Where to put the oven in the kitchen - the best installation options: Tips

Where to put the oven in the kitchen - the best installation options: Tips Where to put the oven - ideal locations. The oven is a rather important device that is required not only for cooking, but also in order to complement the interior of the kitchen. The oven should be placed in such a way that it in no way interferes with cooking the hostess and is as convenient as possible to use. It is better to think about placing the oven in the kitchen when buying or choosing a suitable model.

When you read the information in the article, you will find useful recommendations on how important it is to consider many factors when installing such devices.

Basic rules for installation

There are not so many basic rules that must be taken into account when choosing a place to install the oven, but try not to forget about them.

So, it's worth remembering the following.

  1. First of all, you should pay attention to the working triangle - zones for washing, storage, cooking. It is best to place these zones so that you get an equilateral perfect triangle.
  2. The mounting height of the oven must be taken into account.

    She should be as comfortable as possible - often housewives have to check if the dish is ready, and at the same time the woman does not need to bend too low, because otherwise her back will hurt a lot. It is better to place the oven at a height of 0.5 to 0.8 meters from the floor surface, but in any case it is important to take into account your characteristics, that is, growth. Position the control panel so the digital display is taller than your head so you don't have to constantly bend over or lift your head.

  3. Do not place the hob and oven near the refrigerator, because doing so may negatively affect all appliances. Do not lean such devices against the wall, but rather leave a few centimeters of free space.
  4. Do not place the gas oven and hob away from the gas pipes. E If for some reason you felt that there was a smell of gas, you will need to immediately get to the tap that closes it. The flexible hose should not be very long, otherwise it can be easily damaged.

  5. When carrying out installation work, be sure to provide sockets. If there is an electric ignition in the oven, then this is a prerequisite. Make sure that the socket is close to the oven, as this will make it much easier to use.
  6. Remember that the use of household appliances for the kitchen should be as convenient as possible, and, moreover, no appliances should interfere with your movement around the kitchen when cooking. The oven doors should open easily downward and the baking tray should slide out without difficulty.

Now let's consider how and where to put the equipment.

Layout options

Standard placement

Where to put the oven in the kitchen - the best installation options: Tips Most people prefer to install ovens under the hob. This installation method is the most popular, but it also has some drawbacks - standard ovens are quite dangerous for small children, and it is not very convenient to clean them of various types of contamination. The optimal height of the working surface for a person will be from 0.8 to 1.

15 meters, and the free space in front of the oven should be at least 0.7 meters.

For hot air to circulate freely, you should leave at least 0.7 cm between the hob and the oven, and preferably more. Do not install the oven near curtains or near a window.

To avoid excessive heating of the elements, excellent thermal insulation should be provided (if the cooking surface is electric). Some devices even have special filters that can absorb grease and other contaminants.

Non-standard options

How to choose the place where to put the oven if the standard option does not suit you? It can be positioned at the level of the person's head, as well as under and above the table top. Such ovens will not pose a danger to children, because they are very convenient to use. If the oven is placed outside the box, then it is much better when the door is hinged and opens to the right or left.

But non-standard ovens also have extremely important disadvantages - for example, a large energy capacity and a much higher cost. But with all this, they outperform conventional models in that they differ in wider functionality and capabilities.

Please note, that non-standard types of ovens should be installed only on perfectly flat surfaces. It is best to entrust the installation work to experienced professionals who will certainly take into account all safety regulations. If the oven is installed incorrectly, then it can fail in a short time.

In order for the device to work and delight you as long as possible, you should carefully consider where it will stand.

Where you can build the oven

A tall cabinet with space for the oven in the kitchen is a fairly common option. This option can rightfully be called successful, because it is suitable only for a room of a sufficiently large size. Such a kitchen should have a lot of work surfaces, and some even manage to build an oven in the island in the kitchen. This option will be ideal if there are no curious little children in the apartment, but the oven itself is not used very often.

The oven can be built into a large cabinet - an additional work surface. This method is a hundred times better than a pencil case, because an additional cabinet can be used in any way - to place a sugar bowl on it, various jars and much more.This way of placing the cabinet is perfect for a medium-sized room (without a large number of cooking surfaces, but also without a shortage of them). In Russian apartments, a sink is often placed in the corner. It should be noted that this option is not the most successful - it is better to install it as close to the window as possible.

In this part of the kitchen, there is much more light and variety. It is best to put a built-in oven in the corner, which can be installed at any height (of course, taking into account functionality and convenience).

In order to save as much space as possible in the kitchen, some people prefer to install built-in ovens above the dishwasher or washing machine. This location option is very interesting, but keep in mind the fact that there may be problems with the coincidence of the dimensions of the oven and dishwasher. Some people argue that they would not dare to install a device next to each other that will work with water and a heating element nearby.

To avoid unnecessary risks, it is best to make a distance of at least 1 meter between them, and place the oven on another wall.

A little about modern kitchen equipment and its placement

As standard, the hob and oven are combined as one appliance, and most often with a height 0. 76 meters, 4 burners above the oven. Having a separate wall-mounted oven (and sometimes even two!) Seems interesting enough for most home cooks who are thinking about how best to remodel the kitchen. Are you learning a new technique and would like to know more? Not all appliances that you may like are able to match your interior - some configurations are suitable only for one type of room, while for another it is better to choose a different option.

Here you will find everything, but at the same time we will consider where to put this or that oven.

Double oven

Where to put the oven in the kitchen - the best installation options: Tips Separate ovens from hob give much more flexibility in terms of layout. Moreover, most people prefer to climb up to the stove instead of leaning toward it. It's really much easier. If you like this placement and can also find a place in the kitchen for your microwave, this is a great option.

In the kitchen, as shown, the microwave is housed in a drawer that is hidden at the back of the island - a great solution. The main sink on the island allows the perfectly smooth electric hob surface to be positioned against the back wall. The double ovens are available in widths of 61, 68.5 and 76 cm, the height can be different.

Stack of two ovens

This may be the most common arrangement of a double oven, because most manufacturers try to produce such variants.

Most furniture factories also offer tall standard ovens like this.The double oven unit is often equipped with two or one drawer at the bottom. The device is usually located at a height of 0.25 to 0.4 meters above the floor surface, including legroom.

Combination of microwave, single oven and drawer for warming up

This is also a fairly common arrangement. Great if you have room for tall cabinets. It will turn out much more beautiful if you also install something with a similar height next to it - another cabinet or refrigerator - stylish furniture in the kitchen space does not harm anyone. This setup is a great option for saving as much free space as possible.

Two ovens together at the same height

This arrangement is most common in modern new kitchens.

It is likely that there is room in your kitchen unit for tall cabinets with ovens. You will be able to install them side by side. Make the lower and upper part of the cabinet section a pantry for food. In certain modern kitchens, you can see single ovens that are installed side by side at the same height, and sometimes even with drawers for heating. It looks like a design decision if the height of the island's countertop makes it possible to abandon another tall cabinet.

In such a kitchen, the interior will turn out to be half-open, and the decoration around the refrigerator helps to visually divide the room.

Floor standing ovens - single and double

Another option would be to buy a separate oven in the base cabinet next to the hob. Just look how beautiful such ovens look on both sides of the hob! Most may ask, why not create a one and a half meter stove with two large, full-size ovens and a large number of burners, of course, this is not a bad option, but then you will face a shortage of work surfaces. Two separate devices that are built into the kitchen island are also an excellent option, which makes it possible to create additional work surfaces and get rid of the need to install tall cabinets - sometimes, by the way, there is no place for such cabinets in kitchens at all. One oven, which is installed in the base of the cabinet under the hob, is also a good option.

But here you should be careful - not all devices are compatible. It is worth making sure that both items have enough room and they will match.

The best ovens

B lu e St a r (wall oven)

In addition to the world famous built-in ovens, we suggest you explore a couple of unique models to help you escape the beaten path in kitchen design. For example, look at a 91cm wall oven fitted with a French door.


This is a great addition for a wall-mounted oven.

They will give scope for culinary experiments, and even the simplest grilled chicken carcass will turn out to be much tastier and softer.

Electric oven S О U 330X

This model differs from most other topics, then it has fully retractable grilles - you must agree that this is very comfortably. The size of the stove is 76 cm, and the cost is about 2,200 US dollars.

Electric double oven GЕ

This is a twin oven model that is powered by electricity, measures 76 cm in size and costs about US $ 2,700. If you don't have more space for more than one wall-mounted oven, get a 2 in 1 device!

Steam oven with convector

Cost such an advanced device is 2,800 US dollars.

Steam ovens are an incredible new addition to modern kitchen appliances. Healthy food is food that is cooked without the use of oil, and all kinds of light baked goods, homemade bread and healthy food will come to your home with such a smart and healthy appliance.