Which stove to choose for a camping bath? Rating of manufacturers of tents for a mobile bath + Photo and Video

Which stove to choose for a camping bath? Rating of manufacturers of tents for a mobile bath + Photo and Video If you are a fan of camping with a tent, then you definitely need to know about such a thing as a camping bath with a stove. Just imagine what a pleasure, after a long hiking trip, without leaving home, at the end of the day to wash in a bath. Some are so keen on this idea that they go to the countryside with a tent in order to enjoy a camping bath with a stove, to steam in the fresh air and swim in a natural reservoir.

Variants of a camping bath. Whatever comfort and pleasure the camping bath brings, the question of the conditions for its movement is especially acute, since this is a large weight of the necessary accessories for arranging a bath.

The first option: bring in advance by car to the resting place everything necessary for arranging a camp bath with a stove and a supply of fuel for it.

General information

Second option: if you have a one-time trip planned for a long time, then your option is a mobile bath from a tent with a full steam room and a light stove. In this case, it is better not to take a large supply of fuel.

Third option: if your vacation involves multiple transitions and you have to carry all the things on your shoulders, then take a synthetic fabric awning and frame with you. But in this case, the stove will have to be made from scrap materials.

The attractiveness of a camp bath is that it:

  • Which stove to choose for a camping bath? Rating of manufacturers of tents for a mobile bath + Photo and Video Reliable;
  • Safe;
  • Heat resistant;
  • Moisture resistant;
  • Versatile;
  • Not whimsical to care for;
  • Easy to use;
  • Easy to install;
  • Reasonably priced.

The camp stove is made of heat-resistant stainless steel and is quite reliable and easy to use. Such a stove is heated with wood. A high-speed steam generator is installed in this stove, so there is no need for stones (as in a conventional bath).

In addition to organizing a sauna in nature, this stove can be used for cooking or drying things, or for heating.

If carrying the finished stove is not an option, then you can make the stove on the spot with your own hands. To do this, you need to collect dead wood and stones. After that, build a frame, make a fire and wait for the stones to warm up.

Attention. The wood should be about 15 cm in diameter: not too thin so that it does not burn quickly and not too thick so that it can warm up faster.

If everything, more or less, with the stove, it became clear, then how to choose a suitable mobile bath?

We recommend choosing a light version of a camp bath in the store or making a bath on site from the tent with your own hands. You can also sew a camping bath yourself using a sewing machine. But here we must not forget that a camp bath still has a number of differences from a tourist tent.

Camping bath should:

  • Which stove to choose for a camping bath? Rating of manufacturers of tents for a mobile bath + Photo and Video Keep steam and heat inside long enough for everyone to steam.
  • Be sufficiently resistant to weather conditions such as strong gusts of wind and not deform.

  • Have a compartment for outerwear and the ability to easily leave the steam room.
  • Provide ventilation windows to allow oxygen to flow into the steam room.

Attention. The more conveniences a camping bath will have, the more weight you will have to carry.

A tent for a camping bath with a stove and a frame consists of a stove, a shelf and a tent.

This is one of the most convenient hiking bath options if you are traveling by car. Such a tent is safe and reliable. Its main disadvantage is its heavy weight, so it is better not to use it for a hiking tour. The indisputable advantage of this design is that it can withstand temperatures up to minus 45 degrees.

Rating of manufacturers of mobile baths

The most popular among tourists are the manufacturers "Mobiba" and "Nova tour".

Tents of the "Nova tour" brand are made of polyester fabric, which is not susceptible to harmful negative factors. This tent has windows and a zip lock. This tent is relatively lightweight and light enough to take with you.

Tent "Mobiba" is a tent, which consists of a metal frame and a high-strength awning - this ensures the reliability of the structure. This tent includes a stove, cover and shelves.

Tents from "Mobiba" can accommodate from 6 to 12 people, depending on the model. In such a tent you can not only bathe, but also live.

How to visit a camping bath with a stove?

  1. Until the firewood burns out, you need to leave one of the tent walls open so that carbon monoxide does not form.
  2. After the wood has warmed up, you need to carefully remove all the heat and close the walls of the tent.
  3. Set up a tent commensurate with the number of people to avoid rapid heat loss.


Going into nature and having the goal of taking a steam bath in a hiking bath, first carefully read all the options and choose the best one for your vacation.