why the ADA-24V model will suit every craftsman

why the ADA-24V model will suit every craftsman Which is better to choose a cordless screwdriver + a brief overview on Almaz ADA-24V

Today, few people would think to work with hand drills or even screw in a lot of screws with just a simple screwdriver. It will be much more convenient to buy an efficient and small-sized cordless screwdriver.

There are many models and brands of such equipment, and it is difficult for someone who is poorly versed in this issue to make a specific choice.

We suggest you clarify the situation and decide which company is better in order to choose a cordless screwdriver according to the declared characteristics and user reviews.

General information

Which battery will be better

Since this article deals specifically with battery devices, then before how to start comparing and considering certain models of tools, you should find out what types of parts are, what negative and positive sides they differ from each other and which version of the battery will be better than the rest.


why the ADA-24V model will suit every craftsman This is the largest size, which may not always be convenient for reasons of compactness. They are inexpensive, work like a watch - without failures, at the same time at high and low temperatures. You can charge them many times. But the "memory effect" can do a disservice, and because of this, the battery is sent for storage completely discharged.

Charging should be done when the battery is completely discharged.

Memory effect is the loss of battery capacity and shorter usage between charges. If you do not wait for 100% of the battery charge, then it will need to be charged again, and it "remembers" that it is not completely used up. You have to constantly monitor the charge level, and the owners of such batteries often complain that over time, some of the capacity is gradually lost.

Nickel-metal hydride

These are batteries that are 100% environmentally friendly, and they also weigh little. A significant advantage will be the ability to work for a long time without recharging.

Such batteries also have a memory effect, but not so pronounced. But there is also a big disadvantage. This is the inability to withstand frost. Even if it's only -2 degrees outside, the battery starts to discharge by itself. You cannot store a screwdriver in a garage or trunk of a car without heating.

These batteries will need to be charged for storage.


The third type of battery is precisely lithium-ion. They appeared only in 1991, and in mass production they became like the brainchild of the Japanese Sony corporation. They differ in that they have no memory effect, have a large capacity and hold a charge for a long time. By the way, they weigh 40% less than the first two types, and they can be charged in any condition.

Such batteries are usually put on professional models, and even more so on screwdrivers that are combined with a drill.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main difference between battery devices and network models is the absence of a cord. Autonomy of work and the fact that you do not need to be near the outlet is the main advantage of the device equipped with a battery.

Also, the advantages include the following:

  • Mobility - the charging battery and the tool are located in one case, no additional elements are needed for normal operation ..

    . It will be enough to take the device in hand and it will be ready for work. You can also transfer it to any place.

  • Compactness - usually household stand-alone devices are small, and due to this there is an excellent opportunity to use the device in hard-to-reach places.
  • Versatility - technology will replace a drill and a screwdriver

In practice, cordless tools are simply indispensable in objects where there is no electricity, when you need to move often or even climb to a height.

You can work with such a device both indoors and outdoors. The only drawback would be the need to recharge the battery periodically. Manufacturers are already working to solve this problem, for example, they suggest choosing a tool equipped with two batteries. While one will work, the second will be replenished.

Choosing the right one.

Selection Criteria

A manufacturer is not enough to choose a good cordless screwdriver. You also need to pay attention to cost, appearance, convenience. You should also additionally evaluate many characteristics, and those who do not trust consultants can study the technical data sheet of the device themselves. It describes the main features and options. What is important when buying an off-line device is detailed in the remaining sections.

Manufacturing company

Although this topic is beaten, the brand is beyond competition. But branded tools are much more expensive, but they definitely have a quality guarantee and service centers for repairs, and screwdrivers are made of durable elements. The market is practically inundated with goods from companies from every corner of the world. But the best known and not all products can compete.

We present to you the three leaders:

  1. VO SСН.

    The assortment includes screwdrivers that run on a lithium-ion battery. The voltage ranges from 10. 8 and 18 V. Also, the tool has built-in overvoltage protection and discharge to 0%. The charge level can be monitored thanks to the LED on the case.

  2. Makita. The brand offers professional and household screwdrivers for 18 V. For continuous operation, there is a spare battery included.
  3. Mitebo. The manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty for any tool, and even a screwdriver.

    They offer from the most inexpensive models (no case and charger included) to full-fledged professional equipment.There is a tool on a nickel-cadmium battery and a lithium-ion battery, which work even at negative temperatures.

But there are many other good companies that offer cordless screwdrivers with a plug-in unit.


For ordinary buyers it will be enough to know the following tools:

  • household devices, the voltage ranges from 10 to 14 V.
  • In professional devices, the indicator is higher - from 18 V, and some tools have a value even at 36 V.

Another an important characteristic is power. The parameter will inform the user about the speed of the device. It is logical that the larger it is, the faster you can tighten the screw. But do not overdo it, because a model with a power of 0.5 to 0.

7 kW is enough for everyday life and in-line repairs.


To understand which cordless screwdriver is better, it is worth considering another parameter - torque. The numbers in the technical data sheet will show with what effort the self-tapping screw will be screwed in or how much force is required in order to overcome the drilling load. What is the practical use of knowing this parameter? It will depend on him what the maximum length and diameter of the screwed in bolt can be. The higher the indicator, the longer and thicker the screws can be used in work, while not fearing breakdowns and failures.

For example, with a force of 40 N / m, you can freely drive a self-tapping screw into the wood, the length of which will be 10 cm.

In small-sized models for everyday life, the torque is from 10 to 30 N / m, but the indicator can be adjust by adjusting to the nozzle. For adjustment, there is a stop on the body - this is a ring that goes immediately after the clamping chuck. The user will be able to coordinate the effort for a specific screw by scrolling the limiter. It turns out that as soon as the self-tapping screw turns to the required level, the chuck will stop, and the motor will continue to work.

Interestingly, the stopper not only makes it possible to tighten the bolts, but also prevents strong "sinking" into the material, and also protects the tool from wear.

Review of a chic cordless screwdriver Almaz ADA-24V

Now we will talk about a device that is positioned as a cordless drill-screwdriver, and this makes it possible to take out a heavy full-fledged drill from the shelf less often. The Almaz cordless screwdriver deserves a review, and now you'll find out why.


Supply voltage 24 V
Battery type Li-ion
Battery capacity 2.5 A / h
Maximum possible torque 33 N / m
Chuck type Keyless
Number of torque steps 21
Socket From 0.

05 to 1 cm

Backlight Yes
Carrying case Yes
Charge indicator Yes
Drilling diameter in wood Up to 2 cm
Drilling diameter for metal Up to 1 cm
Number of speeds 2
Screw diameter Up to 0.8 cm
Idling speed (at 1 speed) Up to 400 revolutions in 1 minute
Idle speed (at 2 speeds) Up to 1400 revolutions in 1 minute
Weight 1. 13 kg

In general, this is a fairly powerful device that has almost maximum capabilities for a household screwdriver. And if you buy a device with similar characteristics, but from a well-known brand (the same Makita), then you can go broke for the next month.

About the model and manufacturer

If we talk about the popularity of the brand, then there is nothing to say, in the literal sense.

The fact is that there is almost no mention of the Almaz company on the Internet, and even this particular model even more so. And although it may sound strange, spoiler: the tool is very good, but for now, let's take a look at everything in order.

Complete set

The screwdriver is sold in a convenient and solid case, and in general, advice for the future to each master - it is worth overpaying a little for the case, if it is possible to get it ...

This will make it easier to store the tool, it will actually take up less space, and the dust will not glow.

The complete set is as follows:

  • why the ADA-24V model will suit every craftsman Screwdriver - 1 unit
  • Battery - 2 units.
  • Charger - 1 unit.
  • Bits - 1 unit.
  • Case - 1 piece.

  • Instruction - 1 piece.

Everything looks very good.


Like every screwdriver, there is a reverse, that is, you can twist and twist. The reversing switch is usually located just above and slightly behind the trigger. There are two operating speeds, and their switch is located on top of the screwdriver.

At the first speed, you will get 400 rpm in 1 minute, and at the second as much as 1400 rpm in the same time period.

There are also 21 steps of torque adjustment and a separate drilling mode, in which the release clutch will not work and the rotation of the chuck will not stop.The start button has three charge indicator lights at once, which signal the remaining charge in red, yellow and green. It starts working as soon as we pull the trigger and stops after releasing the trigger.

There is LED illumination under the device holder.

It turns on when the trigger is squeezed, and turns off when the trigger is released. This function is very useful when assembling pieces of furniture, where there is often not enough light in a hard-to-reach place.

The screwdriver also has lithium-ion batteries, and they, as mentioned earlier, have the highest power and number of charges (can be charged up to 3000 times). The batteries are lightweight, charge quickly, and in order for them to last as long as possible, you do not need to charge / discharge it to the end. But there is also a minus of the device - it works unstably in severe frost.


You can summarize. The experience of working with such a tool is positive - there is a comfortable rubberized handle, the tool lies comfortably in the hand. But the main thing is power, which makes it possible to drill even very hard woods and even metal without problems. When you switch the speed, the tool ceases to be a drill and becomes a convenient screwdriver that perfectly twists and unscrews screws, screws, bolts, and more. The backlight and indicator make the device even better.

The weight, of course, is not the smallest, but not critical.