White glossy stretch ceiling + photo

White glossy stretch ceiling + photo White glossy stretch ceilings + photos in the interior

The incredible popularity of stretch ceilings won for a set of opportunities to achieve perfectly flat surface without preparatory work and aesthetics. This ceiling covering is made using modern technologies and high-strength materials. To determine the selection of such an original type of finish, you need to consider a photo of white glossy stretch ceilings, their types, as well as strengths and weaknesses.

In terms of visual characteristics, stretch snow-white glossy ceilings are very similar to the lacquered surface. It is made of PVC films, which are securely fastened to each other by heating.

What does a glossy snow-white ceiling look like?

The finished canvas is fixed on a strong plastic or metal frame. A flat and smooth surface will be obtained due to the reliability of mounting the canvas along the edges. Stretch ceilings in white look great in the interior, and this color is universal and suitable for all designs of living space (bathroom, living room, nursery, bedroom and kitchen).

Please note that the stretch ceiling has the ability to withstand up to 1 centner, then it is not afraid of it.

Due to the reflective quality, the glossy canvas has a mirror effect, which makes it possible to visually expand the room, making it more comfortable and spacious.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the positive parameters of stretch ceilings with a glossy surface are:

  • Sufficiently fast installation of the ceiling.
  • Long operational life (more than 10 years).
  • Ability to hide irregularities in the main ceiling.
  • White glossy stretch ceiling + photo Ease of maintenance.
  • Does not cause allergic reactions.

  • Excellent decorative qualities.
  • Versatility of use (suitable for all styles of the room).
  • Keeps the room warm.
  • Will not reduce the size of the room during installation work.
  • Adds visual dimension to the space.

  • Will create a feeling of freshness.
  • Excellent compatibility with other finishing materials.
  • No preparatory measures are required.
  • No static build-up.

Despite many advantages, stretch glossy canvases have disadvantages, including:

  • Not suitable for a room with a low ceiling.

  • Can reflect street lights.
  • Requires selection of heat sink lighting devices.
  • High cost of complex structures.

Consider what types of paintings are.


Several types of stretch fabrics can be distinguished, and the surface structure will be a distinctive property.


The glossy stretch white ceiling has the highest reflectivity.Such a canvas can create a solemn atmosphere in a room, visually expanding the space. With this ceiling decoration, the atmosphere will be positive, and the room will become much more comfortable and lighter. You will find a photo of a glossy snow-white ceiling with lamps below. The snow-white stretch glossy ceiling is the ideal solution for rooms with a less natural feel.

If you decorate it with lamps with daylight, then you can get not only a cozy atmosphere in the room, but also originality, having them in a difficult and unusual method. The only limitation when using a snow-white gloss ceiling is rooms with high and massive furniture, since when it is reflected on the surface of the canvas, there will be a feeling of crampedness and discomfort. The glossy snow-white ceiling with lamps looks quite impressive.


This version of the stretch snow-white ceiling is one of the most popular, and it is also perfect for decorating modern ordinary interiors. Such a coating looks like a perfectly plastered surface and can be advantageously used for spacious rooms.

In a large number of cases, a matte canvas is made in a film version. This type of finish has an increased degree of resistance to deformation changes, flooding and cracks. The indisputable advantage is the absence of glare on the surface, long service life and resistance to temperature extremes. If we compare it with a fabric cloth, then a matte film coating significantly surpasses it in working properties. Canvases of matte type fit perfectly into rooms with baroque, boho and provence styles.

Please note that the combination in the construction of a multi-level type of glossy and matte stretch ceiling looks very nice. It is extremely harmonious to use when decorating a ceiling surface with smooth lines and transitions.


Such a compromise solution in the design of the ceiling can radiate softness of radiance against the background of the fact that there is no mirror effect. The texture of the coating strongly resembles cotton fabric, which explains the active use of paintings in living rooms and bedrooms. An interesting fact is that the shade of the satin canvas is different, and everything will depend on the viewing angle.

The texture of the satin-type stretch fabric will look advantageous in tandem with decorative textile-type pillows, soft pieces of furniture and heavy curtains. It can also be perfectly combined with velvety or silky surfaces. Usually a satin canvas can be seen in a children's room, with a stylistic solution of shabby chic. So the texture of the textile type, which is played up with pink and white elements, will create in the room a feeling of lightness, fluffiness and softness of the existing objects.

Good advice! The stretch satin ceiling itself is luxurious and expensive, and if it is also decorated with forged-type lamps, the result will exceed all expectations.

It will be unusual and aristocratic.

Variations of designs

Stretch ceilings can be of different levels, where all design options have their own advantages and disadvantages. They need to be taken into account in order to achieve the required result:

  1. Single-level - such a budget model for stretch ceilings, and also makes it possible to create a perfectly flat surface in a classic design. It is often chosen for the decoration of small rooms. Among the advantages of the design, one can single out the simplicity of installation work, as well as accessibility.

    Such ceilings will not take up the height in small rooms, but the disadvantage will be the lack of originality, and there is also no sophistication in the design.

  2. Two-level - such a structure will perfectly zone the space, and the ceiling in 2 levels makes it possible to combine textures, colors, and then it turns out to embody all design solutions. But it is not so easy to care for, and the height of the room is also reduced.
  3. Multi-level - if you need to effectively transform a room, correct geometry, then a ceiling structure of several levels is the best solution. But as for the price, such a design will be very expensive, and it also has certain difficulties in caring for it.

    It is recommended to mount such a ceiling in spacious and high rooms.

Consider where a white stretch glossy ceiling with lamps is best suited.


For which interior are snow-white ceilings suitable

White glossy stretch ceiling + photo The use of film white canvases in the design of premises is quite extensive. This approach is driven by the versatility of the shades, and it often fits perfectly into the existing interior. It is often chosen for its relaxing effect and neutrality.

If the interior in the room is classic, then it should be complemented by a matte stretch white ceiling. This will take overwhelming success, both dimensionality and solidity will be emphasized. If you use the option with such a ceiling with a pattern or even without it, then due to reflections and glare you will get the wrong effect. It is best to combine a white canvas in daylight - here the number of lamps will only be a plus. This is the main feature of the white stretch ceiling, since under the condition of bright light, the canvases of intense colors act on a person very annoyingly.

Good advice! To improve the quality of the workflow and the success of business negotiations, you should choose a neutral (white) ceiling color, and it does not distract and helps to focus on the essentials.

For a minimalist style, where a lot of decor is not used, the use of a snow-white glossy stretch-type canvas will be an excellent option. Such a canvas will always remain in the spotlight, and if you want to compensate for the lack of light in the room, then this type of finish will be relevant.If there is a choice between matte and glossy fabrics, you need to focus more on personal preferences. At the same time, it is important to take into account that a matte canvas looks beautiful with a voluminous chandelier.

A coating with a glossy surface should be decorated with spotlights. As for the fabric, it is not worth choosing it for the kitchen. In the opposite case, it will be saturated with various aromas, moisture, and soon the process of fiber destruction begins. Polyester should not be used for the bathroom, since there is a high probability of mold-type fungus growing on it.

Recommendations for care

In order for a PVC-type cloth to serve as long as possible and have a beautiful appearance, it is necessary to adhere to certain recommendations regarding its care:

  1. Use soft working tools - under no circumstances should metal or plastic sponges be used.

    Otherwise, the glossy surface will be scratched and also lose its reflectivity. It is best to use a flannel cloth, microfiber cloth or car wash sponge for cleaning.

  2. Avoid the use of aggressive cleaning agents - to wash off glossy surfaces, it is enough to use warm water and a cloth. If necessary, you can take a soap solution or dishwashing gel, laundry soap. If, after the repair work, wallpaper adhesive remains on the ceiling, you need to dilute the vinegar and water, and then wash it.

  3. Do not use solvents - these agents, like white spirit, acetone, which can dissolve the film ceiling in a matter of minutes. The use of abrasive pastes, soda, powders or mustard will not yet bring the desired result, but will only ruin the surface.
  4. To restore the shine of the glossy surface, it is recommended to use a window cleaner, where the base is ammonia. Alternatively, you can dilute such alcohol with water in a ratio of 1 to 10.
  5. Rinse the canvas manually - use a mop, brushes with a long handle must be excluded.

    To reach the ceiling, you need to get a stepladder, and it is undesirable to press hard on the surface of the canvas, and it is better to do this in a circular motion, gently. It is required to move near the seam not across, but along it.

To avoid negative consequences, remove all jewelry from your hands, including rings, before cleaning. At the end of the work, it is recommended to wipe the film canvas with a napkin and flannel cloth.

User reviews

Marina, 33 years old, Balashikha: "I have long wanted glossy ceilings, and chose white.

Very I love that everything around was beautiful and there was no discomfort in the room, and the impression after installation is positive, everything looks impressive, and the room has become more spacious. "

Igor, 55 years old, g.Smolensk: "I have been doing repairs for almost 10 years, and of all types of finishes, glossy looks best, and even more so if it is correctly designed with lighting devices. There are many photos of stretch ceilings in white, so there are no problems with the choice of option . Will fit almost everywhere.


Innokenty, 45 years old, Saransk: " My wife really wanted to make a new ceiling, and she wanted it to be white and with a glossy surface. When such a canvas will be mounted, I was able to make sure that it was really beautiful. But it needs to be washed correctly, otherwise streaks will remain. "


If you look at the photo of white glossy stretch ceilings, you will once again be able to see how gorgeous this film-type coating looks in the interior. It has many positive aspects, and also makes it possible to visually enlarge the space, make the room cozy and pleasant for relaxation, work processes and communication.

The main thing is that before installing this ceiling, you need to familiarize yourself in advance with all the advantages and disadvantages of its use, and the features of care.