Which surfaces are suitable + Video and Photo

Which surfaces are suitable + Video and Photo Very often craftsmen make decorations, various crafts, mosaics and much more from handrail materials, for example, from plastic covers from bottles. In this article, we will talk about a mosaic of plastic bottle caps.

This mosaic is used to decorate fences, paths, houses. Using covers of different sizes and colors, you can make a reproduction of the canvas that you really like.

Various technologies for creating unusual images contribute to choosing the best option for building your own mosaic from plastic covers.

The use of plastic bottles in everyday life

This case has become a source of various ideas for their further application. But collecting plastic bottles is easier than collecting a large number of caps. Collecting the lids will take more time, for this reason, craftsmen ask for help in collecting the lids, their friends and relatives, as well as neighbors and work colleagues.

Important! It is necessary to select a scheme for your mosaic in advance in order to find out how many covers you need and what color. Novice creators need to start with simple patterns that have a small pattern and few colors.

When the technology is mastered, you can arrange a mosaic of a larger size and a large number of colors. There is more than one direction in creating a mosaic. The way the paintings are created depends on where the drawing will be placed.

Which surfaces are suitable + Video and Photo To create your own scheme for a mosaic of covers, of course, you need painstaking and skill. This scheme will not be tied to any surface.

Stages of creating a mosaic from covers

It is necessary to put a mosaic scheme on cardboard. To do this, you can take a ready-made cross-stitch pattern.

Then it is necessary to disassemble the plugs by color. It is also necessary to adhere to the sketch and cover with each other with glue for plastic.

But this technology is not very popular as the more popular technology is to attach plugs to the surface.

Mosaic of plastic covers on a wall or fence

A house or a fence made of wood is a wonderful surface for creating masterpieces from plastic corks.

In the event that it is very difficult to get to the place of placement, then the mosaic is made on plywood and then attached to the desired area. For example, this is how you can arrange a balcony. But most often, country or country houses are decorated with mosaics from covers.

As a rule, all mosaics are divided into two categories:

  1. Which surfaces are suitable + Video and Photo Repeating ornament;
  2. A full-fledged drawing.

There are some rules that must be followed when creating a mosaic in order to achieve the expected result.

Covers can be attached to any material such as iron, plywood or cardboard. The main task is to use the correct adhesive for BF2 or BF4 polyethylene.

In the event that the field of activity is brick, then a special solution must be used to glue the corks.

In the event that the base is to create a mosaic made of wood, then it is best to use nails or screws to fix the covers.

Plastic bottle caps, must be joined close to each other. But in the future, such an attachment of the covers will create a problem of cleaning the mosaic. Dirt and dust can get into each cover and must be cleaned separately as well.

Which surfaces are suitable + Video and Photo At the last stages of creating a mosaic, the seams between the covers are rubbed with cement mortar.

It is best not to use stencils when working with mosaics, but it is best to stick to a clear plan for the broken sectors.

Putting together a mosaic is best started with simple drawings. And after you understand all the masonry technology and the creation process itself, you can move on to a more complex level.

The aerobatics of creating mosaics will be copying images from photos from your album.

In the event that you are planning to create a large picture from the covers, then you will have to assemble the covers of the desired shades for a very long time. But it is best to place an order on a wholesale base of caps of the required color.


You can create a mosaic of plastic bottle caps not on a house or a fence, but for example create a practical rug. This craft can be an excellent massage mat for the back, as well as for the legs.

In order to make a rug from covers you will need:

  1. Which surfaces are suitable + Video and Photo Simple scheme of the picture. For this, a geometric pattern is often chosen;
  2. Plastic bottle caps of the required colors;
  3. Fishing line and awl.

Steps for creating a rug:

The caps are pricked at four points so that they are crosswise.

After that, lay out the drawing from the covers. Each row of plugs is strung on a line folded in half. The rows of lids can be assembled all at once or separately. Then all the rows should be pulled together and the excess fishing line cut off.


Also, plastic bottle caps are used to decorate paths in the garden.

But it must be remembered that the paths lined with plastic covers are rather slippery in winter. For this reason, it is best to decorate those sections of the tracks that are not used with mosaics from covers.

The following materials are required to make a floor mosaic:

  1. Construction adhesive;
  2. Sand;
  3. Cement;
  4. Boards for making formwork;
  5. Covers in various colors.

Stages of creating a floor mosaic from covers:

  1. Which surfaces are suitable + Video and Photo It is necessary to apply markings on the path;
  2. In the event that there is grass on the surface, then it is necessary to remove a layer of soil;
  3. Then prepare a trench and deepen ten centimeters;
  4. Formwork must be installed around the entire perimeter of the trench.The formwork is best secured with pegs;
  5. Sand is used as a drainage pad.

    Sand or should be coarse. They fill the trench halfway;

  6. In addition to sand and cement, glue must be added to the concrete. The consistency of the concrete should be quite liquid, because it should pour out of the container;
  7. Next, you need to pour a small amount of concrete into the trench and then start pressing the covers in the required order;
  8. You should press the covers almost to the bottom and so that the height is at the same level;
  9. After these manipulations, it is necessary to wait until the concrete is completely dry;
  10. After the concrete has dried, remove the cement residues from the covers using a stiff brush.
  11. The final step in the mosaic of the covers is to remove the formwork.


After reading this article, you understand that there are many options for creating a mosaic from covers.

You just have to choose the version of the mosaic you like and bring it to life in your country or private area.


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