White kitchen options that are easy to clean

White kitchen options that are easy to clean White kitchen design options that do not need care

Do you like white kitchen designs? We, too, but not all people agree to run and wash another speck every 5 minutes. This is not necessary if you choose the right kitchen fronts that will look beautiful and will be easy to care for.

We invite you to study the comparative characteristics of facade materials and, in general, talk about all the pros and cons of a snow-white dream kitchen.

General information

Advantages of a white kitchen

There are a lot of them:

  1. Help to visually expand the space. A white set is suitable for a small kitchen, which will add airiness, lightness, and make the room brighter.

    This will make the room look more spacious.

  2. Will fit into any interior. White is suitable for different styles - Provence, minimalism, Scandinavian, loft, neoclassic. For this reason, a white kitchen set is a versatile solution. Depending on the fittings and facades, it will become austere or cozy, modern or classic.

  3. Facilitates the choice of finish or technique. White blends beautifully with others and can easily fit into a kitchen with green, blue or yellow accents, as well as beige or gray walls, red or black tiles. This helps to save money - inexpensive household appliances and accessories on a white background will look as organic as designer ones.
  4. Helps to turn lunch into a pleasure. Food on a white background seems more appetizing, and therefore it is pleasant to cook and eat in light kitchens.

Next, it is worth considering what may not suit a white kitchen.

Disadvantages of white kitchens

There are also some "buts" in snow-white kitchen rooms:

  1. Special care required. Every drop is visible on a white facade, if you spill wine or tomato juice and forget to remove it, then after a couple of hours a stain will remain on the surface, and therefore every time something is cooked in a white kitchen, you should immediately wipe all surfaces ...

  2. Turn yellow. If poor-quality paint was used in production, then after a while the facades begin to turn yellow from the sun's expense, and they will need to be painted again or completely changed.
  3. Are boring. White is often used for the kitchen, for example, the combination of a wooden facade with a white gloss has been popular in the last couple of years. No less popular are kitchens with paneled and smooth facades, glossy and matt, with handles and a push mechanism.

    Magazines and social networks are jam-packed with photos of kitchens to white colors. For this reason, if you need something unusual, then a white headset will seem hackneyed and boring to you.

Now we propose to consider how you can adapt a white headset to life.

How to make a white kitchen more practical

As you can see from the list of shortcomings, the main claims are of a domestic nature. The good news is that light-colored headsets can be adapted to life, and you should only think about it before you order the kitchen.

Choosing glossy facades

It may seem that matte facades are not as easily soiled as glossy ones, because they are not very visible fingerprints, but in fact the opposite is true. Stains will eat into the matte coating faster, because such facades need to be wiped off as soon as they get dirty. As practice has shown, gloss is much easier to care for.

Install beautiful handles

White kitchen options that are easy to clean There are a lot of options for white kitchens, and kitchens with a push mechanism look especially beautiful, but there is a problem with them - every time you press the door, prints will remain on it. It looks ugly, and therefore handles should be chosen for snow-white facades - this is what will help keep the appearance of the facades clean.

Make the countertop wider

Best of all, if it protrudes above the surface of the lower cabinets at a distance of 3 to 5 cm, so the countertop can protect facades from various types of contamination, and an additional plus will be that you will have a wide working surface at your disposal.

Choose a countertop and an apron for it in a neutral shade

The best option would be gray and beige tones - they will not show stains and droplets of water, but it is better not to use black, because in combination with snow-white facades, you, without knowing it, will create the most branded kitchen.

Hang up Roman shades / blinds

To prevent the facades from turning yellow, you should dim the sunlight. If direct rays do not hit the surface of the kitchen headset in white, then nothing will change, and after many years you will still be delighted with white facades.

Order facades made of acrylic plastic

It is quite easy to care for, and still does not turn yellow even under the influence of sunlight.

How to beat a white kitchen in the interior

There is an additional fear of white - this is that it will create the effect of sterility, or even hospitals. The presented kitchen-dining room in the photo with snow-white furniture does not look sterile, boring, because a delicate green shade of the walls was selected for it, and the curtains have a floral pattern; in addition, dark napkins are used.

Checklist :

  1. White kitchen options that are easy to clean Enter an additional neutral color. Gray, beige, pastel shades are ways to dilute the whiteness of the kitchen interior, as well as to make it softer, softer. Use them for the apron area, when decorating, or for other pieces of furniture.

    Chairs with soft shades of upholstery will look good.

  2. Play on contrasts. Black hardware helps to make furniture pieces more stylish and expressive. Posters in dark frames, plants that are planted in bright pots, colored curtains, tableware can set accents. If you are ready to go even further, then the headset can be supplemented with contrasting technique, for example, black or even red.

  3. Add cozy details. To do this, place vases with fruits and flowers in the kitchen, lay napkins of your favorite shade on the table, choose jars for groceries and spices with different prints, hang a note board and write something nice on it. This will not only help to add personality to the kitchen, but also make it more comfortable.

Kitchens in white have their advantages and disadvantages, and if you dream of something like this, but worry about practicality, then you should not deny yourself - the shortcomings can be easily corrected if you think over all the details and the interior in advance ..

. In this case, maintenance of the kitchen will be minimal and not a hassle.

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