Which kitchen design is in fashion now, and which one is inevitably outdated

Which kitchen design is in fashion now, and which one is inevitably outdated Get it out of the kitchen - old kitchen design items

Fashion trends constantly replace each other for what something new, not only in terms of clothing, but even repairs. If you decide to update your kitchen space, then you should avoid outdated elements that prevent it from looking fashionable as well as stylish.

We propose to consider what to get rid of and what kitchen design is in fashion now.

Kitchen soft corner

10 years ago, such soft corners were very popular for kitchens, because on the one hand, all their advantages were clear - on the sofa can accommodate many people and this is extremely important for large families, as well as for those who love to receive guests. In addition, outwardly, such an interior item also creates a sense of comfort and coziness.

Which kitchen design is in fashion now, and which one is inevitably outdated Due to the design features, the back of the sofa in the headset has a certain bulge in the lumbar region, which provides comfortable the position of a seated person. But this is where all the advantages end, but there are much more disadvantages - the soft corner will take up a lot of usable space, because of it it will be difficult to get up and go out with a large number of people sitting, and there are also difficulties in cleaning furniture and cleaning the room.

In addition, the upholstery fabric of the corner will quickly become saturated with various food odors and may lose its original appearance due to the constant steam that is generated during cooking. Such upholstery often needs to be cleaned or even treated with special agents, solutions to maintain its original appearance. Another inconvenience in using this type of furniture is that when placing guests on a circular sofa, they will be very close to each other.

It would be best to buy a table and chairs, given that there is now a large selection of models that fit perfectly into any interior.

Bar counter

Remember those bar counters that are equipped with a metal bar, which were 15 years ago in almost all kitchens of the country? They are very narrow, it is generally unrealistic to cook on them, there is, and the purpose of the "pole" still remains unknown, and it is not clear how someone decided that it looked stylish. Now it looks completely ridiculous.

Bar counters look beautiful only in studio apartments, when they separate the kitchen from the main room, but in this case, one could choose a minimalistic design without metal racks.

Freestanding appliances

Which kitchen design is in fashion now, and which one is inevitably outdated Lined up on the kitchen countertop a microwave oven, meat grinder and blender, as well as a nearby refrigerator and dishwasher, can create a sense of mess and trouble.

Now there is a large selection of built-in household appliances, the advantages of which are definitely undeniable - the functional use of even a fairly small area, as well as the creation of a sufficiently convenient place for cooking and an incredibly beautiful kitchen design. It is required to try to remove the maximum number of large-sized household appliances behind the kitchen facades, and for small household appliances you need to free a couple of shelves in the cabinet. You will be surprised how much brighter and more spacious your kitchen has become.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that manufacturers of kitchen appliances offer many new solutions that can make life easier for housewives. Standard microwave ovens, for example, will give way to multifunctional ovens with an airfryer function, and coffee machines can make a drink just as good as a professional barista; combining a refrigerator and a cooler is almost commonplace.

By the way, try not to "break" the work surface, and the refrigerator, as well as a column with built-in household appliances and small appliances are best placed in the corners or you can move the headset to both sides.

Do not forget to pay attention to complex solutions, which made it possible to combine several rather convenient functions in one electrical device at once.

Such multi-purpose devices help to significantly save space, for example, a microwave oven can also have the function of a double boiler, and an oven can play the role of a microwave in addition to its main function. In a small kitchen, placing a microwave oven often becomes a problem, because on the one hand, it is difficult to imagine everyday life without it, and on the other hand, when placed on the countertop, it will take away precious countertop space. The design of the kitchen in old houses is such that this problem remains relevant, so we suggest considering alternative ways to install a microwave oven.

There are special brackets for conveniently attaching the microwave oven to the surface to the wall. But it is worth considering that the high arrangement of household appliances will be appropriate only if your height allows you to comfortably use it. Experts advise placing the microwave oven no more than 1.4 meters above the floor or 8 cm below the shoulder of the person who uses the appliance most often.

Very large table

Quite often, a family of three or four has a dining table in the kitchen, at which at least 15 people can be seated if desired.

A similar number of people gather in an apartment, at best, a couple of times a year, but the rest of the time the table will simply occupy the already small space of a typical panel-type kitchen.

We invite you to consider the merits of a round table, which will save the situation, and will look much better than standard rectangular or round models:

  1. Round the tables guarantee the same load on all points of the tabletop, and due to this, you will be able to easily eliminate the shakiness of the structure by reducing the number of legs. Surprisingly, tables with four legs are more wobbly than tables with three, so round tables are more reliable.
  2. You can order a table that will be equipped with only one leg, which is located exactly in the center of the table top. Equipped with special weights at the bottom, this leg will provide the table with an excellent level of stability for safe use.

    In addition, it will not be uncomfortable to sit at such a table, and if the legs are located on all sides, sometimes guests can cling to them with their feet, which is not good.

  3. Tables like this are much more comfortable and can accommodate a lot more people. It turns out that with the same square / rectangular and round table area, only the last option will help you accommodate the most guests. By the way, oddly enough, but it is the round table top that makes it possible to observe the rules of etiquette. The round dining table gives more room for the hands of seated people, so it does not even need to lower the trays to the edges of the tabletop for a second.

Its size should be chosen taking into account the dimensions of the kitchen, and therefore, for a family celebration, you should buy a transforming table, which on standard days will turn into a small table and will not take half the kitchen

No hood

If you can remember what the first hood models looked like before, you can agree that they were ugly boxes with a large pipe. Most people, in order not to spoil the appearance of the room, decided to completely abandon its installation. The days of ugly devices have passed, and now the hoods look great, and they can also become an unusual detail in the interior design of the kitchen. In addition to aesthetic reasons, there are also functional ones, because the hood will eliminate food aromas during cooking, and above the gas hob it will "draw in" combustion products, which in turn can spoil the appearance of the headset's facades and the ceiling above the surface of the stove.

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