which is better to choose? Review + Video

which is better to choose? Review + Video Which is better - a shower or a bath. When arranging a bathroom, you will definitely have to face a huge number of various small and large household worries. In addition, you will immediately face the question of which plumbing equipment to choose. Bath or shower - which is better to be optimal for all households?

To determine and resolve this issue, you will need to study these plumbing fixtures.

What to look for first

Floor space required

Small bathrooms, unfortunately, up to still remain one of the most popular problems in our housing.

But we use this room not only to take a bath or shower, as we want to place both a washing machine and a basket in which all dirty linen will be stored, as well as different cabinets and floors, so that all the essentials are stored on them ... Is it really necessary to give up any of this? You can refuse a bath and buy a shower cabin - in this case, a place will appear in the room for everything described above.

In addition, for a bathtub, in which one could lie down and soak up, stretching out his legs, there is often simply not enough footage - the owners of such miniature apartments, as a rule, are content with only medium-sized bowls, in which they simply will not be able to lie down.

If the architects who were involved in the creation and planning of housing thought about anything but the comfortable existence of future residents, then as a result the bathroom turned out to be narrow, long, and therefore the shower stall remains the only normal option.

which is better to choose? Review + Video Usually, a shower stall is offered to those who need to have an excellent option to save space, and so it is. However, before making the last decision, we strongly recommend that you go to all plumbing stores and take a closer look at the various models of shower cabins. It will be great if, with the consent of the seller, you can get into the booth you are planning to buy. So, you can with a great probability find that the cabin, which has a modest size, is not very comfortable for you, and the spacious one is so large that the very desire to save space begins to seem like something unreal and ghostly.

Moreover, do not forget that shower cabins are at least two meters high, and if placed in a sanitary unit of a typical apartment, where the ceilings themselves are low enough, it will create a feeling of crampedness, even if by itself takes up a small area. Think of another wealth in the form of shower gels, shampoos, creams, scrubs and masks. Still, I want (and it’s more convenient) that everything was at hand. Above the bathroom there is an opportunity to hang the floor, and sometimes more than one, and many tubes and jars can be installed on the sides of the bathroom.There is also an opportunity to hang shelves in the shower stall, but firstly, they will "eat up" a lot of usable space in a narrow cabin, and secondly, get ready for the fact that due to cramped bathing you will constantly drop something and hurt.

As you can see, there is something to think about.

Water consumption

The ubiquitous installation of individual devices for metering water consumption finally made people think about what needs to be saved, and in the dispute between what is better - shower or bath, a new argument has emerged. The volume of a medium sized bath is approximately 200 liters. This is the amount of water that will be spent on one bathing. Repeating this procedure every night can be expensive in every sense.

Those who prefer to just take a shower spend at least 3-4 times less water, and from this it follows that installing a shower cabin will lead to a decrease in utility bills (water), and this will be extremely beneficial for the family budget. And again, there is a "BUT" here. ...

The fact is that someone prefers to take a quick swim, that is, to wash off dirt and sweat from themselves, while someone loves, on the contrary, not to rush anywhere, sing, rub with all the masks and scrubs like the last time in life. In this case, the water consumption will be the same as when taking a bath every evening, which means that there can be no talk of at least some kind of savings.


What is a bath for? Of course, to carry out water-hygienic procedures. The answer is correct, but not complete. Russian people tend to constantly look for alternative ways to use objects and things that seem to have quite specific functions, and in this case, the bath is no exception.

So let's count.

  1. The bath can be used for washing. E It is natural that at the moment there are washing machines in every house, but sometimes there is a need to wash heavy and bulky things, such as curtains, winter clothes and bedspreads. In this case, the bathroom with its large bowl will come to the rescue. You can also put things in a basin in it that require a delicate wash, and many housewives try to do this with their own hands, not trusting the machine.

  2. If necessary, you can wash the dishes in the bathroom. Naturally, a kitchen sink is usually used for such purposes, but how to wash, for example, a baking sheet in it, which, while you wash it, will pour out a lot of water on the floor? Or wash a pot of 10 liters in a volume that simply does not fit in the sink?
  3. Bath is indispensable for dog owners. Favorite fluffy pets should definitely do several days of bathing a month, and washing their paws is absolutely required after each walk. If a Pekingese, Chihuahua or Toy Terrier can be bathed in a basin, then what should those with large dogs do?
  4. You can store a supply of water in the bathroom. In our country, it is standard business to see an announcement on the driveway that there will be an emergency or planned shutdown of water.

    Sometimes it happens that cold water is turned off for a day or more. And you can't live without it. What to do? Before the coming "drought" you will have the opportunity to take a full bath of water.

  5. Bath helps prolong the life of flowers. Sometimes you still get bouquets - for a holiday, for no reason, or at least for an anniversary (as well as for a romantic holiday).

    And how much I want this wonderful splendor to be preserved as long as possible! And for this, flowers, which during the day usually stand in a vase somewhere in the kitchen or in the hall, should be left in cool water overnight.

And how to use the shower cabin, in addition to the standard bathing? In which of the situations listed above can she help you out? Alas, shower cabins cannot boast of such versatility. If it comes to comparing which is better (bath or shower), then it is worth mentioning the last feature of the bathroom - it can also play the role of an ordinary shower. If you are not in the mood or time to lie down and take a bath, you can just take a shower. All that may be required there is a curtain that prevents water that will pour from the watering can from entering the floor.

The ability to replace your competitor is one-sided - if you can take a shower in the bathroom, then you won't be able to swim in the shower stall.

Which option is better if you have children

In a family with small children, the question of choosing a plumbing device - a bath or shower the cockpit doesn't even get up. For parents, the conclusion is unambiguous - a bath is many times better. After all, it is difficult to imagine how to bathe newborn babies in the shower, which requires very careful skin care. Simple bathing under running water will not give you the opportunity to do it fully.

Moreover, if you abandon the bathroom in favor of a shower cabin, then you will thereby deprive the baby of his first pool in his life, and swimming is extremely useful in order to strengthen the muscle corset.

And what to do next when the child is 1, 3 and 5 years old? The kid will need help from his parents when bathing for a long time - to lather the back, rinse his hair, wash his knees, which have turned black from crawling on the ground, as well as his hands and stomach, painted with felt-tip pens. The shower will need to do this with one hand, as the other hand will need to hold the drainer so as not to get wet and flood the bathroom floor. We want to warn those who are just planning to have children - some preschoolers manage to get dirty while walking on the street, then there is only one way to save the situation - to put the child in the bathroom to soak for further cleansing.

Now look at the situation through the eyes of a child.

What do you think he will like more? Naturally, the child will enjoy playing in the bathroom much more than taking a shower.The fact is that a bathtub is not just a vessel filled with heated water, but a small sea, which will become a source of joy and children's delight. Rest assured - the child will not want to trade the bathroom for anything else.

Availability of options if they have disabilities

which is better to choose? Review + Video When asked with children decided, it is worth remembering the parents. Most of the elderly people will, of course, prefer the shower cabin.

The problem is that over the years the mobility of the joints decreases, the strength of the muscles also becomes less, so it becomes more and more difficult for an elderly person to overcome obstacles such as the sides of the bathroom. A similar problem is faced by those who have various injuries, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Taking a bath can become a daunting task for them, even dangerous to some extent.

But it is much easier to enter the shower stall. If necessary, it is possible to abandon even low pallets and arrange a drain directly at floor level.

If it is difficult for your family member to stand while bathing in the shower, then you can purchase a shower stall that has a seat. Moreover, such a seat will make it possible not to worry that an elderly person may start to feel dizzy during water procedures. We also want to remind you that with some diseases, the bath can even become a taboo. First of all, we are talking about people who have high blood pressure or diseases of the cardiovascular system. Immersion in hot water sometimes leads to the fact that their health deteriorates greatly, but they are not prohibited from being in the shower.


Nothing will help you relax and unwind after a hard day's work like a full bath of water. The shower cabin can easily give you the opportunity to relax both body and soul. You just have to substitute tired and tense muscles under the warm streams of water, which beat under pressure from the nozzles on the wall, and after a few minutes you will feel great, just like after a professional massage session. By the way, the jets can be made at different levels, which will give every family member, even the smallest, to regularly enjoy the hydromassage. The pressure of the water is mild, if the overhead shower is pouring, and it will create the effect of rain, which will make it possible to calm overexcited nerves.

Some models of shower stalls even have steam generators, which will make it possible to simulate the same microclimate inside the shower cabins as in the bath.

As you can see, even in the shower you can completely relax and rest. But does this compare with what is available in the bathroom? Only in this place can you lie quietly, close your eyes and stretch your legs. Only in it there is an opportunity to bask in delicious-smelling foam and enjoy the aroma of essential oil.Only in the bathroom will the skin be well steamed, which will guarantee the preservation of its elasticity, beautiful appearance, and you will be given a feeling of lightness + great mood.

And finally, only in the bathroom you can retire with your favorite book and a glass of red wine - in this place no one will distract you for sure.

In addition, to answer the question of which is better - a bathroom or a shower stall, think about where, if not in the bathroom, you can spend minutes alone with your partner. Is it possible to enjoy the flickering of candles in the shower, drink champagne, pour a lot of rose petals, and also have sincere conversations? It is unlikely that you will make a choice in favor of a shower cabin if the romantic has not yet died in you.

Equipping with additional functions

But in terms of richness in terms of functionality, the bathtub did not stand next to modern models of shower cabins. If the bathtub is just a snow-white bowl without any frills, then the shower stall will somewhat resemble a spaceship.

Using the buttons that are on the control panel in the cab, you can adjust the temperature and water pressure, as well as the method of supply. With smart sensors, you get a shot of shower gel or liquid soap as soon as you place your hand under the dispenser. The manufacturers have thought of everything, and even for those who like to sing in the shower, they have prepared a gift - speakers that do not get wet will help fill the shower stall with your favorite music. Some showers can be made into a real sauna - they have special heat-insulating materials, as well as steam generators and special control systems. Naturally, the more additional functions there are in the shower stall, the more it will cost.

But people are not ready to go to anything in order to provide themselves with the maximum possible comfort.

Cleaning and maintenance

Every housewife wants the place where all water-hygienic procedures will be carried out to always be clean, but alas, far from each of them has a free minute to clean up. Which is easier to clean - the smooth surface of the bathtub or the many protrusions of various technical elements that the shower cabin is equipped with, besides having high walls? The answer is obvious. Water drops on a transparent wall in a shower stall, if not wiped off in time, become not the most beautiful stains. However, even wiping the doors and walls of the booth after each shower will not solve all the problems.

Each time, the booths will need to be thoroughly ventilated so that they dry out - if there is insufficient ventilation in a closed space, microscopic organisms will quickly begin to develop, and as a result, this will lead to an unpleasant odor, as well as mold and mildew.


So, if you weigh the pros and cons, then you can definitely decide what is best for you - a shower or a bath. There is no single answer to this question. Only you will need to make the final decision.The advantages and disadvantages of each option are approximately the same, so you will need to focus not only on the pros and cons of each type of plumbing equipment, but also understand what you like more.

If you are an adherent of a calm lifestyle, a measured rhythm, and think that the best way to relieve stress is to lie down in warm water, then in this case a traditional hot tub, which seems to be created so that you can soak up, is your choice.

If you are constantly in the frantic rhythm of modern life, consider yourself a practical person, and are constantly in a hurry somewhere, then water procedures are a hygienic norm for you. In this case, you should give preference to stylish shower cubicles, which are a symbol of a modern solution to a dynamic life.