Which is better? Cast, extrusion- Popular brands

Which is better? Cast, extrusion- Popular brands When decorating a house, many are worried about which aluminum radiators are better to choose. This is a very topical issue, since the Russian winter lasts for a long time. Why aluminum, and not, for example, cast iron.

In recent years, it is aluminum radiators that are gaining more and more popularity and this has its confirmation.

The advantages of an aluminum battery

These radiators were still in the period of the domination of the cast-iron battery, but only now they have found their distribution.

As manufacturing processes change, almost every manufacturer is improving previous models.

The following advantages can be distinguished:

  • Which is better? Cast, extrusion- Popular brands Silver metal distinguishes higher thermal conductivity than steel or cast iron. Heat exchange of the radiator can reach up to two hundred watts;
  • Aluminum is a very light metal, which makes it easier to construct and transport;
  • Economical heat carrier. The smaller it is, the faster the battery will heat up, the heating will be cheaper and the inertia indicators will be lower. For example, an aluminum section can hold from three hundred to five hundred milliliters of liquid, and a cast iron section can hold up to four liters;
  • due to its lightness, this metal is simply processed, which allows making batteries of various designs from it;
  • A large range of standard sizes .

    .. There is a variety of radiators from very small to models up to two meters in height.

Types of production technology

Aluminum batteries can be made in two ways - by casting or by extrusion. There are models produced using one of the technologies, and there are those in which elements of different manufacture are collected.

For example, the top and bottom battery cells are molded and the vertical ones are extrusion. Let's take a closer look at each method.

Lithium-made batteries. This technology assumes the presence of molds in which the castings are made. Then, as the metal cools down, the elements are glued or welded.

The result is highly durable radiators with good heat dissipation and high voltage resistance.

Each section is cast from an aluminum alloy with a small silicon content - silumin. Here, a great advantage is the tightness of the joints, and it is also possible to add or subtract the number of sections.

The disadvantages include the possibility of the appearance of pores, which can reduce the operational life of the product. In addition, cast radiators are heavy and expensive.

Extrusion battery production . Extrusion is the process of extrusion on an extruder. Parts using this technology are extruded using high pressure on an extruder. Subsequently, they are welded or glued together.Products made in this way have a smooth surface without porosity.

However, many seams are formed here, which may subsequently leak.

This method was invented for the greatest reduction in the cost of radiators. The batteries cannot be disassembled.

The following advantages of such models can be distinguished:

  • have a higher heat transfer;
  • have a small volume of the inner section;
  • affordability.

The disadvantages of include the fact that there is no way to repair or alter the battery.

Leaks may occur at the gluing points. Also, there have been cases of cracking in extrusion batteries due to temperature jumps.

Note : Cast are the most reliable, but the extrusion walls are thinner.

Features of the choice

Many manufacturers claim that their products are extremely durable and extremely reliable. But as practice shows, all this is done for self-promotion purposes.

But in fact, we see that aluminum batteries are not so strong under the influence of water hammer. And they should not be used in multi-apartment buildings with unstable district heating.

In addition, the metal is sensitive to the composition of water. Therefore, this type of battery is best used in a private house, where the composition of the coolant can be controlled by the owner.

You also need to keep in mind such a nuance as fakes.

When purchasing, be sure to ask your consultant to show quality certificates.

Important : When buying an aluminum battery, you need to be sure that the pH level of the water in your house does not exceed seven and a half units, since for aluminum alloy, this level can be dangerous.

The country of origin also plays an important role in the selection. The leading positions are taken by products of Italian, Hungarian, Russian and Chinese production. Many foreign firms are moving their production to the People's Republic of China in order to reduce the cost of production.

Let's get acquainted with the most popular brands

Italian manufacturers are the undisputed leaders in the manufacture of heating devices. They are distinguished by high quality products and durability. The most popular Italian brands are Global, Sira, Calidor, Faral, Ferroli. All models of these brands stand out for their grace and stylish finish. Due to the enamel heat resistance of their surface, even the hottest coolant is not terrible.

Hungarian factories are mainly located in Russia or China. Among them, the most popular is the products of the Nami company. These models are manufactured according to Russian standards. Devices of this brand have a two-layer anti-corrosion protection. They are cheaper than Italian ones and are slightly inferior in quality.

Among domestic brands, the main place is occupied by RIFAR, which produces under license an analogue of Italian Global devices.It is domestic radiators that are best suited for use in the Russian climate. In addition, they have an affordable cost.

Among the Chinese radiators, Konner and Bilux stand out. These are budget options that are in no way inferior in quality to European brands.


When choosing the best type of aluminum radiator, it is necessary to take into account the conditions in which they will be used, as well as personal needs.