Whether to make a Child lock on plastic windows: protection against falling out of children from windows

Whether to make a Child lock on plastic windows: protection against falling out of children from windows Foreseeing trouble will help reduce its result to zero. In order to prevent accidents with children in the event of their falling out of an open window, it is necessary to take maximum measures to prevent this situation. One measure, in the form of installing a child lock, should not be limited.

Along with gluing a protective film against inadvertent glass breakage and installing external metal grilles, it is necessary to install a locking mechanism on the window sashes.

For the safety of the baby, all measures will be good.

Child lock on windows

General information

Whether to make a Child lock on plastic windows: protection against falling out of children from windows The development of technology in the field of windows for the home has led to an improvement in product quality and at the same time to simplify the use of the mechanical part. The latch system has been completely replaced with a simple single locking mechanism with a handle.

Even a small child can use it. This simplicity has become a negative factor in the progress in the production of window fittings, creating the danger of causing harm by negligence for young children.

To address this problem, a number of additional locking mechanisms were urgently developed.

They serve as a reliable obstacle for a child to open the window, but do not interfere with the functional performance of the system for ventilation and maintenance of the structure.

Technical characteristics by types of closures

Handle with built-in wrench mechanism

  • Whether to make a Child lock on plastic windows: protection against falling out of children from windows The appearance does not differ from the standard handle.
  • Added an internal lock mechanism that is activated by turning a key.
  • In the closed position, it is impossible to perform operations to open the transom.
  • If it is necessary to ventilate the room, the window is tilted to the desired position and the handle is fixed with a key.

    From this position without a key, it will not work to open or return the sash to the opposite position.

  • Such a device is installed in place of the standard handle.

The disadvantage of this lock is the need to have a key with you and not one, but in an amount equal to the number of windows with such a mechanism. Difficulties may arise in case of loss or in case of emergency. It is important to have a separate and not accessible place for storing keys.

We need constant monitoring so as not to leave the key in the lock.

Overhead lock mechanism with key

  • Whether to make a Child lock on plastic windows: protection against falling out of children from windows Consists of a main unit with a key mechanism and a metal bracket for the lock tongue.
  • The main lock is attached from the bottom of the sash with self-tapping screws and a drill.
  • In a similar way, the bracket is attached to the window frame opposite the lock.
  • The device in the closed position does not interfere with the opening of the transom for airing the room, but to fully open the window, open it with a key.

The inconvenience, in this case, is only in determining the hidden place for storing keys. Installation entails a violation of the integrity of the window structure.

Built-in lock

  • Such a mechanism is mounted inside the frame profile.
  • In the closed position, it does not allow the sash to open completely, but does not interfere with opening it for the passage of fresh air.
  • Features a hidden installation and does not attract attention.

The key must also be in a certain place out of the reach of children. Installation entails a violation of the integrity of the lock structure.

Lock with a cover

  • This is an addition to the standard lock in the form of a strip with a movable cover. It is designed to close access to the locking mechanism.
  • The cover is installed in place of the removed standard handle using screws.

  • The lock is opened with a removable handle supplied with a plug. In this case, the plug is folded up and opens access to the lock.
  • After carrying out the necessary actions with the transom, the handle is removed and retracted into an inaccessible place for children.

The advantage of this design can be considered cheapness, simplicity and the ability to open all windows with one handle.

The inconvenience lies in the bulkiness of the handle as a storage item.

Shutter with rope stop

  • Consists of three parts. The main mechanism with a connector and a turnkey lock is mounted on the frame.
  • The second part with a fixed cable sleeve is attached to the sash.
  • The cable itself. Connects the two parts at a distance that allows you to open the sash for ventilation.

Such a lock is installed on budget windows without a folding sash mechanism.

The only inconvenience is the keys.

Installation entails violation of the integrity of the window structure.

Window openers

These mechanisms are metal or plastic slats that are attached by the main hinge device to the window frame. The strips themselves have slots with clips at a certain distance from each other.

With their help, they engage in a hook with a latch attached to the sash. Slots allow you to hold the transom at different angles.

Such mechanisms are installed at different levels of the window.

Such locks are less reliable compared to locks, but in combination with other devices that ensure child safety, they give a positive result.

Attention! All of these devices are not only suitable for tilt-and-turn windows, but are also fully suitable for use on sliding windows, both horizontal and vertical.


Saving on the safety of your own and your children is a bad option. It is necessary to take the full range of measures and not be limited to only one level of protection. Each element in the complex will bring peace and confidence that everything is under complete control.

The use of self-made devices is not recommended. It is better to trust in this matter professional manufacturers with proven quality.