What types of kitchen design are 8 square meters in a panel house? Review & Ideas + Video

What types of kitchen design are 8 square meters in a panel house? Review & Ideas + Video Houses built in Soviet and pro-Soviet times, for the most part, have a typical layout, which, unfortunately, does not differ enhanced comfort. At that time, people were content to receive apartments completely free from the state, although they had to wait for years for their turn to receive the coveted keys.

Now, the situation on the residential construction market has changed dramatically compared to the last century. There is no need to count on the help of the state, so everyone is trying to acquire housing on their own, or they receive square meters by inheritance. And it would seem that modern apartments should be built with the most comfortable layouts, spacious rooms and a shared bathroom.

But, in fact, the same typical layout with small kitchens of 8 - 9 squares is often found. What if you got a kitchen in a panel house of 8 square meters, for example? Of course, try to equip it with the maximum use of a small space, without cluttering it at the same time. We will try to figure out how to translate into reality ideas for arranging furniture and decorating walls, floor and ceiling in the room.

The main snag of small kitchens in panel houses

The fact that in buildings of this format, walls cannot be demolished. The most you will be allowed to do is to demolish part of the wall between the kitchen and the living room, while installing reinforcing struts.

If you are still limited by a space of 8 m², try to think through all the nuances of decoration and furniture arrangement as much as possible. For convenience, you can use special programs that will facilitate your task. They should set the necessary parameters, and, depending on the shape of the room, arrange the kitchen set and everything you need.

Typical layouts of kitchens of 8 meters "Khrushchev" or "Brezhnev" are quite inconvenient. Often the kitchen area is located in such a way that it cannot be combined with the adjacent room.

There are no additional niches, storage rooms in them, the space is so limited that there are times when people have no idea where to stick the refrigerator.

What types of kitchen design are 8 square meters in a panel house? Review & Ideas + Video Quite often, small Khrushchev kitchens have ledges that do not carry any functional load, but the place is "stolen", and what to do with them is not clear. The modern rhythm of life dictates its own rules, and housewives want to see household appliances in their kitchens that make life and cooking easier, significantly reducing the time spent in the kitchen. In this case, you will have to look for compromise solutions for the location of the kitchen unit and appliances.

Layout options for 8 meter kitchens

So, before you start repairing and arranging furniture in the kitchen, draw up a project that will help you visualize where and what will be .

.. It is best to use the advice of competent designers for the arrangement of items in the kitchen.

First of all, decide where you want to see the sink. It is often placed close to communication systems.

If you wish, you can transfer it, but for this you will have to spend money on additional material. After determining the place of washing, they move on to the issue of solving the installation of the stove or hob, as well as the refrigerator. There is such a thing as a working triangle in the kitchen, which implies the location of functional items in close proximity to each other. For example, refrigerator, sink, stove. But, again, it is not always possible to use this rule, in this case, arrange equipment and objects as the eight-meter space allows.

Narrow kitchens in panel houses like a trailer of 8 squares in size imply the choice of an angular type of furniture arrangement. Otherwise, you simply will not have room for free movement. If the kitchen has a window, and the window sill is wide, it can be remade under the countertop, or the sink can be moved to its place. To wash the dishes and look out the window, what could be more wonderful!

The design of an 8-meter kitchen in a panel house in the shape of the letter L with a square room involves the installation of a corner set. This arrangement makes it possible to fill one corner and free another, in which you can place a sofa and a table.

The sink is located in the corner, so it takes up less space in the working area. In addition, corner cabinets allow you to place much more items and various kitchen utensils in them than in standard cabinets. Such seemingly little things as rolled out shelves, built-in holders, nets allow you to make the space multifunctional.

The layout of the kitchen in the shape of the letter P. This version of the kitchen in a panel house implies the location of the headset simultaneously on three walls.

In this case, you will most likely have to abandon the table with chairs, measuring it on the bar counter, or arrange the dining group in another room.

Important !

The U-shaped layout of the kitchen provides for the allocation of space for aisle width of 80 to 120 centimeters.

Linear layout in a small kitchen

This option implies the arrangement of furniture and kitchen appliances along one of the walls. This is ideal for narrow spaces that require careful thought through the arrangement of objects to the smallest detail. Make a custom-made 8 meter kitchen set, with the provision of the desired cabinet and countertop sizes.

To make the headset more capacious, you can make the upper cabinets to the ceiling. In addition, now there is no difficulty in choosing a refrigerator or any other household appliances, narrower models. Alternatively, you can find refrigeration equipment that is placed along the wall in the form of wall cabinets and no one will guess what is hiding behind a beautiful facade.

Visually expanding a small kitchen space in a panel house of 8 squares can be done by using smooth glossy fronts without handles.As for the choice of decor, the main thing here is not to overdo it, because the kitchen of 8 m², so, does not allow to roam freely.

Designers advise against getting carried away with horizontal lines in wall decoration, which in itself contributes to the enhancement of the effect of the train carriage.

Joint kitchen living room

If possible, we recommend combining the kitchen with an adjacent room or loggia. Walls in panel houses can only be partially dismantled. Doors or partitions can be replaced with arches to visually expand the space.

What types of kitchen design are 8 square meters in a panel house? Review & Ideas + Video The presence of a balcony in the kitchen will be an excellent way out of the situation.

Often, only part of the wall is removed and the door is dismantled. The balcony or loggia is insulated and a refrigerator and even a washing machine are placed there. You can also put a sofa in the vacant space or place a table with chairs. In the place where the window was, you can put a bar counter, and turn on the lights at the bottom. Also, the rack can be used as a working area.

Finishing work in the kitchen 8 square meters

The first step is to tackle the walls and ceiling. The best solution for small spaces is to choose simple materials in light pastel shades. Use washable wallpaper, which is very convenient for the kitchen, decorative plaster, paint, ceramic tiles. The kitchen apron can be trimmed with interesting tiles, a white or beige hog looks beautiful. In addition, there are options for finishing with stone (natural or artificial), MDF or chipboard panels, plastic, glass.

Each type has its own characteristics of installation, maintenance and operation. Designers do not advise to save too much on finishing, it is better to do it with high quality and not return to this issue for a while.

Note. The most practical solution would be to paint the walls of the kitchen with an area of ​​8 meters, because then you can simply change the shades.

As for the choice of finishing materials for the ceiling, here it is necessary to build on their height.

If the ceilings are low, then the installation of multi-tiered suspended structures will be irrational, you do not want to create the feeling that the ceiling is falling on your head. Therefore, stop at the simplest option - staining, and the color should be either white or beige. Also, you can pay attention to stretch ceilings, they will not steal the height of the room.

The material of such ceilings is different, the price for them varies from the lowest and most affordable to the highest. Stretch ceilings are practical and attractive.

They can be used for lighting fixtures or spot lighting. In addition, if you are flooded by a neighbor from above, leaks will not occur, at the most you will find in your kitchen a sagging canvas ignited with water, which can be easily drained. You decide which material to choose, but remember that gloss makes the room wider and taller than it really is.

Choosing a floor covering for the kitchen interior 8 sq., m in a panel house, take practicality as a basis.

It is important that the floor can be easily cleaned of dirt and that it should not slip. Resistance to moisture and wear, ease of installation, pleasant tactile sensations are the qualities that a floor covering should ideally have. Often, porcelain stoneware tiles are laid in the kitchen, since the choice is now quite large on the market of facing materials. With a combined living room kitchen, the working area can be laid out with tiles, and the dining room can be decorated with parquet or laminate.

Selects the color of finishing a small kitchen

The best choice for finishing materials will be shades of gray, beige, blue, cream, muted lemon, mint, vanilla, milky colors.

If you wish, you can add a few bright accents in the form of decor, accessories, patterns and ornaments. Keep in mind that large patterns and dark colors will not work for small spaces. The kitchen set should also be light shades, matte or glossy at your discretion.

Furniture in a small kitchen

The peculiarity of small rooms is such that in order to optimally arrange furniture, it is necessary to use the corners to the maximum. That is why corner headsets fit perfectly into such rooms.

Thanks to their compactness, you will have room to move freely around the kitchen.

It is best, of course, to make custom-made furniture. By negotiating with the master all the wishes and features of the room, you can get the kitchen of your dreams. Doors of cabinets or cabinets should, if possible, be hinged or removable. Place open shelves higher than in standard kitchen units.

If space allows, put a corner sofa, and a folding table next to it. You can hide various things inside the sofa, which is very convenient due to the small space. In order to arrange everything you need in a small kitchen in a panel house, use the following tips:

  • What types of kitchen design are 8 square meters in a panel house? Review & Ideas + Video Choose a sink with a diameter no more than half a measure.
  • Stop your choice on built-in appliances, it will save precious space.
  • The size of the dishwasher should not exceed 45 cm.

  • You will find compact ovens of 45 cm in household appliances stores.
  • An oven with a microwave function will also help save space in the kitchen ...
  • A 120L refrigerator is enough for a small family.

  • The two-burner hob is also a good solution for a family and 2 people.
  • Multifunctional kitchen appliances are the perfect solution for those who want to save space in the kitchen.

Style directions for small kitchens

Small kitchens in a panel house of 8 square meters. , it is profitable to create in modern directions. One of the most popular styles in interior design is minimalism.

What could be better when your kitchen is small? In any case, it can be supplemented with decorative items at your discretion, the main thing is not to overdo it.


Laconicism, severity, minimum of details and complex combination of shades. Room decoration can be done using artificial and natural materials. The tint palette is preferably light, calm, without excessive brightness. Shades of beige, gray, milky, coffee colors are often used.

The facades of the kitchen set are selected with a smooth texture, without patterns. An excellent option would be multifunctional modern transforming furniture. Simplicity and functionality are the main tenets of minimalism style creation.


A distinctive feature of this style in the design of a kitchen of 8 square meters is the use of natural materials in decoration, furniture manufacturing. Finishing materials should preferably be pastel colors.

Chocolate, coffee shades are perfectly combined with white. To reflect light, you can use a gloss for the facades of kitchen sets.


This direction combines several sub-styles, but they all have a number of features that indicate that you see this very cozy country style.

  • Furniture made of natural materials, specially aged.
  • Use of pastel colors, without excessive brightness.

  • Wood, brick, natural stone, ceramic tiles are used as finishing materials.
  • Countryside-style decor - open shelves with jars, clay bowls and more.
  • Vintage is encouraged.

Design solutions remain in the background, the main task is to create a cozy, warm atmosphere.

French Provence

This is the style of a French village associated with the lavender fields of Provence.

Beauty and simplicity, based on naturalness, that is what can be said in a few words about this direction. Natural materials of light shades are used to decorate the premises. Mostly white is used for the facades of the headset, blue, beige, turquoise, lavender can also be used. The texture of furniture is very often clearly aged, worn, chipped or cracked. Linen, cotton and chintz are used for decoration.

Everything is very light and airy.


This style itself implies the use of expensive finishes. To achieve maximum similarity with this direction, you should use high-quality natural finishing materials, furniture should be made of natural wood, the facades of the headset are often decorated with a golden patina. The style is based on luxury and durability. Mostly, light shades are used, similar to natural colors.

The walls are often finished in pastel, light colors, but the floor, curtains or furniture upholstery can be more contrasting.