Which prefabricated pool for the summer cottage to choose? Review + Photos and Videos

Which prefabricated pool for the summer cottage to choose? Review + Photos and Videos Prefabricated pool for the country house - which one is better to choose? Many of us probably associate the concept of rest in a country house with travel, staying in the fresh and clean air near a pond where you can swim. After you're done with weeding and watering your garden, you can relax and swim, play with your kids, and teach them how to dive.

But the problem is that not every dacha cooperative has a reservoir or a river, and even if there is, there is always the opportunity to swim in them. For this reason, many summer residents want their own pond on their site as a resting place.

For this it is not necessary to dig a pit, to spend a lot of time, effort and energy.

It is enough just to buy a prefabricated pool for the summer cottage, install it, and after filling it with water, enjoy the warm and clean water.

Why are concrete and inflatable pools worse?

But someone may be sincerely surprised why it was a question of a prefabricated structure, because there are other options, for example, a concrete or inflatable pool. Yes, these types of pools have their advantages, but they are inferior to models of the frame type in many ways. But what is an inflatable pool?

This is a lightweight rubber product that can be quickly folded, does not require a lot of storage space, but is very short-lived. Stationary concrete pools are durable and will last a long time, but they will be expensive for a simple summer resident.

In both construction and operation, you constantly have to spend money. The middle ground between these two options is precisely an inexpensive, prefabricated pool for a summer residence.

When comparing and analyzing which of the pools is better - frame or inflatable, experts confidently answer that the first option.

This is argued because the skeleton construct is

  1. Which prefabricated pool for the summer cottage to choose? Review + Photos and Videos It is more resistant to environmental factors - it can perfectly tolerate mechanical and shock loads, temperature changes, exposure to sunlight is better, and it is also impossible to puncture and break.
  2. Versatility - you can use such a pool even all year round (in summer as a pool, and in winter as a skating rink), it can be installed on an inclined, uneven surface.

  3. Durability - it will last you at least 10 years, while inflatable models barely withstand 5.
  4. A variety of shapes, depths and sizes: inflatable pools are presented only in a round shape, and frame ones can even have complex ones shapes with steps, projections and different depths.

As you can see, in comparison with concrete models, prefabricated pools for summer cottages are distinguished by their low cost and possibilities of use - you can move the structure, as well as change the design of the site. You can't do this with concrete - they are installed once and for all in a certain place.

How to choose the right pool

Although at first the choice of a frame structure may seem like a complicated matter that requires an approach and special knowledge.

But this is not at all the case. If you have an elementary idea of ​​what such a product should be, then it will be easy for you to decide on the purchase. The main thing is that you clearly know your financial capabilities, the size of the pool and the features of the site on which you plan to place the structure.

Based on these data, the reservoir should be:

  • Which prefabricated pool for the summer cottage to choose? Review + Photos and Videos "affordable" for the owner - this includes not only the purchase price, but also the cost of further maintenance.
  • Satisfy the wishes and needs for relaxation - to be large and comfortable for any family member.

  • Approach the parameters (structural and technical) and to the relief of the suburban area.
  • Nicely fit into the style of the dacha.

When choosing which prefabricated pool to buy for a summer residence, be guided by the listed points.

Design features

In general, pools are divided by design into a stationary and collapsible form. The first is a monolithic bowl of the selected shape, which has a solid rigid frame made of composite materials or plastic.

But since the article deals with prefabricated structures, we will pay more attention to them. They are a set of elements that, when assembled, have the shape and appearance of the pool. The frame can be sectional and core.

Rod frame

Includes vertical and horizontal mounts and cover. Vertical racks are threaded through special sleeves of the cover and fixed with horizontal ones by means of fasteners, due to which we obtain a stable structure.

But the sectional frame consists of plastic or metal modules, which are connected to each other with special bolts or locks. A PVC cover is pulled inside the frame.

Prefabricated pool model for a summer cottage

It is much more functional and cheaper for installation and maintenance in the country. It can be moved, assembled and disassembled as needed. The main advantage is the equipment.

Manufacturers have recently begun to add a filter pump to the kit to such a device.

It makes it possible to quickly and easily fill the pool with water or vice versa to drain it, as well as monitor the purity of the liquid during use. For stationary models, you will have to take care of the pump yourself, and on top of that, choose the model that can handle the amount of water in your pool. When choosing a pool model, do not forget about this.

Dimensions and shapes

Pool models from the frame have different shapes and depths.

There are also significant differences in size: they can be from 1 to 5 m, and in length from 3 to 10 m and more, depth from 0.6 to 3 m, the shape of the bowl can be rectangular, polygonal, round, oval, trapezoidal and asymmetric. Each of them can be used for different placement conditions.

Rectangular and oval shallow pools are suitable for children's swimming. Models with pronounced asymmetry and great depth are suitable for recreation and diving for adults.

A round pool is perfect for families. Compact models with a depth of 1.5 m and more will fit perfectly into a standard plot size from 6 to 12 acres, but provided that the site is not heavily planted with trees. But deep and large pools will be a good solution with a spacious area.

Note that the complexity and size of the structure directly affect the price of an artificial reservoir.

The larger your pool and the more complex the shape, the more it will cost you.

Special models

Frost-resistant prefabricated pools for summer cottages, as well as hydromassage structures, can be classified as special models. Their difference lies in technical capabilities.

Frost resistant models are stationary all-season products that can be used instead of an ice rink in winter. Their tough and thick body will withstand even the coldest temperatures without compromising on quality.

Contrary to popular belief, pool bodies do not need to be concreted or buried in the ground for stability. It will be provided thanks to the frozen water.

Hydromassage models are distinguished by the fact that they have built-in nozzles that release water jets or air bubbles under pressure into the bowl. Water procedures can be taken in an open space, but at a positive temperature. You cannot use such devices all year round.

But in winter, such a pool can be safely moved indoors: as a rule, such models are collapsible and are designed only for two.

The best manufacturers of prefabricated pools for summer cottages

Of the domestic manufacturers, the Intex and Bestway trademarks are popular. Pool Uni can be called their competitors.

  1. Which prefabricated pool for the summer cottage to choose? Review + Photos and Videos Int. The pools of this company can rightfully be attributed to products with a low and medium price category.

    They are assembled from steel frames, tied from above with polypropylene tape and a PVC cover. The outside of the frame product is finished with a decorative film with a wood-like finish. In addition to the frame, the kit includes a filter pump, a fitting and a drain valve, and the second can be used to attach to a garden hose. If you buy a large prefabricated pool from Intex, then the set will also include an awning for covering, a generator for water disinfection and other useful buns.

  2. Be stwow.

    This company sells products of the middle price category, which in Russia has models with standard sizes and shapes.The bowls are made in blue and white colors from the reinforced triple PVC film. Such frame pools have a galvanized metal frame in the kit, which makes it possible to make the metal protected from premature wear and corrosion.

  3. Uni Poo l. Uni Pool has universal sectional models for sale.

    You can install them on the surface of the site and partially / completely dig into the ground. Thanks to the special type of assembly, the standard size can be changed depending on your wishes. But there is also a minus - such a pool will cost you more. Even the simplest models from this manufacturer have a price of 700 euros.