Window sill-countertop in the kitchen

Window sill-countertop in the kitchen Tabletop instead of the window sill - how to put it right

Most housewives think that window space could have been presented from a more practical point of view.

Most often, there are potted flowers or small household appliances on the windowsill.

The designers offer an interesting solution - to make a countertop instead of a window sill in the kitchen. This will transform the space into a comfortable work surface or even a relaxation area.

General information

Kitchen options with a worktop instead of a window sill

The simplest and most affordable option would be a straight worktop under the window in the kitchen .

.. This option is perfect for small rooms. There is no limit for perfection, and therefore you can safely add functionality to such a piece of furniture, for example,

through the following modifications:

  1. Window sill-countertop in the kitchen Work area that smoothly turns into a bar set. This design-type element is not entirely suitable for a kitchen with a small area, and with this you can make a U-shaped piece of furniture that divides the space into several sections.

  2. Folding table. Allows you to expand the dining area for various meals, feasts and celebrations. At the same time, the hostess will not feel discomfort when preparing and serving breakfasts, dinners and lunches.
  3. A window sill in the kitchen that turns into a table. In most cases, this variation is placed along the wall where there is a window.

    This option is the easiest to implement, and yet it will not take a lot of time and does not require large financial expenditures.

Next, we will consider separately all modifications. For this reason, each person can choose the most optimal way to use the window space from a practical point of view.

Advantages and disadvantages

Such a countertop in the kitchen has a number of advantages, and especially for small rooms:

  • Useful and rational use of the entire kitchen space.
  • Good lighting in a natural room.

  • Possibility to move the sink to the area under the window, which will help save space for placing other electronic devices and utensils for the kitchen.
  • Additional storage space under the windowsill instead of batteries.

This design can look style and non-standard, and it also allows you to greatly save space in a small kitchen. The disadvantages include only the fact that a number of parameters will need to be taken into account to apply the surface to the rest of the whole. Installation of a headset in the kitchen from the window sills requires special skills and knowledge during the work, which are not always within the power of those who have their own apartment.

Qualified teams help to embody all ideas in interior design.


Selection of materials

Construction markets demonstrate a wide range of modern materials and technologies that make it possible to beat the window sill in the form of a table top. Various ready-made designs are presented in separate materials, taking into account the budget, the selected color palette and the style of finishing the apartment.

Stone of artificial origin - acrylic or agglomerate

Agglomerate for countertops is an excellent alternative to expensive granite. It has high strength and excellent appearance.

When used, it will not stain other objects, does not wear out, does not yet fade under the influence of the sun's rays. It also has a lot of weight, because you need to attach additional structures for secure attachment. Acrylic is a budget option, and on the market artificial stone is presented in a large assortment of colors and shapes. This will make it possible to realize all creative ideas, and also has less weight and copes well with the effects of the sun and water. In case of damage, it is perfectly served for recovery.

Stone of natural origin - marble or granite

A window sill-countertop in the kitchen made of natural stone will bring exclusivity and status. Marble and granite countertops will be the focal point of every kitchen. They are characterized by excellent wear resistance and have almost no negative effects from liquid ingress. This is ideal for a family of one or two people, but for a large number of people, this option can be inconvenient. These furniture sets look elegant and do not require laborious maintenance.

Over the years, the tabletop will retain its original beautiful appearance.

Good advice! Stone tables are ideal for large apartments. Otherwise, they will look bulky and visually take up free space.

Designers recommend paying attention, and marble can be painted, and therefore it is better to give preference to granite. If the surface is damaged, it will be necessary to completely replace it, because local restoration will not solve the problem.

Chipboard or plastic

This option is rightfully considered the most budgetary, but at the same time it will be characterized by the minimum degree of strength. For this reason, the countertop as a replacement for the window sill will become an exclusively decorative stand on which you can put light accessories. Most people like to set up countertops, because that way you can admire the view from the window while cooking. The most reliable materials include chipboard, which are perfect for a bar table by the window in the kitchen. It is recommended to buy tiles with moisture resistant treatment.

It is worth noting that plastic quickly stains when it gets stained with liquids (wine, coffee and fresh juice). Even with poor-quality processing, swelling will form from exposure to moisture.

MDF or wood

Such a product in the kitchen is made of wood (special or natural MDF with PVC coating or plastic). They will not emit negative components, because they are considered safe for the human body. They are also ways to showcase a great look that will add comfort and coziness to the living area.

If you have a large window opening with a beautiful view, then you should attach a small table to it - it can be used both as a dining table and as an additional option. Such material can be easily restored, coated with impregnation / varnish to obtain an exquisite appearance. But there is one caveat - if for a long time it is exposed to moisture, then a fungus will appear, and the wood will swell. During operation, defects will still appear - cracks, spots and scratches. The decoration of the table under the window should be made of hardwood.

They perfectly interact with high levels of humidity, and are not yet so badly damaged by mechanical impact.

Options for arrangement

The kitchen and the countertop instead of the window sill can be decorated in an unusual way. We offer to consider each unique design idea.


Making a real countertop from an ordinary window sill will make it possible to expand the kitchen space, and in particular the working corner. The room is not cluttered with unnecessary things, and the hostess will have the opportunity to cook food with a beautiful view.

The room will be full of natural light, which has a beneficial effect on vision.


Most often, a wide stand is used as an alternative to a table. But it is possible to arrange it in a more unusual modification - angular, folding and U-shaped. All the proposed projects are easy to implement, the main thing is that the upper surface is selected and equipped with the necessary components (underframe and supports).

Window sill with a built-in sink

For most housewives, this is the most desirable option, but it is not so easy to implement it as the rest of these projects .

.. After all, the design of the working area needs to be thought out how to lead the pipeline to that place. There are still some nuances, for example, insufficiently large window slopes, which can lead to regular splashing of glass, as well as difficulties in opening windows. For this reason, you should be careful when preparing a plan for implementing the idea.

The windowsill as a place to relax

This unusual approach is considered a classic option for American homes. Designers can turn a window sill into a narrow sofa. A surface made of a very durable material that will be covered with dense fabric, that is, padding polyester, is perfect. You can complement the interior with bright pillows. It will be pleasant to drink tea or coffee here, to peer into the distance of landscapes.

With a small storage system

This variation makes it possible to store all kitchen appliances not only on top, but also hide them under the countertop. To do this, you should make a cabinet instead of or near the radiator. Designers propose to build small open-type shelves into which small household appliances, towels, cups or other items will be placed. Modern solutions make it possible to successfully place such a structure even in an ordinary Khrushchev, and even in a large classic house.

The window sill as a dining table

It is designed like a bar counter, but with the only difference - such a table top makes it wide and stable .

.. This is required in order to support the massive weight and accommodate all family members. This is a great solution for small kitchens or studios where you want to free up space to the maximum.

Placement of the window sill-countertop

Today you can come across a lot of ideas for placing the worktop under the windows, which are important to talk about separately.


When placing the headset for the kitchen near the window opening, it is recommended to combine the table and the window sill in the form of an angular variation. It looks harmonious and stylish.


At the stage of renovation work it is required to think over the placement of furniture items and the general appearance of the kitchen. The renewed window sill can be stylishly fit into the work island, and also become an integral part. This is the most popular layout option for small apartments.


Window sill-countertop in the kitchen You can also call it also U-shaped. Standard window sizes cannot accommodate the whole family at dinner. If the area of ​​the room allows, then the table can be increased and made roomy for everyone living in the house. This option will only be possible with a certain layout.


There is often not enough space in the Khrushchev, because the dining or work area can be expanded by means of a countertop window sill.

She will move to the kitchen island, and thus create more room for maneuvers, as well as for cooking. Most often it has a rectangular shape.

Interesting ideas for every taste and color

The window sill in the kitchen is an excellent field for imagination. You can embody your wildest desires and ideas in the countertop.

How to beat low windowsills

It is not at all necessary to level the surfaces in height.

It is recommended to simply use the same materials for the countertops or even decorate them with identical accessories. This will achieve harmony in the interior, and the window sill will become an excellent continuation of the working island. If you are making a wider table in a small kitchen, it makes sense to make smooth corners so as not to hit them accidentally.

Other targets

The problem of a low headset, in comparison with a brand new table in the form of a window sill, can be solved. To do this, they will be placed instead of a battery or increase their height by means of plinths.

Construction teams and designers can offer harmonious options for this arrangement. When choosing a color, you need to build on your interior style. This type of furniture set, as a tabletop, is incredibly popular with housewives. This is really natural, because more natural light is obtained, and also improves the practicality of all zones and meters in the kitchen.

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