What types of curtains to choose for the kitchen and dining room? Original curtains for the kitchen - 10 best options

What types of curtains to choose for the kitchen and dining room? Original curtains for the kitchen - 10 best options For every woman, the kitchen is the most important part in the house, because she spends a lot of time on it ... That is why, when making kitchen renovations, many housewives calculate the design to the smallest detail.

From building materials to beautiful curtains in the kitchen.

As a rule, many women prefer cropped models of kitchen curtains. How to choose the right curtains, their material and model, we will tell you in detail in our article.

Beautiful design of curtains for the kitchen

It's no secret that at present there are a huge number of types of curtains. They differ not only in models, but also in materials of manufacture. When choosing a material for kitchen curtains, the best option would be practical fabrics that do not require careful maintenance.

The cooking area is always accompanied by oil splashes, odors and grease stains. A well-chosen fabric will wash off quickly and retain its original shape unchanged.

Selection of fabric for curtains

1) Standard fabrics

For kitchen curtains, these are cotton, linen, silk and satin. The main advantage of natural fabrics is that they consist of environmentally friendly materials. They perfectly pass air and sunlight, in addition, they are hypoallergenic.

Among the shortcomings, one can point out the high cost and impracticality, that is, the fabric can fade in the sun or be damaged during the washing process.

2) Silk, organza and nylon

This type of material is actively used not only for kitchen curtains. Due to their wide range of colors and reasonable cost, synthetic fabrics are present in many decorative elements of the house. Of the advantages, we can note wear resistance, strength; after washing, the fabric does not shrink or wrinkle. The disadvantage of these materials is that they are electrolyzed and thus attract a lot of dust.

3) Bamboo and plastic

Original materials look great in any interior. In addition, they are practical and have a long service life. But unusual curtains require more careful maintenance. Therefore, if you are not ready to pay attention to cleaning short bamboo curtains, they should be abandoned.

How to make beautiful curtains for the kitchen?

The choice of color will depend not only on your preferences, but also on what kind of kitchen design you are you take.

For an easier selection, we have compiled a list of specific color matching options:

  • What types of curtains to choose for the kitchen and dining room? Original curtains for the kitchen - 10 best options - Combination in one color range . This means that all furniture, decor and finishing materials are approximately in the same color palette;
  • - Contrast , that is, the color of the curtains will be radically different from the color of the walls. For example, a classic design with black curtains in a white room;
  • - Bright accent . Bright green or orange curtains will look great in a beige kitchen;
  • - Stylistics of the room . In this case, each style has its own color palette.

    For example, the high-tech style prefers only cold shades, and the shabby chic involves the use of peach and pink colors;

  • - Kitchen area and layout . If the kitchen has a large area, then you can choose any option for curtains. The same cannot be said about small rooms. The owners of such kitchens have to choose the color of the curtains so as to visually increase the space;
  • - Light . With sufficient lighting in the kitchen during the day, you can choose curtains in a dark palette.

    But if there is not enough light, then it is better to choose the translucent type option.
    Let us remind you that cold colors and shades give a room austerity and dryness, while warm tones bring coziness and warmth to the house.

Kitchen curtains and design models

Style is divided into modern and traditional. Below we will consider them in more detail.

1) Traditional style .

Consists of tulle and two swinging curtains. And it can be divided into rustic and urban style:

  • - rustic : the curtains are mounted directly on the frames and cover the glass only up to the windowsill. These curtains are very comfortable and practical. In addition, the window sill will be freed, and this is additional space for small kitchens;
  • - urban : this type has shortened curtains, the kitchen visually increases due to this, and the curtains themselves look light and elegant.

2) Modern style .

In a modern kitchen interior, the dining area can be distinguished by hanging roller or roman blinds on the window. Both vertical and horizontal blinds are also suitable.

How beautiful to hang curtains in the kitchen?

Beautiful curtains for a short kitchen and curtains are suitable for kitchens with a small area, but for large and spacious dining rooms this option is not suitable ...

Long curtains only emphasize the space, while short ones will look ridiculous.

REFERENCE! If the window goes together with the balcony, then asymmetric curtains are ideal.

Different lengths of curtains and tulles will not only look good, but also become a very practical option.

Important points when choosing beautiful curtains for the kitchen interior

We have prepared and described several important points when choosing curtains for a small kitchen. So :

  • What types of curtains to choose for the kitchen and dining room? Original curtains for the kitchen - 10 best options 1) Curtains are not only a decorative element, but also the interior is forming.

    If you buy beautiful curtains for the kitchen correctly, then you can emphasize the height of the ceiling and visually increase the space in the room. But this is only if they have a pattern or ornament;

  • 2) The design idea involves the combination of two shades of curtains. Such curtains will look original and unusual;
  • 3) The density of the canvas. Heavy and massive curtains are not suitable for small kitchens.But light and translucent fabrics will let in more light and air;
  • 4) Decorative elements are suitable for curtains in large kitchens, small rooms should not be loaded with draperies, frills and lambrequins.

The main types of modern curtains for the kitchen

1) Rolled . They are also called roller shutters or blinds - this is a curtain fabric folded into a roll due to a special mechanism. Length adjustment as desired. Excellent budget option;

2) Cassette curtains. In this case, the roll of fabric is placed in a special plastic box.

Moving along the side guides, the curtains tightly close the window;

3) Mini-roller curtains. This is an alternative to the classic old curtains. Installed directly on glass;

4) Roman blinds. A successful combination of curtains and blinds. When lifted, the curtain fabric is folded thanks to special slats that are sewn on the seamy side of the canvas.

A weighting plate is sewn along the lower edge of the curtains, it is due to it that a neat lower cut of the canvas is provided;

5) Curtains . Their design is light, on the frame of the window opening, exactly in the middle, a thread is fixed, and curtains are hung on it. For such simple curtains, linen, chintz or tulle are suitable.

How to choose the right blinds for the kitchen?

Due to their practicality, blinds are very popular. They are not whimsical to care for, just wipe them with a damp cloth.

They perfectly save from the bright sun and fit into any interior. The choice of these curtains is very large.

Today, building stores and supermarkets offer a huge selection of blinds of various shades and shapes. Another advantage is the optimal price. Therefore, if you decide to buy this option, going to the store, do not forget to die your window and pick the right color.

Such a purchase will delight you and your loved ones for a long time.

Beautiful curtains for the kitchen with a lambrequin

To begin with, we will write what a lambrequin is in the kitchen - a draped fabric that partially or completely hides cornice. Thick fabric with tassels or waves looks great on windows in a large spacious kitchen. If you want to visually enlarge or reduce the window, then a lambrequin will also help you with this.

There are several types of lambrequins:

  • What types of curtains to choose for the kitchen and dining room? Original curtains for the kitchen - 10 best options - Hard .

    It is a narrow strip of fabric attached to the cornice. As an addition or decoration, you can use braid, fringe and frills;

  • - Soft . Such lambrequins have a more decorative role. Made of the same material as the curtains;
  • - Combined . Includes elements of hard and soft lambrequins.

    High ceilings and large window openings are perfectly emphasized.

Choosing a curtain in the kitchen

The classic type of curtain assumes the presence of only tulle, organza or chintz. Such curtains are collected with drapery or hung with an even and neat canvas.The curtain itself is attached to a plastic or metal curtain rod.

ATTENTION! Usually curtains are made of synthetics for a longer service life.

If we talk about the types of curtains, then in addition to the classic there is also an arched type or asymmetrically located. In the latter case, the material is cut into strips and decorated with draperies.

Accessories for decorating windows

As accessories for kitchen curtains you can consider:

  • - pick up clamp;
  • - hairpin, decorated with rhinestones or stones;
  • - cord, matching the color of curtains;
  • - brush with fringe;
  • - bow;
  • - magnetic holder.

Hand-made hooks will look original. For example, from an old mug without a bottom, or a bent twisted fork or spoon.

IMPORTANT! Do not clutter the curtains with an abundance of accessories. The most fashionable interior is minimalism!

The kitchen and dining room are the places where the most daring designs can be brought to life. It is in the dining area that the ornament on the walls and applications with various motives will look great.