Where to start repairs in the kitchen - we do not recommend a design project: Review + Video

Where to start repairs in the kitchen - we do not recommend a design project: Review + Video Where to start repairs in the kitchen - we do not recommend a design project

Repair work in any other indoor apartments will not be as complicated as in the kitchen. Unlike other rooms, here it is required to provide not only comfort, but also maximum practicality, durability, choose the right combination of plumbing, household appliances, decoration and furniture. This is not an easy task, and therefore it is worthwhile to approach it consistently.

How to start a kitchen renovation?

The most important steps towards renovation

Where to start repairs in the kitchen - we do not recommend a design project: Review + Video Whoever says that the most important thing is drawing up a design project, it is worth noting something else. To begin with, it is worth conducting a competent analysis of the premises, and for yourself personally paint what does not suit you.

For example, you want a light room (and the windows face the north side), so we indicate this item in the list and write what is required for it (many lamps). We do the same with everything else - you need to highlight what you need, what you don't like, and how you can fix it.

With such a list, you can go to the designer, who will find it easier to understand and dive into the problem in order to find the best solutions. By the way, it is not at all necessary to involve a specialist to create a design project - if you wish, you can even cope with this on your own.

And don't forget to calculate your repair needs correctly.

For example, in new buildings there is no decoration, but usually there are all communications (new), and there is no need to replace them - which means that all that remains is to choose household appliances, decoration and furniture. If the communications are in good condition, and you need to change the finish, then find a way to carry out the dismantling so as not to damage the rest. As for the overhaul, in this case it is worth starting with the complete dismantling of everything, even the window block, but here you need to choose the correct restoration sequence.

The importance of planning

Before starting work, you should not only see the final picture, but also clearly understand what sequence the plan will consist of, and how much more funds will be required and materials. Agree that there is no point in assembling the lockers, and then replacing the pipes inside them - so you can ruin everything at once, create inconvenience and overpay once again.

You shouldn't completely rely on the first master whose number you found, try to talk a little with home repair specialists, to understand the intricacies. Craftsmen who see an inexperienced customer are likely to try to sell you services and goods that are optional, and a bonus will also be a markup. The cost of consumables should be checked in different places to find a fair value and even save money.

When selecting consumables, focus on materials that are not related to decor.Only when a reliable and durable base for decor is ready, you will definitely be sure that you have not spent in vain, because the latter can be quite expensive and lead you astray.

Even if you have calculated everything, do not rush to immediately order materials, it is better to "convey" the plan in your head, to think it over again so that there are no doubts. If everything is in order, it remains only to postpone the full cost of the repair and only after that you can contact the specialists to agree on the exact date and scope of work.

The sequence of work - in stages

The correct algorithm of actions, which assumes the stages of performing work in a strict order is already half the success and reduces the risk of delays and unforeseen expenses. In order to better explain how to start repairing the kitchen with your own hands (and we are talking about a major transformation), we will briefly consider the main types of work.


If you carry out work in a new building, and there was no repair before, then this stage will not have to go through, because there is nothing to dismantle.

But this cannot be avoided with a major overhaul of a secondary apartment. The fact is that dismantling is not that difficult, but most owners prefer to do the work on their own, however, with the kitchen everything is not so simple - the same pipes are difficult to disassemble without the necessary tools. If a man knows how to repair, he can try to do everything himself, but if you are not sure of his strength, call the masters.

Please note, that it is worth talking about garbage disposal separately. There is usually a lot of it, and it can be more difficult to take out on your own than to remove the old finish.

Pickup is quoted as a separate service, and the cost should be specified in advance. Get ready to buy dozens of bags, which will also result in additional expenses.

Surface preparation

In general, this stage can also be attributed to dismantling, but not everyone understands that removing the old paint layer is also a dismantling job ...

All that is required at first is cleaning the walls of concrete. Most types of wall and ceiling decoration can only be possible on a perfectly flat surface, and therefore it makes sense to wash the ceiling and walls from grease, dirt and mold, and then level them.


This is the first stage in which you will not only need to break, but also be able to bring something new. As a rule, the removal of the old window and the installation of a new one are performed by the same masters, and the procedure takes a little time - usually no more than 2-3 hours. He starts with the installation of windows due to the fact that their replacement provokes the destruction of the wall sections that adjoin them, which means that after finishing it will be too late to do this.

Please note that for most companies, the installation and repair of the slope is a different service that is performed by different specialists, because everything needs to be planned so that future repairs do not spoil the fresh slopes.


This stage is quite difficult to plan, and because of this, inexperienced craftsmen often make many mistakes. Before you start wiring, you should competently think over the entire configuration of electrical appliances in the kitchen - since we are doing a major overhaul, you need to do everything so that adapters and tees are not required in the future. If the electrical wiring is laid in the wall, then the surface should be gouged, and then leveled, although at the moment the wires are not always hidden inside in order to make them easier to replace. It is important to lead out the ends of the wires for sockets, lighting fixtures and switches, although the covers have not yet been put on them, and are limited to protruding contacts that are not connected.


The sequence of kitchen repair, where to start replacing communications - we have already considered, and after the electrician it is worth switching to pipes. The installation of sanitary structures in general will resemble the installation of wiring, but the only difference is that such work is geographically limited. In terms of the renovated premises, think in advance where all the equipment that needs to be connected to the sewerage and water supply will be located. In most modern kitchens, such communications are not limited only to washing - they often put a washing machine and dishwashers right there.


After finishing with communications, it's time to move on to the stylistic design of the room.

It is worth starting finishing work from the top, gradually moving downward - so the falling fragments and splashes will not contaminate the floor and will not even stain it, because it is not there. Materials must be selected in strict accordance with the conditions of destruction that develop in the kitchen. A prerequisite is increased resistance to humidity and high temperatures, and often the walls that adjoin the work area (apron) must be able to withstand any temperatures, not burn even when in contact with fire, and still be easy to clean of dirt.


Where to start repairs in the kitchen - we do not recommend a design project: Review + Video To protect the floor from damage or pollution, it is brought in order last. Refining is probably the longest-running part of a kitchen renovation.

Since during capital work it is supposed to pour a new concrete screed, such a coating will dry out for a long time. It is unacceptable to start laying on an incompletely dry screed - with such an ill-considered decision, you will greatly reduce the operational life of the coating.

On special occasions, the flooring steps are intertwined with the ceiling and wall finishes. For example, if the main preparation work is completed, and all that remains is to paint the walls, but for some reason there will be a long break in the work, you can pour the concrete screed right now.You will move on to painting the walls when the floor dries out, but the coating will not be laid - paint splashes in themselves are not terrible if they are covered from above with a laminate or another floor.

Furniture, appliances and accessories

When all the steps listed above have been completed, you will have a beautiful and neat, but not completely practical and even empty kitchen at your disposal. Its further arrangement will be divided into two types - independent and professional. Modern kitchens are not a set of accessories that are taken separately - most of the components are interconnected, and therefore the owner of the apartment cannot cope with the installation of the entire system. The final design of the same electrician, the installation of household appliances with connection to the main communications - these are all tasks that are usually entrusted to professionals. But you don't even need to know the exact installation procedure, the main thing is to be present in order to control the quality of the work.

Now you know where to start your kitchen renovation step by step. The final touch will be to independently bring the kitchen to its final condition for everyday use. This consists in arranging dishes and pieces of furniture, hanging window textiles and ennobling the room, and it all starts with commonplace things, for example, general cleaning. In practice, bringing the kitchen to mind can take a month, but the use of the room will be possible earlier - immediately after all the equipment is connected, the headset is assembled and the dining table is installed.

Major mistakes

Inexperience is often a huge problem for customers who are eager to do everything as soon as possible, which is why they run into a problem with a lot of spending money, as well as the impossibility of translating the plans into reality, although the funds for repairs have already been partially spent.

To warn readers, consider the most popular mistakes, because it is not in vain that they say that "learn from other people's mistakes."

The first and most important thing is to start repairs without a plan, in the hope that it will be possible to figure it out "on the fly." Repair work in the kitchen, especially major ones, cannot be quick, and it will certainly take several weeks, but if you do as described above, the room can plunge into chaos for months or even years. Without sufficient information about the cost of the desired result, most owners start work for which they simply do not have the money, which is why they have to redraw the project more than once along the way. Do not be surprised that with this approach, the room will not look much like what you would like to see.

In the worst case, one cannot exclude the possibility that you will simply break everything, and there may simply not be enough money for restoration.

Going far ahead, which turns money into consumables. Even with good planning, expectation and reality rarely coincide - there are too many details that need to be reconciled.

Purchase of furniture in advance.This option is even more striking work for the future, because a headset or a table can be expensive, and you should choose them only for a ready-made design.

When buying these accessories, you will no longer be ready to easily change everything else, which means that it will be difficult to deviate from the original plan, even if there are flaws in it.