What useful gadgets for home with Aliexpress worth buying

What useful gadgets for home with Aliexpress worth buying Home gadgets from Aliexpress - an overview of the best models Various electronic devices have become an integral part of our lives in just ten years, so it is difficult to overestimate their place in life. With their help, you can not only expand your own capabilities, but even bring new colors into everyday life, as well as stand out from others.

Gadget - what is it? As a rule, this is a small-sized device, thing or device that partially or significantly helps to make life easier for a person, brings additional comfort for performing certain tasks.

General information

Moreover, such devices can be used to play a trick on relatives and friends, spend more time with them, or simply decorate your own home. We have prepared for you a list of the best gadgets from Aliexpress, which will be a useful find.

Overview of gadgets

Stand for storing shoes

What useful gadgets for home with Aliexpress worth buying Shoe racks are great helpers to stay comfortable while saving space, even in a small locker or dressing room. They are made in the form of a double rack, where each pair is located above the other and this does not take up extra space. The boxes are made of lightweight PVC plastic, which has an increased level of strength. Coasters are available in a variety of colors, ranging from standard black to hot pink. A great option for hostels, kindergartens and small apartments.

Both at the top and at the bottom there are cells and ribs for optimal fixation, and there are also special strips so that the shoes do not fall off when moving.


We offer to pay attention to the multifunctional flashlight, which contains many useful elements. In addition to the standard purpose, it has a built-in speaker for Bluetooth, radio and even a 2000 mAh power bank. There is a slot for a memory card near the charging socket, and on the front side there is a LED indicator with special illumination in order to show which connection mode is currently being used.

Includes a flashlight, bicycle handlebar attachments and a charging cord.

The lantern is equipped with a powerful beam of light, due to which you can add comfort or find the right thing in the pitch darkness. The built-in microphone is highly sensitive, has the function of suppressing unnecessary noise, and the MP3 structure in two sections will delight you with excellent sound. The operating time in normal mode is 15 hours, the radio can operate in the frequency range from 0.15 to 18 kHz, the weight of the device is 0.26 kg.

The cost is about 850 rubles.

Stirrer Mug

To save precious time, you can use an amazing mug that stir the drink itself.To do this, you just need to pour coffee or tea, and then add water, press the button on the handle and the cup itself will stir the drink to the required state. With the help of such a mixing mug, you will cope with the task both in the office and on a hike.

The set additionally includes a special non-spill lid, which not only makes it possible to exclude accidental spilling of the drink, but also to keep warm for a long time.

A mug is made of plastic and metal, and its power is supplied from 2 miniature AAA batteries, which will need to be purchased separately from time to time. The product capacity varies from 350 to 400 ml, and the weight is only 0.27 kg. Please note that you should be extremely careful while drinking and do not touch the button that is responsible for stirring. The cost is about 1,000 rubles.

Invisible shelves for storing books

These shelves are a great gadget for home with Aliexpress, and it will be a great gift for illusionists, conspirators and those who like to play a trick on others ... Due to the structural features of the shelves, you can place them so that when filled with books, they simply cannot be seen. They are capable of supporting up to 9 kg.

Such indicators were made possible by the use of metal. There are 5 colors to choose from - blue, transparent, green, yellow and red. The kit includes two mounting plates, fasteners and bolts. The cost is 800 rubles.

Miniature TV

An excellent alternative to plasma giants, especially if you had to go to the dacha on the weekend or want to quietly enjoy a long-awaited match from your wife.

The device is equipped with a screen of 1.8 inches, but this is quite enough to watch programs or listen to music in any conditions. The device has a small detachable antenna and a built-in battery that can keep the battery charged up to 8 hours. To activate the device, it remains to select the region and that's it. Dimensions are 6.

2 cm wide and 7.5 cm long. For comfort, each station is equipped with a strap that allows you to carry the gadget like a standard keychain. Available in pink, blue, gold and white. The cost is 1150 rubles.

Rest niche for a domestic cat

What useful gadgets for home with Aliexpress worth buying If your fluffy beauty loves to sit on the windowsill and bask in the sun, then you should pay attention to the special couch, which will be a wonderful gift for your pet. Thanks to the wide suction cups, the lounger can be attached to the glass, and there is a soft lining inside. The suction cups can support up to 16 kg. The niche is made of special fibers that do not cause allergies in cats and give the animal maximum softness. Available in beige and green.

The bed is 68 cm long and 28 cm high. With its help you can create a favorite place for the cat. It is recommended to regularly clean the glass and the suction cups so that the bonding properties are not lost. The cost is 1 800 rubles.

Smart alarm clock in the form of a rug

Sooner or later the moment comes when you need to wake up to work / study, but how lazy overwhelms in the morning! An alarm mat will help to cope with it, which should be placed next to the bed and at a given time it will begin to ring or even play a melody.

To deactivate it, you should stand with both feet and stand there for at least 3 seconds. Otherwise, he will not stop playing melodies. It will not work to deceive the device - the impact of one leg or two hands is not enough to deactivate.

A special timer, painted in a pleasant blue tint, will speak about the time for waking up, and use a USB cable to charge the device. If the device is synchronized with a PC, you can customize the product as you like and set your favorite song as a ringtone.

The main material of the performance is PVC plastic and short fibers in order to reduce the collection of dirt and dust. The cost is 2 800 rubles.

Wireless flash drives

If we talk about useful gadgets for home with Aliexpress, then you should know that this one is suitable for both home use and for those who are constantly at work. The main distinguishing feature of this cool gadget is the ability to transfer data without a direct connection to a computer, laptop or smartphone. All information is transmitted over Wi-Fi.

This allows you to store information and access files when connecting even four devices at a time. The built-in battery makes it possible to use the gadget for 4 hours. Additionally, there is a cord for connecting to a laptop for charging. The device supports USB 2. 0.

The device also has an attractive and laconic design. You will be notified of the activated state of the flash drive by a special blue indicator light. Despite the fact that there are no alternative types of design, you can choose one of three options for the amount of memory - 32, 64 and even 128 GB. The cost is 2 700 rubles and more.

Miniature Camera

Surely everyone remembers the movie "Home Alone" and the boy's car with the camera attached? The manufacturers decided that it was worth trying to get rid of the large cameras and released a very small camera for filming.

Such a wireless online camera has support for connecting via a Wi-Fi network, which allows you to view video in real time not only on laptops and PCs, but also on smartphones based on IOS or Android using a special application.

Using the camera is easy - just attach it to a stand or tripod, press the power button and connect to the Internet. The complete set contains a camera, instructions, a key fob-loop, as well as a disk with the installed program and a battery. The device can be used for tracking, for example, if you leave your child with a nanny and are worried. The cost is from 4,000 rubles and more.

Fold-out piano

A synthesizer that can be folded and unfolded is a great alternative to bulky instruments. The flexible keyboard lets you play and learn without cluttering your already cramped home with a large instrument. The device has an audio jack for connecting headphones and can operate from the mains, as well as from 4 AA batteries. The keyboard has 61 keys and 128 musical tones. Also, 100 rhythms and 20 demo songs are additionally installed.

Material of execution - silicone rubber, which makes it possible to fold the piano in the cabinet without damage. It will also fit perfectly into backpacks and bags and will be a great gift for children and aspiring musicians. The main control unit has all the required functions. With its help, it will be possible to adjust the sound volume, turn it on or off, adjust the key and even record the game. The cost is approximately 4,500 rubles.


For those who are tired of drying clothes with a hairdryer, and also consider spinning in a washing machine a banality, it's time to buy a clothes dryer in the form hangers. It has drying modes - hot and cold. Thanks to this approach, it becomes possible to dry all types of fabrics. To this we add the fact that such a miracle device can be folded, and this makes it as compact as possible. Such a property would be beneficial for travel.

The only drawback is the adapter adapter, which is required for charging from a Chinese to a European plug. The hanger begins to suck in air through the air intakes located at the top and throws everything out through the elements located below, which creates air circulation inside, which is similar to a centrifuge. The main body also comes with two removable handle modules. The cost is 3 700 rubles.

Stabilizer for smartphone

Quite an interesting gadget from Aliexpress in this review.

It is about a "floating" stabilizer. It has 3 axes of adjustment and supports all modern smartphones, even the latest iPhone. The special design of the screws makes it possible to conveniently place the device in the desired position. There is also a removable handle for changing the installation position. The power system has a built-in sound to notify you when the stabilizer is turned off and on.

The device can operate autonomously for up to 8 hours with a fully charged battery, and charging itself from 0 to 100% takes 2 hours. Additionally, you will have a remote control that has all the basic controls. The device weighs 0. 46 kg including the battery and can support smartphones weighing up to 0.26 kg.

The set includes an internal Bluetooth module and can be used for regular viewing of clips on the bus, as well as for professional shooting on the go. Cost from 4,000 rubles.

Speaker that levitates

This is a great choice for modern parties. If you love listening to music all the time, then this is the time to throw out your old speakers and buy levitating speakers. Their main advantage can be called versatility, and it can be used to connect to any musical device.

Moreover, he is able to soar, and at the same time ignore all the laws of physics. This is possible thanks to the powerful magnetic base, which causes the sound module to hang at a distance of 1.5 cm from it.

The system is made on an environmentally friendly base of materials, and there is also a system for saving electrical energy, which is characterized by high quality sound transmission in the range from 20 to 100 dB. A built-in battery allows the system to operate in standalone mode for up to 8 hours at an average volume level.

The module is capable of rotating 360 degrees, and thereby will spread sound waves in all directions. The beautiful blue LED lighting will decorate any room or party. The cost is 6,000 rubles.

Unusual clock in the form of a full moon

A perfect gift for friends or purchase for your own apartment. Such a clock glows in the dark, and due to this, it strongly resembles the real moon.

It turns out stylishly and creatively.

Gadgets for the kitchen

Separately, it is worth talking about appliances for the kitchen, as this is the place where multifunctional and practical things are most needed. Most often, a room that is modest in size should contain a bunch of objects, utensils and a device. In order to find different items for the kitchen, you should select the category "everything for home and garden", and then select the section with the kitchen.

There you will find many useful things, and we will briefly tell about some of them now.

  1. Cutting board with a colander and pocket - with such a thing it will be convenient to wash fruits, vegetables, herbs and at the same time leave in the sink until the water drains ... It is also convenient to cut vegetables, put already cut pieces or waste in a pocket.
  2. Device for separating yolks from whites - such a thing costs a penny, but you no longer have to suffer with separating eggs into separate components.

  3. The kitchen faucet is a wonderful gander, the length of which can be adjusted, and there are also additional taps. Such a nozzle will be highly appreciated by the hostesses.

These are the best items for the kitchen, as evidenced by thousands of real-life reviews.

US Into the razor

Such an interesting gadget from Aliexpress in 2020 will be appreciated by men who also want to always look perfect. If you are often on business trips or travel and do not always have time for a measured shave in the morning, and you are not a fan of stubble, then you should take a portable shaver with you on the road.

And yes, it works from the phone's USB connector.

Nitrate tester

What useful gadgets for home with Aliexpress worth buying Summer is always the season for juicy vegetables and fruit from the dacha. Everyone wants to enjoy the gifts of the garden and garden, and in order for the meal to be not only pleasant, but also safe, it is worth buying a portable tester to determine the level of nitrates in products. In addition, such a device helps to determine the hardness of water.

USB Flash Drive Organizer

Although flash drives have become a thing of the past, like disks, many people still opt for such devices rather than external hard drives.

But if you and your company actively use flash drives, then the problem with transportation and storage is acute. To know where all flash drives and chargers are located at home, expensive or in the office, you should buy a special storage case. This organizer has convenient compartments and can be of different sizes. Suitable not only for storing flash drives, but also for cables, external batteries and even adapters.


We hope that you have found some really useful products for yourself in this review, and if you already have some of the gadgets discussed above, then you should share your find with your friends.

Do not forget that products with Ali are much cheaper to order, especially if you use discount coupons.


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