which apron is better to choose- Review + Video

which apron is better to choose- Review + Video Choosing a fashionable and practical apron for a white kitchen. The working area for kitchens, which is also called an apron, in addition to its own practicality, is able to stand out and favorably emphasize the interior of the room due to its design. In particular, this will apply to those types of interior where white is the predominant color. Today, there are many options for finishing such a functional area of ​​the kitchen, where you can use the most daring shades, as well as various materials in order to cover the surface.

Consider which apron for a white kitchen is worth choosing.

Materials of manufacture

The interiors of the living quarters, including the kitchen, which are made in white, have been in trend for a long time. Still, the very light colors of the kitchen set and the entire design as a whole can be diluted with bright or non-standard accents when using different types of materials for cladding. In this case, designers may suggest that you allocate a working area in the room.

By the way, white can have many shades and variations, and a well-designed kitchen apron will help emphasize the snow-white interior, as well as bring brightness and variety. Today, a lot of modern and more traditional building materials can be used for decoration and finishing work in the working area.

For this reason, when choosing, you can be guided by personal tasty preferences, or take into account all fashion trends and recommendations from interior designers.

First of all, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the most demanded options:

  1. In the first place in the huge list of building materials for finishing the surface of a kitchen apron is everyone's favorite tile. It is a versatile and durable material, and in addition, tiles can perfectly cope with all the tasks assigned to them. The modern assortment makes it possible to choose everything in texture, size and even shape of products, and therefore for your beautiful snow-white kitchen you can definitely find a number of suitable materials for cladding the working area. This material can be laid using different methods, and due to which the attractiveness of the finish, as well as the decoration of the room as a whole, increases.

  2. which apron is better to choose- Review + Video An incredibly beautiful mosaic made of different types of materials will also act as a suitable option for decorating an apron in the kitchen. It can be made of one or even several materials, which will differ in color type and texture, due to which it is exactly suitable for the selected area. You can even make a panel of incredible beauty from a mosaic, which will decorate the interior and will be able to transform it, for example, in the patchwork style.
  3. The apron can be decorated with the help of modern, as well as quite practical plastic.PVC panels stand out for their high performance, and moreover, this type of cladding material has a relatively low cost.

    Products for decoration can be either monochromatic or colored, and the products compare favorably with their counterparts in the presence of various textures.

  4. Quite often in design solutions you can find glass instead of a kitchen apron in a white kitchen. This material, which has been hardened, looks very beautiful and original, and moreover, to create unusual and unique options for the decor of the apron, manufacturers offer products that have printed images. Another feature of glass will be the ability to visually increase the area of ​​the room, which is extremely important for old houses and apartments.

Please note, that today, matte, glossy, smooth or textured types of glass are also used for cladding.

Such a finish will perfectly fit into both the classic and the very modern version of the renovation and decoration of the main working area in the kitchen.

In addition to the basic variants of materials that are popular and sufficiently accessible to the general population, even rather unusual varieties of products can be used in the work for surface finishing.

  1. Brickwork is a fashionable solution for decorating most rooms in an apartment or house, including kitchens. Such a design of the surface of the walls will look inconspicuous, but at the same time extremely original. In addition, such a solution will be perfectly combined with different styles of interior design.

  2. which apron is better to choose- Review + Video You can continue the list of the most extravagant and unusual solutions if you make the surface of the walls from metal. Typically, this material can be used in the form of tiles or sheets. For kitchen cladding in white, you can choose smooth steel products without decor items or drawings, or vice versa, with printed images, glossy and matte options.
  3. A stone will also be a great indicator that a homeowner has great taste and loves luxury. As a rule, it is with these materials that not only the apron on the wall in the kitchen is trimmed, but also the countertop.

    Among the most popular varieties, it would be correct to highlight marble, which is definitely capable of transforming space and decoration due to its exotic appearance, but it is worth immediately considering the fact that such an idea is distinguished by its high cost. As an alternative to expensive marble, you can use other variations of stone, for example, granite or limestone.

  4. A white kitchen will look very nice if you make a wooden apron or use a material that will imitate wood. Such a design will be able to highlight the work area, and will also emphasize the cozy and homely atmosphere inside the kitchen.
  5. A multifunctional and interesting option would be the use of MDF panels.

    Due to the wide range of such material for snow-white kitchens, you can choose a huge number of options for finishing the work area, and imitate finishing for various expensive and elite options.

Now that everything is decided with the material, you can proceed to the selection of colors and shades.

Color palette

White is a universal color, and therefore, when choosing a suitable color design, you can safely give free rein to your imagination.

Dark shades

A white kitchen with a black, gray or brown backsplash is a great idea if you want to highlight the apron on a light background, but it is important to use dark colors with special care, especially if the kitchen area is not large. The main distinguishing feature of contrasting dark colors will be the ability to visually reduce the space.

Among the most popular ideas for kitchens, where the main color is white, black and white composition will be considered. It will be quite strict due to its clear lines and incredible contrast, but it can also become a highlight of the whole room. The second most popular companion color for a light kitchen will be precisely gray. Such variations with shades and colors are quite popular for design solutions.

Light shades

Despite the fact that white is a kind of base, and it can be classified as light shades in the palette, it is extremely common the apron in the kitchen is decorated in a similar color scheme.

In this case, you can use the idea of ​​combining two textures when finishing - if all the furniture inside the room is matte, then the apron should be made glossy in a light shade. Moreover, the work area in a white kitchen is often decorated in beige tones using mosaics or tiles. A rustic style will allow for subtle shades of green, turquoise or blue. Sand and cream shades of materials for wall decoration are also in trend.

Bright colors (accents)

Perhaps the most daring solution for decorating the working area will be the use of rich and bright colors that will contrast great with the main color of the kitchen.

In this version, such combinations are quite popular - red and white, yellow or orange with white, lilac / purple, and so on. The red shade can be used to decorate the work area with brickwork or material that mimics it. Among all other materials, you can use tiles, plastic and even glass of different colors for facing. In addition, an apron in bright and rich colors can be made using beautiful and bright photo printing, which will contain several bright shades at once or one basic one.

Variants with design and decoration

In order to choose the right option with the design of this part of the room, in addition to the selection of materials for decoration and colors, it is also worth considering the general concept kitchen design, because white interiors can be in many styles.

From among the most popular, it is worth highlighting modern, classic, rustic design options, high-tech, baroque, minimalism and many others. As for the largest group, that is, the classical style, in this direction, the kitchen will definitely have a certain similarity to the noble estates in terms of the setting, in which the white base color will be very useful. In this version, glass panels are most often used to decorate an apron.

In addition, the use of tile material can be considered as a popular solution in the classics. P This rather luxurious setting can be complemented with an apron in red-black or red-white versions.

Now the trend is the use of cold shades of natural stone.

An apron for a white kitchen in ultra-modern versions (for example, techno, hi-tech, minimalism) will dictate their own requirements. For this reason, plastic, metal or different versions of glass (but only matte) will be used to highlight the working area inside a white kitchen in this design. In addition, walls can be decorated with warm and vibrant colors, including brown woods or seductive reds.

In a rustic style, among which Provence or country can be noted, preference is usually given only to materials of natural origin for combination with white flowers.

It can be red and orange brick, its imitation, as well as the use of stone or wood. Very often, the rural style is complemented by aprons, which are decorated with mosaics or tiles with a plant / floral pattern; Khokhloma and Gzhel have become very popular. Also, design in the patchwork style remains an equally popular trend, and such a patchwork theme will become relevant in this style direction of interior design.

How to choose?

To choose the material correctly, you should take into account all the characteristics of the coating, and it is also worth taking into account such fundamental points:

  • The practicality of the chosen type of finish.
  • Resistance to temperature extremes, high humidity levels.

  • Easy to care for and long service life.
  • Aesthetic appearance and compatibility with the main style.
  • The selected material should not absorb dirt, as well as other inclusions that may be present in all kitchens.
  • It should not be a favorable breeding ground for bacteria and fungal colonies.

And now we suggest looking at real examples of the design of an apron in a white kitchen.

Beautiful examples

A rather bold option for a kitchen in white would be to use a bright color scheme that can combine many bright shades of basic colors. Such an abstraction in a minimalistic concept can become a highlight of the entire interior, which can set a positive mood for guests and home owners. To emphasize the luxury of the light design of the kitchen space, you can make a mirror panel from triangles that are enclosed within squares. Such an idea will stand out, visually increase the space, and will also be perfectly combined with the interior.

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