Which kitchen to choose: video and photo

Which kitchen to choose: video and photo How to choose the right cuisine - what is the secret of different prices for the same set

For in order to choose a kitchen, you should correctly determine the number of family members and the area of ​​the room. Everything else will be decided for you and a certain method will be drawn up, and further in the text you will find technical information and, not necessarily, design chips.

Craftsmen with extensive experience can advise on exactly how to choose a kitchen set, but often they have an interest in increasing the amount of the check.

But not all spending will make sense.

Tips on choosing a kitchen

  1. Which kitchen to choose: video and photo It is worth ordering the cuisine from local producers.

    In such a market, there is incredibly tough competition, and everyone has long been using German equipment and materials. If you order from abroad, you will only overpay for shipping to European workers. The quality will not be better

  2. Internal production of boxes - MDF facades, chipboard, laminated chipboard countertops for wood (other options look terrible, but wood is better) or artificial stone, which will be much more expensive.
  3. The apron is glass or you will have to fork out for classy tiles with an area of ​​1.5 to 2 m 2 (you should not use a white grout to grout the tiles on the apron).

  4. The optimal color for kitchen facades will be a snow-white gloss. It's almost magical because you can't see any dirt on it.
  5. The upper drawers should be planned with the usual swing-type opening - hinges with a door closer with this option will cost only 200 rubles apiece. Lifting mechanisms from above will cost much more, but they do not provide advantages. There are drawers at the bottom and they are much more convenient, but also more expensive - it's worth looking at the budget.

    You can pick up a headset without top drawers if style is very important, even more practicality.

  6. Do not forget to think about how the refrigerator door will open - it should open from the workplace. Now it is possible to re-hang the refrigerator doors, so you should think over everything and do everything differently, otherwise, otherwise, you will suffer from inconvenience.
  7. You need to start by walking around the manufacturers of kitchen sets to order, but you should not use consultants to create free kitchens, or rather projects, to get stuck on them. The choice from whom to order cheaper should be made after viewing at least 3 options.

Next, we will look at design styles, nuances and materials, but you will already know how to choose a kitchen set better than many people in this world.

How to choose a set for a kitchen

A set for a kitchen has certain surfaces - cabinet doors (that is, facades), a furniture frame, a worktop and shelves. We propose to disassemble for general development what they can be, although in fact there is only one correct option and we will talk about it.In the photo, you will see most of the kitchens are large, because they are beautiful.

Kitchen material

There are four types of basic materials:

  • Solid wood.

  • Particleboard.
  • Multiplex.
  • MDF.

Solid wood is the most expensive and at the same time the most delicate material. It is made from solid wood and is therefore relatively soft, or rather easy to scratch.

It is often used ineptly for the classic design style, where MDF would look exactly the same, but at the same time it is cheaper and durable. Solid wood also looks great in modern styles, for example, in a loft, when there are no friezes and all the like, but such kitchens are very expensive.

Chipboard is a chipboard, which is, in fact, glued and pressed chips. This is a durable and cheap material, but it is very afraid of moisture and temperature. In the kitchen, it is used for facades or cabinet frames, although for a facade it is very delicate, but inexpensive.

Please note that chipboard is a toxic material and must be laminated from all sides, even from the edges and invisible parts, otherwise there will be harmful emissions.

Which cuisine should you choose? If we talk about MDF, then such plates are made by pressing small wood chips, practically sawdust. Then they are impregnated with a special resin, which helps to make the material stronger and waterproof. Due to such MDF it will be stronger than the same chipboard and solid wood, it will not be afraid of moisture, much less toxic than chipboard and great for the kitchen, but also more expensive than chipboard.

But the multiplex is made of natural wood, but it is cheaper than solid wood.

Manufacturing technology consists in gluing thin layers of wood together. In order to make a high-quality board, you will need up to five strips of wood with a thickness of 0.4 cm. This is an environmentally friendly material that is resistant to steam, temperature changes and moisture. By the way, in kitchen production it is used less and less, because other materials are much better and the multiplex does not stand up to competition.

Cases and facades of cabinets

The frame and casing are always made of chipboard - an inexpensive material, and the loads, especially in terms of humidity and temperature, are small. But here you should definitely force the craftsmen to laminate even the inconspicuous trailing edges. The facades are the visible part of the kitchen, and they take on the entire load. The main materials, among which they choose, are film, painted MDF, acrylic and plastic.

Which kitchen to choose: video and photo As you can see, we removed chipboard, frame type MDF, aluminum profile, arrays and so on from the presented options.

Some materials are very expensive, but at the same time they are of little use, others (like chipboard) due to poor performance. If there are problems with the budget, then it is worth taking a chipboard, but it will need to be used extremely carefully. It's easy to choose from the remaining four options, because the only big difference will be in price, and a little in edge and texture.Painted MDF has no edges at all, but they are the most expensive and inconvenient. We recommend acrylic or plastic.

So, the body is better made of chipboard, and the facade is made of MDF, and this is the only correct solution, as practice shows, in terms of price-quality ratio.


Stone of artificial and natural origin, stainless steel, laminated chipboard, glass and aluminum is suitable for the manufacture of countertops. The option with glass, aluminum and stainless steel is nonsense. As practice has shown, with a limited budget, it is worth choosing a chipboard, or a stone, if there are no problems with finances. Artificial stone is good because you can cast corner countertops without joints and immediately with a sink.

And almost all options for artificial stone (it's acrylic) look very cool. But chipboard countertops will be good only for wood imitation options, but stone imitation looks at least shabby. If the kitchen allows, we recommend making a bar counter, and it can be made wide to make a bar table.


If you are undecided which kitchen is better to choose so that it is beautiful, high-quality, and budget, do not forget about the presence of an apron. Due to its small size, its design is often underestimated, although the interior will greatly depend on this particular detail.

This is a big mistake, because the small size can make a very cool design. The choice of a facade, which will be a little more expensive, will ultimately greatly affect the cost, but you can afford to order 2 m 2 apron even with very expensive tiles. From adequate and beautiful options for an apron, it will be glass and tiles. Considering that the area is usually from 1.5 to 2 m 2 , you can afford to buy a very expensive tile.

Form and equipment


The first thing that most people do not realize is that sometimes fittings cover all 30% of the total cost of the kitchen. In this case, everything will depend not only on the manufacturer, but on the layout and the greed of the kitchen workers. It is not so difficult to fight the second one, you just need to visit several firms and compare their prices, but for now let's dwell on the first one. In general, there are a lot of different mechanisms for extending and opening. There are more of them than you might imagine.

Let's consider the main types of the mechanism:

  • Hinges for swing doors.
  • Drawers and guides.
  • Lifting hardware for a lifting front.

And the main point is that swing loops are the cheapest option. We are talking about all mechanisms with closers.

Hinges with them will cost about 3.5 dollars apiece, namely up to 7 dollars for one swing door. And the price of the other two mechanisms will depend on the size and weight of the facades, but this is very expensive.If you want to economize adequately, while avoiding any damage to the appearance and functionality, you should design the kitchen on hinged doors, where it is very important - sliding doors, and it is better to refuse lifting mechanisms.

Pens should be chosen to taste, taking into account the rule that it is better without pens at all than with those from which inconvenience will suffer.

For example, on the upper hinged facades, they are not needed at all, and it will be convenient to open them at the bottom. There are many other fittings for corners, for trash buckets, for push-open, but this is not necessary at all.

Selecting a manufacturer

Next, we will describe cuisines from different countries in the same way as it is done in advertising brochures, and then we will tell you how things are in fact.

  1. Germany - German quality will speak for itself, because automated production will exclude the possibility of defects. But the cost of such furniture is very high.

    Manufacturers focus on the production of headsets in a modern style, but the products are oversized, and therefore are suitable only for a spacious kitchen.

  2. Italy is an example of exquisite taste, style and originality. Often, manual labor is used to make the headset, and eminent designers are involved in the development. And although these manufacturers produce pieces of furniture for every style, classic kitchens remain the most popular position.
  3. Finland and Sweden - such furniture was able to combine simplicity, environmental friendliness and functionality.

    The choice of a kitchen set in favor of Scandinavian producers will provide an opportunity for a natural, but functional and stylish kitchen at a reasonable cost.

  4. Russia - for many years, manufacturers have been trying to produce products that have come off Italian and German equipment using European materials. for this reason, in 2020, Russian kitchens can be equated in quality with foreign counterparts, and the cost is much less. In addition, understanding the conditions and mentality of the Russian Federation encourages creators to manufacture furniture for kitchen sizes from 4 to 6 m 2 .

In fact, there are people everywhere who can screw up as much as possible so that a person is not fired.

There is incredibly high competition in the production of kitchens, and therefore they are now made well even in the countries of the former Soviet Union. For the processing of front doors, the same equipment is used as in Germany, and most of the materials are Turkish or German. Therefore, the only advantage of foreign furniture will be the opportunity to "show off", because how great it sounds that the kitchen was brought from Italy, and not made in a hangar on the outskirts of your hometown. And the truth is that there will be no differences, or they are minimal.

Choice of color

There is one universal option, like a white kitchen with a wooden worktop.

This is a great option for a combination of appearance, cost and practicality. And it's almost impossible to spoil such a kitchen.Gloss white will be the best color for kitchens and headsets in particular. It is practical, you cannot see dirt on it, and although it seems impossible, white kitchens are 100 and even 1000 times better than similar ones, but in black. The rest of the colors of the kitchen can be chosen on a whim.

As practice has shown, if a person has a favorite color, and the kitchen was drawn in his thoughts, then it is unrealistic to convince him.

Again, we do not recommend choosing black and other dark colors. It looks great, but not for kitchen facades. This coating is impractical and looks boring. An exception may be matte black, and then only on a small part of the facades.

The colors from gray to white are beautiful and there is almost no chance of error. Wood will also be a great addition, but if there is a lot of it, then the appearance will suffer. Bright colors increase the likelihood of getting not a set, but something of a collective farm look. We hope that all the information will really be useful for you and will save you from mistakes!

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