White kitchen design - photo examples and design options

White kitchen design - photo examples and design options White kitchen design - photo -examples and design options

In the modern world, where in the literal sense of the word one technology is stepping on the heels of the second, it has become very fashionable to be different from everyone else, to strive for originality. Going beyond, like making a dark white kitchen, adding a mint hue, or creating an ombre is not creativity,

when you try to look at things from a different angle?

Psychology of white rooms

"The kitchen in white (or although it is close to white) has always been and will be at the peak of popularity."

It is worth remembering your own feelings when you drink a milkshake in the unbearable heat of summer. This is how you perceive white. It is not for nothing that psychologists and artists call such a color ideal, because it can be filled with any content, and many people have appreciated it.

In general, he belongs in the room where the atmosphere is constantly "nervous". If you try to study the "anatomy" of white, you will find that a palette with an emphasis on white is a safe bet. In addition, white is not necessarily snow-white (there are two main shades - crystal blue or milky white). All shades look differently on different types of surfaces, so there is confidence that kitchen design in white tones (or in a color close to white) has always been, is and will be at the peak of popularity, because even the air is becoming cleaner in a room like this.

Kitchen - what exactly should it be? But what if you make it such that it becomes not a kitchen, but a real "island" for inspiration and new strength? White color will definitely come in handy, because no one else is able to visually expand the room visually, reflect light and give a special mood not only to the hostess, but also to those who stepped into this zone of the sacrament of cooking (can't this be called a miracle?).

Here is a place for those who wish to share the most intimate, and at the same time the room is neutral.

White kitchen as a bold decision

White kitchen design - photo examples and design options Choose white for the kitchen is a bold choice, not only because it will take much more cleaning, not at all. It's just that now you will need to get used to the surges of emotions from friends, family and other guests, to rave reviews. In general, there will be no limit to envy in a good way.

A trend of fashion or a need?

An incredible love for kitchens white as a sheet of paper, color, did not appear yesterday, but for a long time it did not lose its own popularity.

And even more, now there are more ideas, accessories, styles that designers share in order to create not just a kitchen, but a wonderful masterpiece.

The fashion for this type of interiors can be traced mainly in Europe, and there white kitchens are a rational solution, because it (cooking and cleaning in it) is done by a housekeeper who maintains cleanliness in the house, and home owners who walk around the house in shoes from the latest collections, and not in house slippers - not poor people live in the house. This picture can be seen in films. In our country, people themselves impose the interior on the white kitchen, because they are afraid of the problems that the chosen color can create for them.

There are many white headsets in the furniture market.

The so-called status gradually received the kitchen itself, and therefore every year the designers try to diversify everything with the help of new materials for decoration, and the "presence" of various household appliances will definitely make it possible for this part of the house to become multifunctional.

All the pros and cons for the white color of the kitchen

So, let's talk about the design of white kitchens, the photos of which are presented below. Many have made a choice in favor of this color of purity and innocence, because:

  • This is an ideal solution for small-sized kitchens, and this shade helps to blur the boundaries, which means it visually enlarges the space. But even for large kitchens, this is a great option with the only difference in the moment that there is a place for imagination to roam. So, you can order a "milkshake" (a set with an unusual addition), and then it will sparkle in a completely new light.

  • White kitchen design - photo examples and design options The kitchen is exactly the place where the hostess spends most of her time. Judge for yourself - here and the reception of guests, and cooking, dinners and dinners with the family. It is for this reason that it is extremely important that there is light, even a lot of light - so much so that you can do without additional lighting. And the design of the white kitchen will be ready to solve the problem.
  • Most people try to bypass white for the kitchen side, they say, it is impractical and more difficult to care for.

    Here you can argue that it is hardly easier to care for a kitchen in a different color. All the same surfaces will get dirty, and there is such a secret that dark surfaces are even more difficult to clean than light ones.

  • White will suit any style (this is a great "highlight" for a minimalist, country or Scandinavian style).
  • White is the very foundation that can be considered ideal for any color palette. Bright decor items, unusual furniture will be the very accents against the white background.

  • A bright kitchen that has a white top or bottom is a profitable investment, because decoration materials, colored wallpaper, and even some of the furniture are sometimes much more expensive.

But it would be unfair not to talk about the shortcomings.


Unfortunately, the kitchen interior in white has its drawbacks, but believe me, there is an opportunity to minimize them or even avoid them altogether , namely:

  • The kitchen space needs constant maintenance.
  • After a certain time, the facade may turn yellow spots, and paint cracks.

Believe me, this can be avoided if you approach the issue responsibly - choose only high-quality, wear-resistant materials for the interior and its decoration and make sure that the room is clean (do cleaning regularly, not occasionally).

Suitable style directions

First, it's worth telling in what styles the white color will really look like royal.


The kitchen design in white tones is beautiful, and in this style direction it can be combined with soft lilac, apricot, peach or turquoise. Such a cocktail should not be underestimated, as the interior will turn out to be very delicate and feminine. To avoid the feeling of "sterility", you should use a palette of pastel, beige, pearl or lemon color, and also do not forget about the use of decorative elements in the form of flowers and smooth lines of finishing.

Retro (vintage)

Due to the fact that it is generally believed that white is not only crystal white, but even considered when this is a shade of milk foam, ivory and other things, then the antique styling will sound in unison with pale pink and dark brown.

At the moment, dark white kitchens, a mix of white and mint, as well as additions of chocolate and white and blue shades have become fashionable.


White kitchen design - photo examples and design options It is worth paying attention to the fact that if in the modern interior of a white kitchen you do not go through with saturation, then dark red, black or yellow in combination with white will be bold and at the same time not devoid of taste. Accessories in this case should be made of glass, wood or metal, there are contrasting blotches. Finishing should be done in black, brown and gray. A glass dining table with a crisp white top is perfect.

Use mirror inlay as furniture decor, and the facade of the headset should be glossy.

Art Deco

White set for the forge on the floor, where the finish is made in the form of a checkerboard, and an apron is made of small black and white tiles. Accessories should have silver metallic touches, and colors such as red / gold / blue / green will help complement an art-themed composition.

Antique style

Arches, columns, frescoes, elongated vases and green plants, carved wooden elements in light colors, marble countertops and a mosaic apron is all you need to design a kitchen in the spirit of the Roman Empire.Furniture for the kitchen interior in white tone should only be strict; dark and gloomy colors cannot be used.


If you want to emphasize your own well-being, then this is definitely your style, the distinctive features of which are the abundance of inlays and pieces of furniture that have concave and convex surfaces.

French style

A set of dark white color for the kitchen can become wonderful if it is decorated with fittings in silver or gold, with an indistinct pattern green or blue tint. An expensive type of wood can be used as decor items.

Playing with color

White kitchen design - photo examples and design options White kitchen designs can be very different! Everything will depend on what kind of "complementary" color will be. There are enough options.


For a contrasting kitchen design in white colors, you need a combination with blue, black, dark brown and gray (in such a combination, dark will become even more noble and deeper, and white seem lighter). You can make a white top and a black bottom, or vice versa. This is probably the reason why the shade never goes out of style.


Probably the most specific, since everything here obeys only one color and shades that are "close in spirit" (and cold and warm). This is a disadvantage.

But on the other hand, you will have a great opportunity to safely combine different materials with each other, play with texture and texture, use boiserie and stucco molding, different volumes. And if you revive the area, then for this you need to hang pictures, decorate the kitchen interior in a white shade with indoor flowers.

There are several win-win combinations, namely:

  • White with wood of any shade (the option is really versatile, and that is why it is perfect for country, shabby chic , provence, classics).
  • A snow-white color and a bright accent in the form of an apron, a table top, one wall, a floor, part of a headset, textiles, curtains.
  • White pieces of furniture - multi-colored walls (you can change the shades of the wallpaper if you want, and the furniture will always remain white).

How to decorate the kitchen and set the mood for it?

How to choose the mood for the kitchen

Although white is not boring for itself, then the design of the kitchen only in it makes it so. There is a way out! Use vibrant colors.

Make the kitchen in a white style rich, add mood, and for this you should place such interior items in the kitchen as:

  • Household appliances and table top (bright).
  • Chairs made of translucent plastic.
  • Blinds (photo-blinds are also possible), curtains of different colors.

  • Indoor plants in pots and pots, even exotic ones.

What kind of furniture should be? Since the main idea for arranging a room is to create an air space, pieces of furniture with open shelves will be required. Air facades, which are equipped with glass inserts, can help with this. For the hi-tech style in the white forge, you will need to use gloss.

Variants from manufacturers

Which interiors are not offered by manufacturers of white kitchens - narrow, designed for a small space, U-shaped, with and without a dining area in a classic style direction, classic, where there are no upper cabinets (ivory), bar counter and white integrated sink and much more.

Below are the characteristics and descriptions of what this or that white kitchen is.

U-shaped layout of a white kitchen

A kitchen in white, the photo and design of which are given below, allows you to smooth out narrowness or elongation, and now such a forge becomes more spacious and has an additional work area. Facades should be with transparent showcases (glass), which will help make the kitchen airy and light. The upper cabinets are arranged in 2 rows.

Classics with Provencal motif

There are no upper cabinets here, because they have been replaced with decorative open-type shelves.

Also used are cargo baskets and drawers, which are located on both sides of the oven, hood and hob.

Design Tips

Often, plain plaster is used for simple finishes in a white kitchen (washable wallpaper is also fine).

  1. White kitchen design - photo examples and design options You can also choose a glossy facade (which is more practical for cleaning, but there will be remain fingerprints), and matte (with him everything is exactly the opposite). Trust me, both options have their merits and demerits.
  2. The table top is made of natural wood / granite / marble (the dining table can be made using glass elements).

  3. Very often, the simplest plaster is used to decorate a white kitchen.
  4. It is such objects that help to change the kitchen completely, give it charm - paintings, floor lamps, furniture that differs from the main color scheme.
  5. The best option would be to use airy light curtains, roll wallpaper or laconic cut models.
  6. Many thanks to those manufacturers of household appliances who decided to take into account the fact that there are many household appliances in the kitchen and came up with built-in options. This helps save space, especially if the kitchen is small.

    Give preference to a technique that is equipped with glass inserts - it will be original and easier to care for such surfaces.

  7. Stretch ceilings help to visually increase the space and make the kitchen design complete to the fullest.
  8. PVC apron for kitchen (where there is an imitation of asymmetric abstract mosaic).This is an additional way to play around with the design.

Next, see and choose the options that you like - gerberas / cassiopeia / gray marble / beige mosaic / wheat / blue mosaic / perseus / emerald-type smalt / Egyptian mosaic.

There are several floor options: standard wood floor, checkerboard pattern, light-colored laminate, self-leveling floor, ceramic tiles, granite. Here, too, you can play with shades to create harmony with pieces of furniture, ceiling covering and more. The shelves are both closed and open, and the colors can be very different, the main thing is that there is a contrast with white. If desired and large, you can make a minibar with a counter.

The practical side of the question

Is it possible to maintain cleanliness and order in a white kitchen all the time, and even if so, how? This question is asked by many people when they refuse an excellent option for decorating a room just because it takes a lot of time for careful care.

If you choose the right finishing materials, install a hood, do wet cleaning on time, then you will understand how wrong you are.

Additional advice - so that the surface does not become stained yellow over time and does not become dull, remember the reason why this can happen. The direct rays of the sun are to blame. In advance, you should take care of installing blinds that will be attached to the window unit (even if the curtains are available). The problem will definitely be fixed.


It's worth taking care of yourself, because a white kitchen, the design of which has been worked out through suffering and thought over more than one day and month, is not only a guarantee of comfort , aesthetic pleasure, comfort, and is also an excellent opportunity for relaxation. When you start the morning, you will be charged with positive emotions throughout the day, and in the evening you can recuperate by having dinner in a beautiful kitchen.