Windowsill in a private house - how to choose and a photo

Windowsill in a private house - how to choose and a photo Which window sills are better to choose for a private house

A window sill can play three functions at once - it combines walls and the window frame, decorates the window space (from the street to the house), and also helps prevent heat leakage. Materials for creating window sills can be very different, and we suggest that you figure out the advantages and disadvantages, and what other window sills are better to choose for a private house.

Plastic. Since the most popular are PVC windows, this choice is logical, the most affordable and simple.

Any manufacturers, when ordering plastic windows, can immediately offer you a window sill made of similar material.

Overview of materials


Traditionally they are white to match the windows. Naturally, there are brown options that mimic stone and wood, but the plastic will remain plastic. Of the advantages, we single out the affordable cost, installation speed, light weight, durability and resistance to moisture. Of the minuses, we highlight the fact that plastic matte window sills quickly and easily get dirty. The dust practically eats into it, and it will be possible to wash it off only by means of abrasive agents.

Naturally, if the window sill is not white, this problem is not so noticeable. If you put something hot on such windowsills, it will deform. Scratching it is pretty easy too.

Please note that for the kitchen, it is better to choose plastic window sills that have a durable and thermally resistant coating. Yes, they are a little more expensive, but they will last much longer.

Although, judging by the reviews, it is still strictly not allowed to put hot pans on such windowsills.


There is nothing new in the design of concrete window sills. Outside the house, they are often decorated in this way, and this technique is traditional. Why not? The concrete is very durable and can be painted with different colors. Durable, massive, reliable, and if necessary, it can be repaired and restored.

It is somewhat cold, but a very beautiful concrete window sill has very few disadvantages. These include the difficulty of installing heavy slabs, as well as the likelihood of cracking due to temperature differences and violation of the pouring technology.

Chipboard and MDF

Windowsill in a private house - how to choose and a photo There are almost no such windowsills now are used because they have many disadvantages. Laminated chipboard is much stronger than the same MDF, we suggest talking about such materials. In general, if you have MDF furniture in your house, you can perfectly imagine all the advantages and disadvantages of window sills.

The cost is higher than that of plastic, and there is also a large selection of textures and shades. Laminated window sill slabs will be more appropriate and more resistant to moisture.The disadvantage is that you cannot put hot things, and during installation you can damage the edge; special tapes should be laid between the window sill tile and the walls. If the top layer has been damaged, then the entire window sill may begin to swell under the influence of moisture.


In general, it is wrong to put ceramic tiles and mosaics in a separate type of window sill finish.

This coating requires a base. It can be used with concrete, wood and plastic. It turns out that by means of a tile you can refine, for example, a simple plastic window sill, but you cannot use it as an independent material. The option has many advantages - resistance to damage, beauty, ease of maintenance, durability, and also the ability to replace individual parts in case of damage. But it is worth paying close attention to the seams between the tiles, because they are often responsible for the durability of the coating as a whole.


Do you remember the old and beautiful wooden window sills, which are usually covered with snow-white paint?

We lived with them a lot years, and they still remain in many old houses. There are many advantages, for example, environmental friendliness, safety and ease of maintenance. But after a while, the window sills begin to crack, and the paint needed to be constantly updated. And the standard version itself was simply unfashionable. At the moment, massive windowsills are very expensive, and ash, oak are especially appreciated, which look great even without toning.

the disadvantages are as follows - the high cost, it is imperative to grind and soak everything with colorless wax or varnish, and there is also a high risk of scratching. Moreover, the wax or lacquer coating for a windowsill in a private house needs to be regularly updated.

Stone of natural and artificial origin

This option is the most expensive, but very durable and beautiful. At the moment, artificial stones are practically not inferior to natural ones, and therefore their popularity will continue to grow. You can not be afraid to put something hot, drop a heavy thing, brush off the dust, and usually it is completely invisible on the surface.

Of the shortcomings, we will single out only the high cost. This is probably the most powerful argument against.

Otherwise, such window sills cannot be cleaned with abrasive products, and natural marble can absorb all liquids that are spilled on it, and you will need to regularly care for the surface.

Verzalit window sills

But making the right choice of a window sill is very important among a huge variety of materials for decoration and construction. Today the Werzalit window sills are popular.

It is this German company in production that uses a unique and one-of-a-kind method of pressing selected wood shavings with polymer resins, since all products are safe, high-quality, practical and aesthetic. Products from this company are a clear confirmation of this.For more than 40 years, the company has been making window sills using a patented method of pressing selected wood chips under high pressures (70% are needles and beech), and the remaining 30% are polymer resins. This will result in dense, monolithic and environmentally friendly window sills that are not afraid of temperature changes, moisture and mechanical influences.

Verzalit window sills are unique in that they are considered "warm", as well as wood products, but they are completely devoid of the main drawback of the latter - rotting, drying out, cracking and breaking geometry after a couple of years old.

Plastic window sills have disadvantages: they are capable of releasing toxic substances and give way to mechanical impact.

Advantages :

  • Windowsill in a private house - how to choose and a photo Frost resistance up to -50 degrees.
  • The material is resistant to heat up to +90 degrees with constant exposure and up to +180 degrees with short-term exposure.
  • The windowsills are strong.
  • Resistant to damage, UV rays, cigarette ash, food stains and detergents.

  • The material is easy to handle and install, it can be easily washed from dirt.
  • Nice to the touch and has the warmth of wood.
  • Made from selected natural wood.
  • Environmentally friendly products.
  • PEFC certified.

It is hardly worth saving when looking for a suitable product for a home for beauty and health. These are universal elements, they are able to harmoniously combine with both wooden and PVC windows.