharpened and diluted, which is quite difficult. This will require a special tool and experience. After all the procedures, the saw needs to be lubricated; machine oil is suitable for this.


Of course everyone wants it not to be needed, but a pest is a pest.The sprayers come in various variations: knapsack with a volume of about 12 liters, a manual volume of two liters and large sprayers with a volume of more than sixteen liters, they are designed for large-scale gardens.

After using the sprayer, you need to disassemble it, very thoroughly rinse and dry all parts. Small details are often lost, which is why I advise you to put them in one small bag, and put it in the sprayer itself.

The list of dacha inventory is quite voluminous and not everything is written in this article. Hope this article helped you.