What types of bathroom shelves to choose? Review and model depending on style? + Video

What types of bathroom shelves to choose? Review and model depending on style? + Video Specialty stores provide the widest selection of bathroom shelves for every taste and budget.

Bathroom is a multifunctional place. Here they take a shower and relax in warm water after a hard day's work, and bring beauty, and store various items that should always be at hand.

Therefore, at the stage of arranging this room, it is necessary to think over everything to the smallest detail, namely where exactly you will store the toilet items. Bathroom shelves are the easiest and most popular way to furnish a space.

These are models made of stainless steel, wood, glass, plastic, chrome-plated steel, with a mirror and various types of lights, open, closed, with or without doors, shelves, racks, telescopic shelves, as well as built-in niche from drywall, hinged and suspended.

Bathroom shelves. General information


We are not always able to have a spacious bathroom, often, the builders of high-rise buildings, even modern ones, do not please us. It's another matter if you build a house yourself and can afford not even one, but two bathrooms. Then, they can be placed in comfortable cabinets, and chests of drawers with several drawers, and a large mirror and much more.

The shelves in the bathroom help to create order and comfort in the room, to distribute the essentials closer to free access. In addition, shelves are used to divide the bathroom into functional areas.


Bathroom shelves are not only open-type furniture, they can be in the form of cabinets, pencil cases, pedestals, shelving, whatnots and more.

The main requirements for the shelves in the bathroom are as follows:

  • What types of bathroom shelves to choose? Review and model depending on style? + Video Impervious to moisture;
  • Reliability;
  • Compliance with the dimensions of the bathroom;
  • Beauty;
  • Practicality.

On the shelves you can store towels, bathrobes, hygiene items, some cosmetic products.

Such designs are able to decorate any interior, the main thing is to harmoniously select and fit them into the room. The main difference between shelves and cabinet furniture is ergonomics, compact size, ease of installation.

Types of bathroom shelves

  • Floor shelves in the bathroom;
  • Corner shelves in the bathroom (multi-tiered);
  • Hanging bathroom shelves.



Open shelves with a common metal frame. They can be mounted along the walls, above the toilet, sink.

They are used to store towels, washcloths, gels, shampoos, etc. Shelves are also available in corner type. An interesting ergonomic option is the retractable shelf. It is designed according to the principle in which the shelves are modified, change their position and size. Pulling out, the bookcase becomes large and is characterized by spaciousness.


They are created by the type of whatnots, but they look larger.

What types of bathroom shelves to choose? Review and model depending on style? + Video Shelves located under the bathroom help to save space in the room. They often store household chemicals, cleaning napkins, buckets. In order to give them an aesthetic look and hide everything from prying eyes, special screens are used.


These bathroom shelves are most suitable for small rooms, they help to save space.

They are produced in the form of racks, shelves, open triangular shelves. Most often, these shelves are hung over washing machines or over the bathroom. They are produced in 2 - 3 tiers, have small sides to prevent objects from falling over the shelf. Often on sale there are shelves made of plastic or metal.


Subtypes of corner shelves include structures on suction cups. They are very comfortable and easy to attach to the wall. The main thing is that the suction cups themselves are of good quality, otherwise the shelf will slide off.


These bathroom shelves are also more suitable for small spaces. For their installation on the wall, special awnings are used.


What types of bathroom shelves to choose? Review and model depending on style? + Video Bathroom shelves are mounted in the far corner, the very hard to reach, where other options do not fit. Plastic is used for their manufacture, but they are equipped with a reliable mount.

There are models in 4 - 5 tiers, and this is already a full-fledged rack. The advantage of this model is the ability to adjust the height of the structure.

Bathroom cabinets

Design with shelves and door.

They are often produced with a mirror, which is very convenient. To save space, they are often positioned above the sink.

Shelves in a niche in the bathroom

Above the bathroom there are built-in structures. They are comfortable and ergonomic. The installation of such models must be carried out at the initial stage of the repair.

To do this, a niche is made in the wall with plasterboard shelves in the bathroom, then everything is tiled. This design can be used to store shampoos, gels, soaps and other body cosmetics.

Structures for bathrooms

They are also divided into open and closed shelves for the bathroom. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some have blind doors behind which you can hide everything from prying eyes, but they look massive.

Open bathroom shelves create the impression of an airy space, but at the same time all objects are in plain sight.

The tray shelf is a wonderful thing for those who like to bask in a hot bath for a long time. You can put drinks, candles, a supply for a book, tablet or smartphone on it.

Types of bathroom shelves, depending on the material

  • Plastic .Such shelves are resistant to high humidity, can be easily hung and disassembled, and are cheap and affordable.

    Mold and mildew do not grow on plastic bathroom shelves. Stop your choice on shelves that have a perforated bottom for free drainage of water.

  • What types of bathroom shelves to choose? Review and model depending on style? + Video Metal . Very strong and durable shelves, but the trouble is, they are not friendly with water. Therefore, chrome-plated structures and stainless steel are considered the most practical.

    Metal shelves in the bathroom with elements of forging or specially aged bronze look very beautiful and elegant. Most of all, such models are suitable for classic, country and Provence style.

  • Drywall . Such shelves are installed at the beginning of repair work. They are ergonomic, durable and attractive in appearance.

  • Glass and ceramics . Usually these models are produced in compact sizes. They are not affected by moisture, but are very unreliable. Rough handling may fall and break. Tempered glass is used for the production of glass bathroom shelves, but it is more expensive.

    To give a special look to such models, they use LED backlighting.

  • MDF and fiberboard . Shelves made from these materials are durable, lightweight and attractive. But, they do not like moisture, from which they can swell and deform.
  • Tree .

    I treat such shelves with special compounds that resist high humidity. Wooden shelves are fastened in the bathroom with hinges, brackets, corners.

Color solutions for bathroom shelves can be very diverse: pastel, brightness, naturalness, and more. In our time, you can choose whatever your heart desires. If you want to make your bathroom feel cozy, choose a brown palette or wood colors.

Plastic bathroom shelves abound in vibrant colors and pastels. Remember that it is best to take a plastic model that has been mass-dyed. This technology is aimed at thickening the product and giving it strength.

The pigment will remain in the structure of the material for a long time, therefore, over time, the turquoise shelf will remain the same. With the help of bright colors, you can set accents in the interior of the bathroom.

Also, products can be matched directly to the style of the selected plumbing.

Selection of bathroom shelves depending on the style of the room

Classic design loves strict geometric shapes and natural materials. For such interiors, shelves made of wood, steel or glass are suitable. Forged elements, gilding and silvering can be used as decor.

What types of bathroom shelves to choose? Review and model depending on style? + Video Style a la romantic will be decorated with rounded shelves with perforation in delicate colors.

For lovers of minimalism shelves made of MDF, glass and metal are suitable. There are models of shelves on wheels in the bathroom for more maneuverability. They help to save space in small bathrooms.

High-tech style - this is metal (chrome) and its combinations with glass.

Art Deco loves wood and imitation of its texture: oak, wood, wenge.

You can add metal elements and fittings.

Shelves with ornate elements will help to decorate the bathroom.

Where to buy bathroom shelves and what is the price?

What types of bathroom shelves to choose? Review and model depending on style? + Video

For example, shelves in the form of a tree branch with birds or flowers. Oriental motifs can also transform a bathroom, and it will sparkle with bright colors.

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