where to order and how to formalize? Tips + Videos

where to order and how to formalize? Tips + Videos The master plan of the site where construction works are planned provides for the implementation of two tasks.

The first is the formation of a document for agreement with the competent authorities, in this case the BTI. It is this state structure that gives permission for construction, laying of engineering networks.

The local administration and the architectural department monitor compliance with the general plan for the construction of a city or any other settlement, as well as the construction of communication routes in accordance with safety requirements.

General information

For example, drawing up a general plan of a site in accordance with fire safety standards, provides for the presence of a roadway on the building site at a distance of at least five meters from the walls of the house, and its width be at the level of 3.

5 meters. This ensures the unimpeded movement of fire trucks in case of need for rescue operations.

The second task of organizing the general plan of the construction site is to obtain a developed project that will help to arrange a house and additional buildings, flower beds, front gardens, a pool, gazebos, and so on with maximum convenience. Even when choosing a standard project, try to take into account the features of the building area in order to get a comfortable layout as a result.

Development of the master plan of the site is carried out in the form of drawings in compliance with the scale of 1: 500 or 1: 2000 on a topographic basis with explanations.

The site plan includes a set of documents:

  • where to order and how to formalize? Tips + Videos General plan of the construction site - the main drawing document with a diagram planning of the building area, designation of objects, buildings, bushes, trees, paths, sites, etc.
  • The base plan is presented in the form of a diagram with marks of buildings that are already on the site, communication systems and plants.
  • The situational plan for the development of the site provides for the designation of the layout of buildings within the settlement.
  • The general diagram of utility networks makes it possible to imagine how these systems will be located on the site, as well as the points of their entry into buildings.
  • The layout of the site along the vertical, as well as the preparation of engineering systems, shows the nature of the work on the territory, indicating the elevation marks (initial and final) at different points.

  • Scheme of the use of the site during construction.
  • A note with explanatory symbols, indicators of the technical and economic direction, which relate to the size of the site, construction, landscaping, laying paths, etc.

Note. You can order a master plan of a land plot in an architectural bureau at an affordable cost. Experts will prepare a site plan and receive development approval from the relevant authorities for you.

How to draw up a master plan for the development of a land plot correctly?

The success of drawing up a master plan for a suburban area for construction depends on compliance with control zones. According to one of them, in those places where communication systems pass, it is impossible to erect houses and additional buildings, including planting tall trees.

The distance between buildings on the site is regulated by fire safety rules, and certainly not by personal ideas about it. On the territory of the construction of the house, it is necessary to create a drainage system in order to prevent the formation of swamp mash. It is she who contributes to the drainage of the site and prevents flooding.

If you have purchased a plot with a beautiful landscape, try to plan the location of the objects with the indication of viewpoints.

If you are the owner of an uneven area, with angles sloping in a certain direction, then the house should preferably be erected on a hill in order to avoid flooding. In addition, experts recommend placing buildings on small slopes parallel to the horizontal plane. Construction of buildings with a slope greater than 1: 2 requires mandatory strengthening of the earth cover, using retaining walls and other additional structures. The norms for the construction of residential buildings determine the distance from the cordons of the site at 5 - 6 m, and at least 3 m from the bordering sites.

Drawing up a master plan for a plot with a house simplifies the work on the construction of buildings, since it acts as a kind of landmark. You can get a visual idea of ​​the planned objects on the territory.

It is very important to make the plan for the development of the land plot detailed and well-executed, then you will not have any problems with approval.

A fixed price for drawing up a master plan for building a site is not approved, since everything is directly dependent on the area of ​​the territory. The cost is formed for 1 square meter.

The average price for the creation of a master plan ranges from 1.5 thousand rubles. Also, it can be noted that there is a certain pattern in the formation of the estimate, which manifests itself in the fact that for a larger area at the rate of 1 m², you will pay cheaper than for a small area.


For example, for a plot of 1 100 m 2 you will have to pay 1 650 000 million rubles, if you count at the average cost ..

. Of course, the cost of the site master plan is not small, but you get a guarantee of high-quality development of the plan in an extremely short time. After receiving the plan in hand, you can independently contact the housing inspectorate or order this service for an additional fee in the same architectural bureau in which the drawings were developed. Remember that without a plan issued by a government agency, your development will be considered illegal.