Where to buy an inexpensive frame house project? Tips + Videos

Where to buy an inexpensive frame house project? Tips + Videos Buy a frame house project - pros and cons! The construction of any type of house begins with the need to develop project documentation. Although in the understanding of many, these are beautiful 3D models of houses that were created by hand or in specialized programs, where you can even make planning and furnishing, in reality this is not the case. The project also indicates information about what material the house will be built from and by which technology - a frame building, a house made of brick or aerated concrete, so drawings from professionals are necessary.

Depending on the size and specifics of the building, a complete package of documents will have from 45 to 100 sheets with detailed information. This will include the papers that will be required for the construction permit, as well as the working diagrams and drawings that are needed to complete quality construction work.

Walls, ceilings, sandwich roofs, bills of door and window blocks, formwork drawings, lintels and specifications will also be detailed and painted.

General information

If you want to buy a project of a frame one-story house, then here is offered a modest set of documents, which will contain a situational plan, a master plan with a house, drawings of all facades with dimensions and axes and a sectional drawing of the house. This is exactly what will be required with a ready-built house in order to further issue a residence permit, receive a subsidy and resolve other formalities.

Is it worth paying for a frame house project?

On the Internet, you can find a huge number of online stores, which present projects of ready-made projects that are suitable for private construction. They have projects for the construction of not only frame houses, but also of aerated concrete, wood, brick, SIP panels and other technologies.

The minimum price for a typical project of a small house will cost from 13,000 rubles, and a cottage with average parameters with an area of ​​150 m 2 will cost you 35,000 rubles. You will have to pay more for individual projects, and the price will start from 100,000 rubles. For frame houses, the project price is from $ 1,000.

Where to buy an inexpensive frame house project? Tips + Videos If you make a choice in favor of a typical project, then the costs will be relatively small, and this will not greatly affect the estimate, even if you want to make small adjustments or change the original documentation.

It is interesting that the received drawings, plans, calculation of maximum loads, communication schemes, as well as the cost and amount of materials used will greatly facilitate the construction process.

But sometimes there are cases when a project can be very expensive even in comparison with all the construction costs. For example, with the price of a country house of 150 m 2 frame type, it would be extremely unreasonable to pay 1/5 of the entire estimate for the house. In this case, it makes sense not to buy a turnkey frame house project, but to find a free one, which is freely available, or create your own.This option is suitable for the construction of a small house, which will be used only in the summer season, and possibly in winter, but occasionally, so that it has a minimum of utilities. For heating during the winter weekend, you can use a small stove, fireplace, or electric heater.

Where to find a free project at home

The easiest way to find a free typical project is to look for those on forms or in discussions on thematic platforms. Often, those who have already managed to build their house or have just begun work post in the public domain all the project documentation on which they are working. This is done so that professionals who see the project, in the event of an error, can suggest something or help save money.

But it also happens that a person himself was engaged in the design and decided to put his work on the general court.

A huge advantage of free projects is that in addition to the documentation, you can see a real house, which is built according to such a drawing, consult on the nuances and ask questions of interest to the person who created the project.

In addition to personal experience and free projects, there are even collections of documentation on the network. Most of them appeared after the author himself tried to find free projects in a small amount of time.

Nuances worth paying attention to

When choosing a free project, you should take into account that it was developed for certain climatic factors and soil conditions , and also the material was carefully selected and the weight, thermal conductivity characteristics, etc. were calculated. For this reason, when choosing a suitable drawing, check for what type of soil it is adapted, and what the depth of the groundwater should be.

And since you decided that it is not profitable to buy a project of a finished frame house, then when you find a free project, do everything strictly according to the drawings. Use only those building materials that were provided by the architect, as when changing materials, you will have to do a complete recalculation. You will have to change everything - both the foundation and the roof.

In this case, it will be easier to find a project that fits completely. It makes sense to finalize a free project of a house on a frame basis only if these are minor improvements.

So, you can change the attic in the attic, remove the balcony if it was in the initial scheme, change the location of the partitions inside the house, or move the staircase. In other cases, paid modifications will be unreasonable.

Shareware projects

Another option would be another way. If you plan to build a house not by yourself, but with the help of teams of workers, a firm or a construction company, then you can get the project from the developers for free. Such an offer is positioned by construction companies as a bonus, discount or gratitude for choosing their company.

Although in theory such a project is free, its cost is already included in the total amount. The project of the required building can also be found offline, for this you will need to go to the library or storage. There are such places in any city, as a last resort you can contact the BTI.

Please note, that before issuing a building permit or registering a constructed object and assigning an address to it, you will be sure to request copies of all drawings, and then they will be stored in archive.

It is among these that you can find a suitable project.

The only drawback is that you will only have to work with catalogs and paper media, and when you find suitable drawings, you will have to copy or photograph them.

How to create your own project

Instead of buying a turnkey frame house project, you can develop it yourself.

Despite the fact that such a construction will be considered a garden one, the building may not be in the form of a change house, but in the form of a cottage:

  • One-story.
  • Two-story.
  • With an attic.

  • With a garage.

The use of any materials you want will not be limited. That is, you yourself will be able to draw up a project completely "for yourself". But in this case, you will have to decide on the material before starting work. Simultaneously with the choice of material, you will need to select the number of storeys and the presence of secondary and main premises.

For example, an attic can be built at the very end, but the construction of a two-story house should be thought out in advance.

After that, download the diagrams and drawings laid out in the public domain to take them as a basis. You still have to work, and a lot. To do this, use special programs, some of which are used online, but many of them can be downloaded and installed on a PC. For professional planning, multidisciplinary programs are suitable that make it possible to design houses from scratch.

In this case, we immediately warn you that such programs are difficult to learn and expensive. For beginners, it will be the best solution to use free platforms, and do all the work automatically.

You will find it useful:

  • Programs for design and calculation of the foundation.
  • Software for calculating doors and windows.
  • Software for creating a roof project.

  • Staircase design software if you decide to build a two-story house.
  • Software for designing a wooden building.
  • Software for calculating and creating a ventilation system project.
  • Software for creating electrical diagrams.

From the received drawings in different programs, you will be able to draw up a working and, most importantly, a complete project yourself.

And with a competent study of details in design and drawing programs, you will receive excellent drawings of a section of a house and facades.

Cost of project development

When you develop a project individually, you will have to spend a lot more. So, to buy a project of a frame house, which is already ready, but will be fully adapted to your conditions, it will be about 25,000 rubles. The price for planning from scratch ranges from 3,000 rubles to 8,000 rubles per 1 m 2 .


As you can see, there are many different options to get the coveted project.

In any case, in 95% of cases you will still have to pay for the project, and it does not matter whether it is a complete development or a rework of an existing one, which will be found on the Internet. But do not forget about one golden rule, that "the miser pays twice", and treat the choice of the project with all responsibility.