Which fireplace: which one to choose for an apartment / house / summer residence? The right choice: Tips + Videos

Which fireplace: which one to choose for an apartment / house / summer residence? The right choice: Tips + Videos Fireplace: which one to choose for an apartment / house / cottage? Such addition of the interior as a fireplace is becoming more and more popular in apartments and houses. This is not surprising, because they not only heat the room, but also look great.

In addition, they will bring a romantic, cozy atmosphere to any home, especially in winter, when there is snow outside the window and a fire slowly smolders in the fireplace at home. For this reason, lovers of harmony ask themselves the question: "What kind of fireplace to choose for an apartment or house?" For beginners who do not know the intricacies of such a device, for the most part, they are guided by the aesthetic part of the question.

The appearance of the fireplace is also important, but if you need a purchase for a long time, you should evaluate the device for a number of characteristics, and only then choose a model that will appeal to you externally.

The main criteria for choosing a fireplace for an apartment

A fireplace is a piece of furniture at home, which carries a decorative and practical value. It is important to define the purpose of use. Despite everything, price and appearance are not always the key selection criteria. The main data when choosing, which should be guided by, are power and efficiency. Both of these factors are important when choosing a fireplace, both as a decor and as a heating element.

Choose by power

First, clearly define for yourself, what exactly you want from this purchase. After all, there is a difference between buying a device for creating comfort, or you want to maintain the desired temperature in the room.

If the main condition for you is to create the right temperature, the capacity of the fireplace must meet the expected requirements. If you put the question in this way, you just need a project from specialists. In the case when the fireplace is used as an auxiliary element, you can reduce heat transfer by 30% in comparison with the entire design capacity.

Limiting excess power is useful for the following reasons:

  1. Which fireplace: which one to choose for an apartment / house / summer residence? The right choice: Tips + Videos First, buying a low wattage fireplace will directly reduce the amount of materials. Low heat fireplaces are cheaper, more compact and have a lower output. Does it make sense to overpay for something you are not going to use? But the saved difference would be wise to use for a sample with a good design.
  2. Secondly, if you choose a fireplace for an apartment with a low power, it will be easier to repair and assemble. In general, this is not such a problem, but why spoil the nerves?
  3. Thirdly, as the power decreases, everything necessary to obtain the ideal thermal and visual effect will decrease.

    The fact is that the fireplace will give the best results if it reaches the peak of the combustion power.

Select by efficiency

This is another important parameter that should pay attention to when choosing a model.If you are planning to buy a fireplace as a decorative element, and interior decoration will be a priority, you can ignore this parameter.

And yet, if you want to get more practical use from the device, pay attention to the models where the indicator reaches the highest value. Fireplaces with a high efficiency index will cost more, but this is justified by heat dissipation in the future.

Selecting a place for installation

If you decide to install a fireplace in a country house or apartment, remember that it will require a large area. In addition to how much space the device will take up, you will need free space around it. With this correct approach, this piece of furniture will become an excellent accent, and will not seem superfluous, poorly installed wardrobe.

Which fireplace: which one to choose for an apartment / house / summer residence? The right choice: Tips + Videos It would be ideal to lay out a fireplace in the living room, since this room usually occupies the largest area in the house. When deciding which fireplace to choose for a summer cottage, a cottage or an apartment, do not make a spontaneous purchase without the slightest idea where you will install it.

It will be important to install a fireplace in the central part of the house.

With this approach, you can distribute heat evenly throughout all rooms. If the fireplace will be not only as a decorative element, it should be taken into account that corner and wall devices automatically have an efficiency less than than the same model, but for a central installation. The loss is due to the fact that some of the heat will go to unnecessary heating of the wall of the house and the space behind it.

When making installation decisions, be sure to keep space for items such as poker, broom, and ash containers.

You also need to decide on the storage location for firewood.

Yes, yes, even the choice of firewood is one of the factors that have a direct impact on efficiency. In addition to the levels of heat that can be obtained from burning, different types of wood have their own characteristics that will create a feeling of warmth. The intensity of the flame, color, smokiness, burning time, ash content and even smell - this, for the most part, depends on the properties of the wood.

Firewood for the fireplace

Factors of choosing wood

As a rule, many do not pay to this issue due attention, but in vain.

Let's take a look at the main factors that should always be considered when choosing wood.

  • Heat transfer

The heat obtained in the combustion process (something like the calorific value of wood) is a decisive factor for some "fireplaces". This is especially true when you are installing a fireplace for heating purposes. Heat dissipation depends on the grade and the resin and lignin content. Hardwoods have a higher density than softwoods.

Although pine needles are cheaper and more affordable, you will need much more of it, so they will not be considered a fuel option.

  • Humidity

The moisture factor of the logs is also important.Beautiful and even wood can burn disgustingly if not completely dried. Fresh wood sometimes contains up to 50% of the weight of water! So, for the most part, heat dissipation depends on density and moisture, rather than variety and aging.

But dryness is not a good property either.

This has a bad effect on the deposition of tar in the chimney, as well as on other elements of the fireplace.

The optimum moisture content affects the result and the quality of combustion.

For this reason, you should use wood with a moisture content of 15 to 20%, which will double the heat transfer.

  • Size

Not such an important factor, but nonetheless. The dimensions must be adequate for the purpose! Firewood that is too large in diameter and length is inconvenient to lay and will burn up for a long time.

  • Condition and age

This is the last factor that determines the suitability of firewood. Storage conditions for almost all types of wood are the same. But the time, which is called "exposure", is different for everyone. Both young and old wood will do you no good. Musty, unpleasant odor and unbearable heaviness in the air are typical signs of using old wood.

Type of wood

Based on these factors, you can choose good logs for your fireplace, so the question about firewood is closed. . by 50%. It remains to choose the grade!

3. 1 Hornbeam

This is a deciduous species with a high density, which will cause you some inconvenience during harvesting and processing.

A very unpleasant grade considering how often the saws burn because of it and the chains have to be replaced. To withstand the hornbeam should be at least 1.5 years, and preferably 2-3. This is the best quality option.


2 Beech

Like the first grade, it belongs to the best options. There are more than ten varieties of beech. It has a high density, good heat transfer, which is almost the same as that of oak. Unlike hornbeam, there are much less processing problems with it. At a lower price, it is therefore considered a classic for a fireplace.

Ideal beech aging - 2 years. It does not cause trouble when kindling, burns with a beautiful flame, practically does not spark and has a low ash content. The choice in favor of this variety will be fully justified.

3. 3 Oak

This is a tree for connoisseurs who are unchanging to their choice.

All this is due to the price, which is much lower than that of beech and hornbeam. But this is not the main thing, since it is practically not inferior to them in terms of heat transfer. Yes, the flame of the oak is not so strong, but it can smolder for several hours, and at the same time maintain excellent heat transfer rates! For this reason, oak logs have become an ideal solution for those who do not want to spend all the time on expensive wood. Usually oak is aged for 2 years, but ideally, its burning will peak after 3 years.


4 Birch

Which fireplace: which one to choose for an apartment / house / summer residence? The right choice: Tips + Videos This is perhaps the most popular choice of millions.Birch is much lighter than oak, it is easy to handle, but its density is somewhat lower. The advantage of birch is that it is cheaper and does not require long aging. The minimum that will give her all the best qualities is only six months.

Birch burns with an even, bright flame, which illuminates much better than the flame of other trees.

Connoisseurs of fiery comfort love to make a "cocktail": they throw several logs of oak and birch into the fireplace together.

3. 5 Maple

Due to its characteristics, maple is suitable for all types of fireplaces. Its density is lower than that of oak, but much higher than that of birch. You need to withstand maple for at least a year, but if you wish, you can postpone it for 2 years.

Freshly cut maple has a pronounced color with a shade of pink. When the workpiece is finished, it gradually lightens. The wood is heavy and hard, with thin bark, easy to handle and can be stored for up to 6 years. The flame from it is small, soft, which will create a unique atmosphere in your home.

As you can see, the choice is great.

Before choosing "your" tree, try different options and choose what you like.

It should also be remembered that when choosing a device with a real fire, the floor covering in front of the firebox should be covered with a fireproof non-combustible material with a low level of thermal conductivity. This can be tile, decorative asbestos overlay, or stone.

Fireplace type - which one to choose?

The decision of which fireplace to choose for your home depends on where you install it. This is not about a specific place, but about the object where you will place your future fireplace.

A cottage, a summer residence, an apartment - this will not primarily be a decisive factor when choosing the type of device, since it all depends on the area of ​​space.

Electric fireplace

Electric fireplace is a choice towards space saving, modernity, usually in the spirit of minimalism, and allows you to appreciate all the advantages in an urban environment. In this case, you do not need a chimney or ventilation system connection, and they are also very compact. The only condition for the functioning of this type of device is the presence of an outlet, so you can choose a fireplace even for an apartment in a high-rise building. This option is unpopular and makes no sense when installed in a country house.

An additional advantage is that you will not need to buy accessories and firewood, and the apartment will not be stained with ash. An electric fireplace has two main functions: generating heat and creating a relaxing atmosphere. The question of choosing a fireplace is not as acute as it was 12 years ago, and everyone can choose a device according to their taste and pocket.

Which fireplace: which one to choose for an apartment / house / summer residence? The right choice: Tips + Videos

Gas fireplaces

Which fireplace: which one to choose for an apartment / house / summer residence? The right choice: Tips + Videos Modern fireplaces, which should be supplied with gas, can look completely different. You can choose a design that looks like a cast iron fireplace.

You will find the difference inside, and in the fact that the gas fireplace burner is designed only for burning gas (sometimes liquid), and not real firewood.

The burner has a special design that allows the flame to look like a real one, so you can observe a high-quality imitation of a real fireplace. Everything is done very realistically, but it will never burn or stain your home. The choice in favor of a gas fireplace is made by those who want to install it in a wooden house.

The gas fireplace does not require installation, preparation or even assembly to start up.

It does not take up much space, has many types of design and will perfectly fit into any interior, from classic to neo loft.

What you need to start:

  • Connect the power to the electricity.
  • Natural gas connection.
  • Connecting to an extract of the required power.

Naturally, the installation and start-up of such a device should be done only by licensed specialists who will grant permission to work with natural gas.

The disadvantage of such fireplaces is that there is no firebox, the device will have to be connected to the chimney to remove exhaust gases. But when choosing a gas fireplace for an apartment, it will be a compromise, between cleanliness and love for living fire.

Wood-burning fireplaces

These are traditional fireplaces, which are the best solution for country houses, because this is the best option among all those offered. Unfortunately, when building, choosing a fireplace is not so easy, so it is important to decide on the characteristics. The main choice will be between open and closed type of device.

What's the difference?

  • Which fireplace: which one to choose for an apartment / house / summer residence? The right choice: Tips + Videos Fireplace the open type is ideal, as it is the most romantic and soulful due to direct contact with fire, although it will serve as a decoration, not an object of heating. It will not be suitable for significant heating, but it will be able to heat the room in which it is installed.
  • If you want to have a fireplace at home that will heat your home, choose the closed model with a contour firebox. There are two popular closed-type fireplace heating systems - a hot air system, a more complex system - water heating.

Decorated with carvings, decorative bricks or stones, electric or gas - fireplaces always give the interior their unique character.

Despite the rapid development of many branches of life, the situation with the fireplace is unlikely to ever change.

No matter what the fireplace will be for you: an additional heating device or a highlight of the interior, a competent choice, which will be based on needs, financial capabilities and desires, will give you the opportunity to rest both body and soul in the light of a brightly burning flame.