What varieties are usually planted around? Instruction + Video

What varieties are usually planted around? Instruction + Video Arbor for grapes can decorate the leisure of its owners and at the same time will delight with delicious grapes. And since such a gazebo looks beautiful, family and friends will appreciate it.

The frame for the gazebo can be made very simple and budgetary, and the curly grapes will give it an unusual look. In this article we will talk about how you can create a gazebo for grapes with your own hands.

Grapes are a perennial plant that bears fruit after about three years.

The grape bush is cut in such a way that its height is not higher than human growth.

General information

What varieties are usually planted around? Instruction + Video For the vine to serve as a decoration for the gazebo it is not cut so often, only the upper part of the vine is cut off. If necessary, the vine is branched to the sides to give more splendor.

In this case, the bush will not suffer and will not bear fruit less from this. If you prune the vine correctly, it will cover the whole gazebo in a couple of years.

Important! The vine is pruned in the spring and early summer, while its length should be 20-30 centimeters, if there are leaves on it.

Before winter, the vine is covered and all unnecessary is removed, leaving only the thickest part of the plant. The grapevine must be wrapped with plastic wrap and buried, this procedure will keep it from freezing.

This plant needs the construction of a solid support, because in the future it will give the gazebo the desired look.

Types of structures


Arbor for grapes happens:

  1. Temporary or seasonal .

    This design is collapsible and is used when it is warm outside. In the cold season, the structure is disassembled and put away for storage until the onset of the warm season. All structural parts should be lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble.

  2. Stationary . For this structure, a pile or columnar foundation is equipped, powerful supports are installed.

This type of gazebo assumes the presence of a roof covering. Conceptions in such gazebos are equipped with a stove or fireplace, barbecue or barbecue.

By shape

Lightweight structures have different shapes:


This grape gazebo looks like a greenhouse, but you don't need a film for it. In order to make such a gazebo, you will need metal fittings or plastic pipes, wire, cement, sand and gravel.

Stages of building a gazebo:

  1. What varieties are usually planted around? Instruction + Video You need to buy a strong wire , gravel, river sand and cement;
  2. Then the reinforcement rods are bent in a semicircle and the ends of the reinforcement are dug into the ground, and the holes are poured with concrete mixture;
  3. Next, several guides are attached, this is necessary in order to increase the rigidity future gazebo;
  4. Wire or welding can be used to connect the joints.

Tapestry of two planes

To create such a gazebo you need pipes, fittings or wood.

Stages of building a gazebo:

  1. What varieties are usually planted around? Instruction + Video First you need to dig in the necessary the number of racks that will form the basis of the structure;
  2. Then they are poured with concrete;
  3. After the concrete has hardened, vertical and horizontal lintels are fixed;
  4. If the roof is not provided with a covering, then the top will be mounted in the same way as the side walls;
  5. The installation of the racks must be controlled using plumb lines and a level, this is necessary so that the gazebo for grapes is not crooked;
  6. Top of the gazebo may be flat or sloping towards the sun.

A gazebo attached to the house

This is a type of construction that is entwined with grapes, located above the terrace or porch near the house. Before making a grape gazebo, you need to step back from the wall, then it goes up at an angle to the roof.

For the construction of this gazebo, less materials will be required, because for it you only need to build one plane and make a roofing slope.

Accordingly, the price of this gazebo will be much lower;

Suppose the porch can be adapted for the living room, you can put a beautiful table and chairs in it. Also place flowers in flowerpots, put a swing and hang a hammock.

Round gazebo

Such a gazebo can decorate even the smallest area.

Before making a gazebo for grapes, you need the following:

  1. It is necessary to install bars or pipes around the perimeter of the building while placing the entrance from the right side; Roofing bars are shaped like a playground fungus;
  2. The beams are joined in the center and they diverge at an angle downward to the uprights.
  3. After that, two vines are planted on both sides, let them up and guide them in a circle.

Planting grapes

For planting arbors, not whimsical grape varieties are used that do not require shelter in winter.

The following varieties are used for gazebos:

  1. What varieties are usually planted around? Instruction + Video Maiden grapes ;
  2. Amur grapes;
  3. Technical grapes (wine not covering varieties)

And also for the gazebo use such varieties as:

  • Buitur;
  • Alpha;
  • Taiga;
  • Russian Concord.


Thanks to your efforts, you will receive a well-deserved rest and delicious fruits. There are a large number of design developments for gazebos. And before choosing a suitable option for yourself, look at a photo or video of ready-made designs.

Over time, you will definitely find a suitable option for yourself. Well, we told you about the gazebos for grapes and we hope that this information was useful to you. We wish you patience and good luck!