Where to put fridge magnets: interesting ideas

Where to put fridge magnets: interesting ideas Where to remove the magnets from the refrigerator, if there is no place + how to hide other souvenirs

"These are Venetian masks, and they symbolize something. And here in the bag there is sand from the Bali beach, there were still shells, but the children had taken them somewhere. Beads, probably, Mexican, and maybe even Cuban, I don’t remember ...

And this is a very cool thing, but I don’t remember what it is for at all "- this is how stories about souvenirs kept at home look in most cases.

Moreover, every year there is more and more such goodness, which means that, like other things that create an individual interior and mood, no less than pieces of furniture or a color scheme, they need to properly organize storage.

We suggest you consider where to put the fridge magnets, the collection of which is constantly replenished, and we also suggest considering where to hide the rest of the souvenirs.

Place for magnets

Probably the number one in the list of the most popular and impulse purchases from vacation are precisely the magnets from vacation. By the way, they do not have to hang in this place at all, because when you open the refrigerator door, they will often fall, and therefore it will be difficult to put things in order.

If you have a large collection, then treat your treasures accordingly - think about the storage space:

  1. Hang all the magnets on metal slope outside the window. All neighbors and birds in the area also have the right to know that you have been to Thailand 7 times and ordered pizza delivery 30 times. True, such an exposition will have to be closed for the winter period.
  2. Where to put fridge magnets: interesting ideas Pay attention to other items of the kitchen interior. Even if you don't spend as much time with such items as with the refrigerator itself.

    The dishwasher, stove, range hood, and toaster should be decorated too, but in moderation.

  3. Create thematic exhibitions. Magnets should be grouped by continents, countries, themes, or at least by colors, or you can make plots from them, and put the excess in boxes and slide under the table with your foot.
  4. Magnetic primer. Only for 600 rubles will you become the happy owner of a half-kilogram can of an unusual primer, to which all magnets will reach.

    The material can be applied to cardboard, wood and even plastic surfaces. After drying, the primer can be painted - its properties will not deteriorate from this.

  5. Purchase of a magnetic board on the wall. Suitable as an office board, on which you can write with a marker, and you can also use it as a special board for hanging knives.
  6. Decorate the walls with magnetic tapes.

    This material looks like the simplest scotch tape, but it can support the weight of magnets.This method will differ favorably from the board in that you can create any drawings with the help of a tape, and by the way, it will be convenient to mask wires and cracks with magnetic tape. The issue price is 200-300 rubles.

Such methods will help you a lot if you do not want to part with your favorite magnets

Postcards and cards on the board

Now you know where to put the fridge magnets, but find space for other souvenirs too. We suggest that you take a large-sized cork board, unfold it and glue a map of the world on it, and then use the buttons to mark the countries you have visited - photos from the trip, plane tickets, small souvenirs on strings, beads, bracelets, key rings can be placed around every place visited.

You will get a very unusual decorative element, which, in addition to beauty, will also carry meaning.

Edible memories have a place in the kitchen

Some people have a habit of bringing the national food of the country they have visited from vacation, and then store all the drinks and cans they drink on top of a kitchen cabinet, in such a "walk of fame". In principle, this is a good option if your dishwasher works great and it copes well with the dust that settles on them. Ideally, throw away the food container immediately.

Matches only under glass

And now we are talking about the glass of the kitchen apron.

We invite you to see how beautiful a collection of matchboxes from different countries of the world looks in such a place. If you have a very extensive collection, then besides beauty, you can also save a couple of meters on finishing the wall surface between the lower and upper tiers of the kitchen space.

Beads for curtains

Unusually beautiful ethnic beads that do not fit clothes for city outlets in any way can be used to decorate the kitchen interior - they tie curtains, curtains in the bathroom room or even hang on a chandelier.

T-shirts for pets

In general, this applies to any T-shirts, not just those that were bought spontaneously in a souvenir shop - full we seriously suggest giving them good hands. All you have to do is slip an old pillow into the T-shirt and tie the sleeves with a knot, and you have a great place for your pet with a replacement pillowcase (which could be another T-shirt from another trip).

A place for beautiful textiles in the frame

National patterns in interior decor are an inexhaustible theme. On vacation in exotic countries, it will be easy enough to find unusual samples that you can pack in a suitcase and bring home (as opposed to shells or starfish, which cannot be transported). After you spend time and bring beautiful samples, you will need to walk a few more kilometers to the framing workshop to choose a beautiful frame and order the framing by size.

Shells and pebbles as decor for a sanitary facility

And yet, how nice it is sometimes to pull off half a kilo of sand from the beach, a bucket of pebbles and 145th account for a shell in your home collection (well, after all, very beautiful!) or even a starfish. And how difficult it is then to throw it all in the trash, or everything is kept at home, takes up a lot of space, and you don't know what to do with it.

In fact, there are a lot of options - if you have the strength for a relatively small repair in a sanitary unit or a bathroom, then you can spread the stones and create beautiful fragments on the wall - then you will definitely not forget about your vacation, and you will also be very happy that you will not in vain they collected everything and drove home.

Please note, that the photo is not exactly beach pebbles, but a factory collection that imitates turned stones. Try to calculate the actual wall area in your bathroom - for finishing work in small sanitary facilities, such as in typical homes, you will need more than 10 m 1 material, and you will need to export a few bags pebbles to repeat the solution shown in the photo. It will be much easier to buy ready-made tile material.

Where to put fridge magnets: interesting ideas By the way, by analogy with the idea of ​​where to put the magnets from the refrigerator, we suggest you make a glass "showcase "with a marine collection, where each souvenir will have its own" house "made of glass.

You need to add soft lighting, sign all the exhibits, and you get an amazing, mysterious world where the power of the seas and memories will be enclosed. Thus, you will be able to store any items, even bottles washed ashore.

A couple of stones to create DIY magnets

You can stick shells and pebbles on magnets, and for example fasten them using a photo on the refrigerator. This will make much more sense than the constant purchase of the same type of souvenir magnets, and besides, your children will definitely like the process of creation.

Shells as a material for creativity

If you need to keep the children busy, and at the same time you want to decorate the apartment, you can try to play a creative master class - take the ones brought from rest starfish, seashells and paint them in bright colors, and then tie with a rope.

The resulting panel can be decorated, and then hang it on the wall in the shower or add the romance of the sea to the bathroom. By the way, stars are effective in and of themselves, so you don't even need to collect them into a single panel.

Every little thing - on the floor

If you travel often enough, then you probably have a lot of small coins from different countries, and often leave at home, even if after a while you go back to the same country again. Over several years of active travel, a lot of coins can accumulate to decorate a shower tray.In the end, you can always supplement a foreign collection with Soviet and Russian kopecks you are used to.

Group similar items

If you like to collect cups, Buddha figurines or copies of architectural monuments, it is worth organizing your collection according to the principle of similarity. Then place everything in a visible place - on a shelf or above your bed.

Good advice! From time to time it is necessary to send some figurines or models to "rest" in stock, and to update the exhibition collection with new, just brought objects. For these purposes, it is recommended to collect a separate souvenir shelf or even a couple.

For small things - glass vases

Any things that are stored under glass, or decorated in a frame, automatically become a meaningful and beautiful interior element .

.. Even ordinary wine corks with such a ceremonial design will look very impressive. Pay attention to the fact that in addition to the decorative component, you can also save yourself from cleaning problems, because washing one glass vase will be much easier than removing dust from fifty seashells.


And at the end I would like to give some advice - when buying souvenirs, think about what exactly will suit your interior.

But it will be irrational to think over all the little things while traveling, so it is better not to think about anything and buy for your pleasure, and as you already know, there will always be a place for souvenirs, or at worst, you can give away everything that is unnecessary.

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