Which REHAU PIPES AND FITTINGS to choose? Overview

Which REHAU PIPES AND FITTINGS to choose? Overview Construction of comfortable and private houses is not complete without installing a heating system and a water supply system. To make the right choice, study a considerable amount of information.

The main requirements when choosing heating and water supply are comfort, efficiency and reliability. When choosing the optimal automation, boilers and heating devices, follow the manufacturer's proven base. It is better if all components are of the same brand, so you get maximum efficiency.

About the company

The German company REHAU is a partner in construction, furniture production, mechanical engineering and other industries. The main advantages of the manufacturer are high quality and modern technologies. The company meets the requirements of buyers and is constantly developing. Thanks to the Ultralitec innovation, comfort and safety are available to everyone.

On the pipe systems market, REHAU is one of the leading manufacturers, producing a full range of pipes and accessories for water supply, heating and sewerage systems.

When choosing a heating system, it is important to remember

... that they are divided into gravitational systems and systems with forced circulation of the coolant. One of the differences is the size of the pipes to be installed.

When installing, it is important to choose the required piping to the heating devices: single-pipe, double-pipe or multi-pipe. The choice of wiring is the main point, since replacing pipes in the future is a long and laborious process.

Which REHAU PIPES AND FITTINGS to choose? Overview

When planning a water supply and sewerage system, it is important to have a diagram in conjunction with a sewerage pipeline.

There are several rules: it is recommended to use closed gravity pipelines for drainage; pipes are mounted without bends and deformation, all turns of the vertical and horizontal sections of the sewage system are performed only by installing fittings; horizontal sections are laid with a constant slope. It is preferable to use polymer pipes and fittings.

In non-residential, utility rooms, basements and technical floors, the sewage system is laid openly. Polymer sewer pipes are laid in the ground.

The REHAU brand represents 3 main categories of pipes.

Universal pipes are designed for use in water supply and heating. The oxygen-proof aluminum layer can withstand up to 110 ° C.

The pipes have excellent anticorrosive properties, low thermal conductivity, high sound insulation, impact resistance and are resistant to the negative effects of chemicals.

  • Which REHAU PIPES AND FITTINGS to choose? Overview REHAU RAUTITAN STABIL is a metal-polymer pipe made of molecular cross-linked polyethylene. The memory effect holds the required pipe bend with the help of an aluminum mesh. With a low expansion coefficient, the installation of open-type wiring is possible without deformation.
  • REHAU RAUTITAN FLEX - a pipe made of polyethylene, molecularly cross-linked by the peroxide method.

    Does not undergo the formation of various solid elements.

  • Heating pipes are characterized by maximum durability and long-term operation. This is due to waterproof polyethylene and aluminum as materials of manufacture. At an operating temperature of 95 ° C and a pressure of 10 atmospheres, the pipes can withstand a temperature rise of 10-15 ° C, and a working pressure of up to 20 atmospheres.
  • REHAU RAUTITAN PINK - a pipe made of polyethylene, molecularly cross-linked by the peroxide method.

    The main media are water and antifreeze.

Pipes for water floors are equipped with a three-dimensional structure, which allows them to be resistant to high temperatures and pressures, impact strength in cold conditions and cracking under internal stress. High flexibility allows installation at low ambient temperatures.

  • RAUTHERM S and RAUTHERM Speed ​​Plus are HDPE cross-linked polyethylene pipes with an oxygen protective layer of ethylene vinyl alcohol.

Tight connection of pipelines is provided by fittings.

For RAUTITAN universal pipes, fittings with a connection without O-rings are used:

  • Threadless polymer fittings made of the new generation PPSU (polyphenylsulfone);
  • PX sliding sleeves made of polymer material - PVFD (polyvinylidene fluoride);
  • Threaded and large diameter bronze fittings.

Polymeric RAUTITAN PX and bronze RAUTITAN RX + fittings withstand long-term tensile loads, meet high hygienic requirements, are resistant to corrosion, chemical influences and have high impact resistance.

For RAUTHERM S and RAUTHERM Speed ​​Plus water floor pipes, flexible sleeve connections are used. Mounting using mats with REHAU Varionova and VELCRO clamps ensures reliable fixation and saves time. The entire surface area is assembled from building blocks that overlap and snap into place.

A certificate is provided for each material. This speaks of constant quality control and confirmation of passing inspections. Manufacturers guarantee durability and insurance in the event of a factory defect.