Which antenna for the TV in the country to choose? Tips + Videos

Which antenna for the TV in the country to choose? Tips + Videos Usually we imagine the country life is very busy: planting, watering, weeding and other things on the site or in the country house somewhere in the Kaluga region. A pleasant company and a TV will help you to relax and unwind after a hard day. How to choose an antenna for a summer residence so that the image on the screen and sound are of high quality?

From this article you will learn the pros and cons of different types of antennas, you will understand how to install them correctly in order to get the strongest signal and access to a large number of TVs -channels.

When choosing an antenna device for a summer residence, find out at what distance the TV tower and repeaters are located. The quality of the picture depends on the distance.

So at a distance of 70 km from the TV tower, the TV will show worse than the one that is 40 km - 60 km from it. Select the antenna taking into account the terrain in your area, whether there is a forest belt or a hill nearby. If these factors are present, signal transmission obstacles can arise.

What are TV antennas, their pros and cons

Satellite antenna

The principle of its operation is that it receives a signal not from a TV tower, but from a satellite. It is a body with a metal disc.

It reflects television waves and sends it to a feed with a convector. The signal is then sent to the tuner and displayed on the screen.

Such antennas are distinguished by the stability of broadcasting and the transmission of high-quality images. To output a picture to a TV, you need a receiver that decodes sound and image.

Which antenna for the TV in the country to choose? Tips + Videos A significant disadvantage of satellite antennas is the high price and the presence of a monthly fee.

In addition, only a modern TV can be connected to it.

Signal quality decreases on days of heavy rainfall and frost.

Installation of a satellite dish is made from the south side of the country house. For mounting, you will need to purchase a special bracket that will allow the antenna to rotate in two planes to search for a signal. Before starting the installation, it is best to consult a specialist and watch a video to find out information about where it is best to fix it.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: It is not always possible to direct your antenna to the desired satellite. If it is not possible to eliminate the interference, then you can use any satellite in the antenna coverage area.

"Polish" or terrestrial antenna

These antennas have gained great popularity among the inhabitants of our country due to their low cost. Such a receiver covers a significant range of MV and UHF television channels. When connected to an amplifier, it is able to pick up even a weak signal.

At a dacha in the Moscow region, you can do without a power supply unit, and without an amplifier; for high-quality reception, a matching board will be enough.

The disadvantage of "Polish" antennas is the uneven amplification of the television signal.The sensors of the TV tower emit signals of different power, and the amplifier increases them all to the same power. As a result, a skewed picture appears on the TV screen and the sound is distorted.

What installation height to choose for the "Polish" antenna for giving

The height to which it will be necessary to raise and fix the antenna is determined depending on the signal.

For this, the antenna is connected to the TV and directed towards the TV tower. You need to raise it very slowly, while simultaneously monitoring the quality of the picture and sound on the TV. In the event that after raising the antenna to a height of 5-6 meters, the signal is transmitted clearly, then it is necessary to raise it another meter and securely fix it.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: the "Polish" antenna is best fixed under a roof, so it will not deteriorate from bad weather.

UHF antennas

This type of device broadcasts digital and analogue channels.

It can be installed without an amplifier in the city, when the tower is located nearby. If you plan to connect an antenna in the Moscow region or in the Leningrad region, then you will have to purchase an amplifier.

UHF antennas are available in the following types: wave channel, spiral, dielectric and rhombic. All of them receive a signal along the geometrical axis from which electromagnetic waves radiate.

When purchasing a narrow-band antenna, one should not forget that the signal is received only on one frequency channel, to which it will be tuned.

Double Square Antenna

It consists of two wire frames, adjustable by means of closed loops. Such devices make it possible to create a multi-band format for a television broadcasting system.

The main advantages of the "Double Square" for a TV set at the dacha are stable broadcasting and high reception power.

The range of frequencies received by the dacha antenna

Different TV companies broadcast at different frequencies. In order for the TV to show more channels, a wide range of the receiving device is required.

In Russia, most channels are broadcast on meter and decimeter waves of different frequencies. In order for the antenna to pick up a digital signal, its body must be marked DVB T2 and DVB-T. So the TV will transmit high-quality picture and sound.